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Dual Deck Reading- Cartouche Cards and The Lenormand

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Lately I have been spending some introspective time with some of the decks I have worked with. I am seeing how they interact and confound each other in my various readings and practice readings. Today- I felt like posting for The Lenormand and the Cartouche Cards.

Part of the routine daily draw – insight and advice- the cards get to say what they want to say :)

Cartouche Cards designed by Ostaris publication- images for appreciation only’

‘ 23 Mice + 27 Letters + 2 Clover ..extra 14 Fox’– The Lenormand

’22 Scarab + 2 Isis + 10 Set.. extra 3 Horus’– The Cartouche cards

1.Mice +scarab = unnecessary nervous tension, wittering of energy  and stuck in a rut feeling- the scarab describes a period of renewal after acceptance of a situation. Therefore, the advice is recognise the problem and change your approach in order for transformation to take place and to relieve the stagnation. How true!!

2. Letter + Isis- communication in the written form, news winging its way via post/internet/etc- with the Isis- a selfless woman, maternal, mother figure–hmm– I wonder if  this news is from my mother- she is very Isian — mothers are magickal beings :)

3. Clover + Set= an opportunity, twist of fate moment-. With The Set– indicates  setbacks or delays that comes from everyday life- has to come to pass– could be annoying things like bills or a broken heel-:) Nothing insurmountable- a little bit of clover optimism might create an opportunity in the face of adversity

4. Fox+ Horus- work situation or someone deceptively clever/cunning- with the Horus-a man gifted with personality,beauty and music- associated with the Fox- need to watch out for this guy– the sweetness and light is deceptive but he is gifted–I wonder if I  know this person as well– lol!!!

I can’t resist to do this–  reading across the Lenormand:

Mice + letters- nervouse energy and tension with barrages of emails/ written communications in between-

Letters+ clover- a message that is a twist of fate- a chance winning perhaps-

Clover + Fox- career progression/promo-or a foxy opportunity- need to watch for snags

hmm– not to bad from this angle-

Across the Cartouche-

Scarab + Isis- take the time to introspect where the energies are being wasted- stop, reassess, change the approach and transform- If done accordingly- the transformtion ensures the fruits of developing the Isian quality- the magickal nature of giving although selflessly but nevertheless appropriately–only those deservant get the Isian touch

Isis + Set- this spells a warning, a possible misevent or mishap- despite good naturedness, an unavoidable setback occurs but this is circumstantial — nobody is perfect and avoids the mundanities of delays, not even Isis- with perseverance– it is surmountable–

Set + Horus- Another word of warning- Although Hotrus defeated Set, it did take some time to happen- since Set is before Horus- so some problems before a charming man comes to the rescue and saves the day. Lol!! the clover optimism is infectious!!! Still need to exercise caution- not all charmers come with pure intentions..need to watch for the fox snag..

Any thoughts from you guys — welcome to add– the Cartouche is amazing oracle deck- had mine for a few years now— never fails– works a treat with the Lenormand as well–



Daily Draw- 22 Crossroads + 27 Letter+ 8 Coffin Extra 29 Woman

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This is a return to the daily 4 card draw- no questions or cards charged.


’22 Crossroad + 27 Letter + 8 Coffin Extra card 29 Woman’

The crossroads is a strange card- on its own it speaks of choices or options, the changes in a travelled path – free to go anywhere and the choice is yours. The letter is about written communication or paperwork- emails, letters, official documentation. The coffin- ending, death of a situation, transformation, also can be grieving/ sadness. the woman card indicates a female player and the layout is for this female-

looking at the combination meanings- crossroads + letters- multiple mailings or emails, letter + coffin- condolences, coffin + woman- mentally down female/ negative thinking phase.

I welcome layouts like this- only through an ending a new situation can begin. So, from this- the get out clause will present itself through written messages. This brings about the ending of a situation- will cause some sadness but nevertheless, every ending means a new beginning. Timing wise- appears not long of a wait- I would say- 2 or 3 days max 7 days.. in my experience..


Multilevel reading- analysis of feelings and intent with the Lenormand

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Following a telephone call, I was cajoled into looking into how someone feels about a certain friend. They have decided to see each other as friends only. She would like to know how does he really feel about her. So I decided to do a multi level reading with her keycard charged-29 woman and his keycard- 28 man. The draw is as follows:

‘ 3 Ship + 26 Book + 2 Clover + 28 Man + 27 Letter + 4 House + 17 Storks..

1Rider + 6 Clouds + 35 Anchor + 29 Woman + 24 Heart + 20 Garden + 10 Scythe..’

I wanted to see what is going on around him and what are his thoughts about her.

So in the first layer- the man card surrounded by clover and letter. This describes him as a lucky, optimistic and perhaps an opportunist. With the letters, describes someone communicative and published individual- an individual whose qualifications are well publicised.  To the left (past ), he has ship- giving an exotic, well travelled feel to him, and also someone well educated (book). Ship+book- travels related to his area of interest, book+clover imply a lucky find/ suprising discovery. To the right (future possibilities) he has the house indicating domestic enviromment, with the storks suggests change/movement. So, letter+ house- some real estate or property contract, with the house+storks-indicating change of residence or house expansion. Hmm, whenever the storks come up- i always think baby possibility as well.

Nevertheless- so this guy- is quite wordly, is attractive in an exotic, educated and talented way- also has some domestic things going on- in the future.

Coming to how he feels about her- anchor+woman +  heart- so he sees her a reliable, stable, loyal person- commitment material with the heart suggest he sees her as his lover/ romantic partner. Looking to the left- Rider indicates he sees her as a youthful, physically fit and sexy individual, but next to the clouds highlights some confusion/ambivalence. Frustration involved by how he feels/ sees her. Rider+clouds- confusing news/mixed messages, clouds+anchor-imply settling down/clarity. I feel this points to their recent decision at an attempt to see each other just as friends (the clarity amidst the ambiguity of their relationship). He is however, not so sure about it himself.

to the right (future possibility), the garden implies open meetings in public places , the scythe after is the decision making card- perhaps suggesting that when they next meet in apublic place- a sort of decision will be made. Heart+garden imply outgoing relationship and garden+scythe- imply a joint decision.

Fascinating- on the one hand- there is something poetic about this realtionship- they both seem to want to be with each other, but some how it appears that they cannot for the moment. They are attempting to have an out in the open relationship/ friendship- but it may be that it might not work as implied by the scythe. It appears to be that in order for the relationship to work- something needs to be cut off.

I think at this point i should add that- after the scythe- the dog card came up – we all know how comlicated that dog can be- since we are looking at how he feels about her- the dog showing up indicates to me- this man has someone who he is alreday in a relationship with (dog). With the Scythe next to the dog- it doesnt bode well for this person. I feel sad that he truly wants to be with my friend as it appears- but this cannot be for as long he is with the other person-this man needs to make a decision.

Hmm, I wonder if I have missed anything.. as it is a multilevel- it takes the complication of the readings to dizzying heights- so any additions of information that I may have missed- do add..:)


Daily Draw- 29 Woman + 3 Ship + 18 Dog Extra 36 Cross

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Well, the plan was to do a no layout with the 29 Woman charged as the keycard. As it appears, the Lenormand cards has  motives of its own today. It has become a regular draw as I drew the woman card first.


’29 Woman + 3 Ship + 18 Dog extra card 36 Cross’

I did have a question in mind which kind of popped while I was shuffling- I wanted to know what my dreams are trying to tell me lately. They are becoming vivid and sometimes I do wake up thinking it was real with the emotions carried into the waking world.

I am not sure how the layout answered the question.

With the woman card charged with my energy- I seem to appear as the headlining topic of discussion so to speak- in a funny way- I have drawn the focus of what my little Lenormands have been gossipping about.

3 Ship- is about voyages, movement and brings an international flavour to any reading- So- in tandem with woman card- woman+ship- a woman traveller or a woman on a trip.

18 Dog- nice but difficult card- obviously someone I know and trust- also can sometimes represent a person who has a past connection- ie a long lost friend perhaps- Ship+Dog- a travel/ journey with a companion.

36 Cross- has some very negative meanings to it- distress, despair, depression – or religious associations- Dog+Cross= spiritual support or the true confidant-

peeking into the book- Woman+ship= woman born or educated abroad (latter for me), Ship+dog= international friends / travel companion, dog+cross= support group or confidant.

OK- at this point, I should say- I have a mini holiday booked in early May for R&R abroad with my best mate who is my confidant :)

However- the spread interpretation this way has not answered my question- why am I dreaming the way I dream right now- what does it mean- ?

So I am going to try a new approach to the Lenormand like it were the Tarot- the Archetype / Symbology extrapolation.

The woman card in essence is female, lunar influence- neutral by default. It is there to make the reading relevant. The ship- symbolise passage- the number 3 (triangulation)- movement/departure- journey over long distances/ transitions. The dog- is in essence an animal, loyal to man, faithfulness, soulmate link or soul connection, the number 9 (1+8=9). And the Cross- doesn’t get anymore fated than that- spiritual test, introspective testing of ones convictions- 36 ( essence of 9, also 3 & 6 ,) a lot of 3’s in this reading.

Here’s the kick- an excess of 3’s essence and exaggerated with the 9’s-

3 Positive Traits: Self-expressive in many ways, verbalization, inspiration and keen imagination, artistic gifts, accurate impressions and insights, never-ending optimism, happy and fun-loving, enjoys life fully.
3 Negative Traits: Scattered energies, exaggeration, unfinished projects, lack of direction, moodiness, self-centeredness.
9 Positive Traits: Heartily friendly and congenial, a hail-fellow, humanitarian instincts, a giving nature, selflessness, obligations, creative expression, readily influenced to do good works, artistic and writing talents.
9 Negative Traits: Self-adulation, scattered interests, possessiveness, moodiness, careless with finances, wanting peer attention.
2 Positive Traits: Cooperation, adaptability, considerate of others, sensitive to the needs of others, partnering, an arbiter or mediator, modest, sincere, spiritually influenced, a diplomat.
2 Negative Traits: Shyness, timidity, fear, self-consciousness, drown in detail, depression.
And finally-

The reduction of 11 from (2+9). 11 essentially is a more spiritually expressive side of 2.

This  draw in essence has answered by indicationg the imbalances in the 3 areas of life ( mind, body and spirit) , the imbalance of actions ,inactions and non action actions. Perhaps the pursuit of the studies (both scientific and esoteric) is taking more out of me than I realise. The scholar attitude I have is not self serving but rather soul destroying. In my waking hours- I am alright and ignorant of the imbalance, when I sleep- the subconscious has to illuminate the imbalance by showing images of unrest, pain and sorrow-

Basically  the cards have answered me in numbers-energy frittering in all the wrong directions, not enough recognition towards the need from rest. It is advising focus on the number 1 and redirect that way  to gain the essence of (1’s, 2’s, 4’s ,5’s, 7’s and 8’s). in numerology- better to look at numbers that are not there than what is there. same with the tarot- the cards that don’t show up say a lot more than the cards that do.

In Lenormand- same principle- it is just as complicated and rich as the tarot zipped into 36 cards- look at the question and then check for the answer- its always there-




Daily Draw-08/04/2008

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I was not thinking of anything particular. I asked for my attention to be drawn to anything I should be aware of atthe moment which would require prompt action on my part. The cards were shuffled and drawn at random. This is what I drew:


‘these images are from the ASS Lenormand available on the ‘public domain. These are here for appreciation only’

I drew the usual 3 cards and the 4th card to clarify the progression, and then I drew the 5th card as I noticed a story evolving-

’23 mice + 10 Scythe + 25 Ring + 22 Crossroad + 17 Storks’

I hesitated posting this reading as it is quite personal and revealing. However, in order to serve as a mental reminder as I requested advise which would require prompt action on my part to ensure the best possible outcome. Also to show how  the cards responded promptly.

As it turns out- this became a no layout draw with the keycard 25 Rings coming into focus-

The central cards- describe a sudden break/ cut off within an established relationship (scythe+ring) the perverbial divorce. Thus leading to a parting of ways- the get out card (ring-Crossroads).

The mice denotes the nature of the situation- difficult and being ill at ease which is causing slow drain of the spirit. The Scythe is about making a clear cut decision once and for all- no two ways about it. Together- the cards are describing a situation which is causing mental anguish/ a dis-ease which need prompt actions- ie to breakaway.

The crossroads informs of the new freedom when this is done- the opening of options, I am free to go where I choose upon making that clear break. The storks is about positive movement and expansion- the freedom to move and not be tied down.. So- the advise is recognising that a situation is causing more harm than good, not to leave it any longer than necessary- the sooner I breakaway the better as it will leave me with an open road and move in a more positive direction devoid of grief and anxiety..

Looking into the book to double check my interpretation:

mice+scythe = stressful decision

scythe+ring = separation/ breaking a commitment

ring+ crossroad = breaking up / separation

crossroad+storks = improvements/ progress

I am noticing more than ever that my relationship with the cards is getting closer and closer day by day. As I am becoming more focused in my thoughts, the cards are speaking with clarity-

Let me know what you make of it..


Daily Draw- 7 Snake + 23 Mice + 35 Anchor Extra 31 Sun

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‘7 Snake + 23 Mice + 35 Anchor Extra Card 31 Sun’

This is an unusual draw for me-

Snake- Tricky situation, need to be wary of individuals particularly those who appear to be ‘friends’, rivalry

Mice- Anxiety and unwanted tension eating away, slow grind

Anchor- Long term prospects,perseverance

Sun- stand my ground,  success and victory

Looking at combinations- snake+mice= major incident/ demise, Mice+anchor= challenging situation, Anchor+sun= fun lifestyle / ocean resort.

Yet again- I have been warned- thrice- not sure if I am missing something important. Someone dodgy is amidst- need to be careful and play safe. Or a challeging situation is threatening my stability therefore the need to exercise caution, persevere in order to come out on the other side victorious. Obviously not a period for me to be complacent.


Daily Draw- 34 Fish + 21 Mountain + 19 Tower Extra 12 Birds

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’34 Fish + 21 Mountain + 19 Tower Extra Card 12 Birds’

A rather sombre dare I say dull daily draw- it is obvious that there is not much excitement to be had- perhaps this is a good thing.

34 Fish- money matters or entrepreneur

21 Mountain- delays/ obstacles- state of denial

19 Tower- official matters,

12 Birds- verbal communication, stress/ anxiety

So- Expect some delay in money matters, probably some official dealings/talks is to be had over the telephone- Looking at the combinations- Fish+Mountain=stagnant activities, Mountain+Tower= locked/ legal restrictions, Tower + Birds=senate/assembly.

Not sure how to transpose the last combination but perhaps this financial issue may not be in my control but perhaps something to do with the new govermental legislation. Will need to see how this pans out as this draw is not resonating with me today, but it might during the week..


Update 9/4/2008!!!!! : this is has definitely come as a pre warning to a financial setback- stung by a council tax bill ££££ — costing thousands– D*** – Fidddlesticks!!!!!!! have to pay regardless.. so there we go- the cards again have warned me and it is here in record!

Case study- Multilevel reading 3/4/2008

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I thought it would be of interest posting this investigative process- I charged the man, woman and ring card to look into state of a relationship between these two individuals-

Female querant age 29 wants to see if her relationship has a future. They have been seeing each other for 18 months–cards charge 28 Man, 29 Woman and 25 Ring: As luck would have it – the first card I drew was the 28 Man card–


  …. 8322.jpg8341.jpg825.jpg811.jpg835.jpg…..


Interesting draw- since the Man turned up first-I flashed on the 24 Heart because I wanted to check on the nature of the relationship as something wasn’t just quite right with the Ring cards ..

28 Man + 27 Letter + 31 Sun + 15 Bear + 29 Woman  + 29 Bouquet..’

‘..32 Moon + 34 Fish + 25 Ring + 11 Whip + 35 Anchor..’

‘..22 Crossroad + 8 Coffin + 24 Heart + 20 Garden + 17 Storks..’

The Man himself is quite communicative, he writes a lot possibly emails her (letters).. He is also virile, ego driven- macho breed (Sun)- combined with the bear- also a very masculine card- the two together speaks of a dominating personality- over protective and maybe the jealous type as well– Our female querant has also a strong character (independent and powerful- Bear) we can see why he  wants to keep a hold on her- she is very alluring and exotic looking- Beautiful face- hair- fertile (Flowers).

The ring spread- Fish- gives like a contract feel- an understanding between them- that their independence is important. The whip makes this relationship dominated with sexual passion and erotic. Moon confirms the romantic attraction between them- and also the romance has an erotic quality to it. Anchor means long term/ or as I  intuit- the nature of the commitment is sexual and has been so for a while-and it is bankable in its consistency— 

There is a reason I flashed on the heart card- because it seems to me that something is not quite right- I wanted to look at the nature of their relationship-

Coffin next to the heart is never good- a very static romance- almost doomed at the outset. I think the Garden explains it- because there is no actual commitment as either partner has not actually committed (an open relationship).  Crossroads imply double- so either one of them is seeing other people- this relationship is not mutually exclusive- with the garden+stork on the other side- it is possible our Querant is going to be meeting a lot of other potentials, she is not the settling type (Storks).

My Synopsis– The querant is likely not in a relationship persay- rather she is having an affair with this man- there is no commitment on either part- yes they are romantic and sexual but that does not a commitment make- Something is up with this guy– too..the relationship was doomed at the start why? Yes, I did do a follow up spread to confirm my hunch-:) I wont tell you now-

I’ll let you guys have a look through and give your comments before I feedback some important information the client gave me after I explained what the cards revealed..


Extra Info- Thank you for the encouragement, it was a tricky reading. Our sitter confirmed that the relationship is indeed an affair. The man she is seeing has a partner. She is very independent and has her own mind- also very attractive and exotic. The relationship started of as a very strong kismet like attraction (almost fated quality)  and they are bonding physically and mentally. Nevertheless- she is wanting to see other people as she feels this love affair has no potential of developing as depicted by the heart draw.

Heart broken..

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I felt I should vent a little today since I am in no mood to draw the cards. The study group for the Lenormand taught by Sylvie Steinbach is drawing to an end. I felt a little disheartened and more to the point heart broken.

All good things do come to an end and perhaps the transformation from here on end is too distant to be seen. As a pioneer in a truly amazing revelatory method of using the cards, Sylvie has made it very clear that the cards are governed by us the readers. She has taught the techniques on how to manipulate the cards to reveal answers rather than just handing the reigns over to the oracle. As much as the oracle is a guide, it does need to be guided by the Reader in order to make sense out of the symbols and generalities.

What Sylvie has been succesful in doing is to introduce logic and structure to what previously was thought of as sheer randomness. She introduced the idea of questioning and requestioning to gain confirmation where previously was thought of as taboo. She explained that it is alright to repeat a spread if answers were not forth coming, not to change the answer to a more suitable one but to clarify the highlighted issues to gain clarity and insight.

As a teacher, she is formidable, strict and above all honest. She teaches with consciseness and rectification. I am one of those who has benefitted from this method in the past and to find her doing so in her time to strangers testifies her dedication to her Art. Yes, cartomancy is an Art form that takes years to master and identify its nuance and colour palletes. Sylvie is a master at making nuance credible by backing it with hard facts and solid trust in her knowledge and insight.

Her book, ‘Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle’ is a true treasure in the English speaking world where the Lenormand cards is relatively unknown. This is all likely to change with the advent of technology and credibility of the interpretation of the cards. Lenormand compared to its older sister the Tarot, is the Cinderella of all decks waiting to go to the ball. Sylvie, akin to the fairy Godmother has bestowed the deck its glass slippers to enable it come out play in the real world by writing her book.

This day and age- where modern science has taken over advancement- if it was not for esoteric studies- modern science would just be another supernatural coincidence. Forefathers who were deep into their mysticism and esoterics questioned the nature of the world. It was through this that Physics, Chemistry and Quantum studies came to light. Nevertheless, we are still looking for answers for the future that concerns our personal lives regardless of how technology has surpassed itself for convenience.

 Lenormand deck like the tarot, relies on the mystical aspect of intuition. A gentle hand of guidance and a dose of logical intuition as done by Sylvie has helped decloud the fogginess of the oracle and gave it a breath of fresh modern day air. She has made this oracle accesible, simple yet potent in its interpretation.

As a student, I am glad to have met her acquaintance and as a person, it has been an honour to speak with her, get to know her and her work. I know that I will continue to work with Sylvie’s system as I have been without doubt of its credibility since I started this journey with her, her book and her study group.

Sincerely written- Indianstorm

please visit to view her book and I cannot recommend enough how valuable it will be for anyone with an iota of interest or for those who are advanced who will find the book most resourceful in its content

Case Study- No layout + Multi-level reading with Lenormand Oracle Cards

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Hmm, while investigating into the state of a relationship- I thought it would be a good opportunity to do the process step by step-

I refer also to the Aeclectic Tarot Forum study group lead By Sylvie Steinbach as she teaches the technique on how to approach complex questions-

My sitter (W) requested me to look into if the the man (M) she is thinking of will propose to her. Background- they met 6 months ago, are separated by Geography. W thinks the world of M and thinks M is the One!  

This is a good case and quite important- So I thought first thing is to look at what are his thoughts about her.

Q: What are M’s thoughts towards W? ( by this I mean how does he see her essentially). Keycards charged were 28 Man and 29 Woman


‘ 22 Crossroads + 16 Stars + 29 Woman + 25 Ring + 9 Bouquet’

So- this is looking at how a man views a woman. In order to do that- have to think like a man! :)

I kept this simple- central cards gives me an idea of what M thinks of W. He sees her as a dream come true (Star quality).Creative,imaginative and independent embody the Star. With the Ring on the right- suggest loyalty, long term commitment prospects.

to the Left – Crossroad+Stars- Here- thinking like a man now- M is not without choices when it comes to girlfriends or prospects- but out of them all he sees W as the one that stands out (Star). Crossroad+stars- Leader/commander– this is funny as I think this represents W as on top of the leader board as far women is concerned for M.

To the right- Ring+Bouquet- it is becoming obvious M is serious and thinking of comitting to W with a view of possible marriage, he wishes to make her his companion- with bouquet he sees her as an exotic looking woman with beautiful features (hair, face and teeth)-very attractive/a gift to him. I Think the Bouquet here serves as Yes card to confirm that this is indeed what he is thinking. Ring+Bouquet-pleasant transaction– yes- so there is possibly going to be a proposal which is going to be welcomed by W — :)

I wondered about timing– is he considering to propose in September (9 Bouquet)

Question 2: Is M going to propose to W and when is this likely to happen? For this- I charged keycards 28 Man, 29 Woman and 25 Ring.

This is supposed to be a multi-level spread-



The layout is supposed to be in levels- but the draw here, all the cards came in one sequence where the keycards are separated by 2/3 cards only :) this was good as I flipped and looked at each card- a story was evolving..:)

‘8 Coffin+ 34 Fish + 28 Man + 31 Sun + 15 Bear + 29 Woman + 35 Anchor + 10 Scythe + 13 Child + 25 Ring + 24 Heart + 32 Moon’

I will break this down individually to see how this works out-

As all the cards came in a sequence- my Focus shifts to the Woman card-as it is she the central person the event is happening to–

In my My Mystical lenormand- the Significators are facing each other. In the modern day- this doesnt reflect much as designs of cards vary. What is important is to look at the cards between them.

In order for the proposal to take place ( or not)- certain events needs to happen- like in the real world. The cards in between tell us about this. So,

Man + Sun + Bear + Woman + Anchor + Scythe + Child

Now the focus is not only character but situational analysis.

Bear represents achievement-being top level management. So it indicates an expectation of being in a position of authority. Bear+Woman-powerful/caring. Anchor is sign of stability and longevity- it makes sense when you are settled in your work and established- you think of settling down/marriage- Woman+Anchor- stable/realiable.

This is interesting. In order for M to propose- he has to go through some changes (thinking/profession etc).

I think this is represented by the cards around him-

Coffin + Fish + Man + Sun + Bear

Fish- is independent lifestyle (personal and work). He obviously liked his  savvy independent lifestyle. Self made man (finds his own way in life-also a globe trotter)- probably works in Financial field. Sun is all about high achievement, ego-virility,protective. So we see M wanting to be a high achiever/succesful in what he does.

Coffin is difficult card- signifies endings/new beginnings/transformation- perhaps M has been through a difficult transition –thats caused his some pain. Since the coffin is before the Fish- I feel it is good- as he has improved for the better- losing something difficult to improve his prospects :)

In his future the Sun+bear-Financial success/venture capitalist -hmm– looks promising- it would appear he wishes to make himself a candidate worthy for W.

It is becoming obvious- aside from the fact he wants to become successful and be financially well off- he wishes to be a partner worthy of W’s status/ loyalty and commitment. As he doesnt see W as just any other woman (see question 1) he is making sure that all the practicalities are being addressed, I think . Hmm– ( all of this sounds like it is going to take ages) The male ego (Sun) is unique as he wishes to be seen as an equal to W [as well in order for the relationship to last and settle down (Anchor)]

I think I’ll study this relationship further- If I were to analyse the cards from W’s point of view- looking back in the direction to M- this where the past/presents comes into play- the cards in reverse- ‘Woman+bear +sun+Man’- she already sees him as being financially well off and successful –lol!!! This serves to prove how men and women think differently.

next step– I want to see how the commitment factor is looking like-

We have in a sequence continuos through the draw-

anchor+ scythe + child+ Ring + heart + moon

the ring is the keycard- what is the child doing there?

this is where I am going to do something bold- I am going to represent their relationship with the Child card- as it is a new relationship (note only 6 Months) it is plausible to represent it as something young/ fragile and growing-Because I asked will he propose and the ring is there- we are not losing the information and it is still in the future location.

So now read- Anchor+scythe + Child + ring + moon + heart

around The child- Scythe and ring-

Scythe represent decisions made without hesitation/cut and dry/irrevocable- Scythe+Child- mean miscarriage or abortion- what I feel  this is – decision made at a very critical stage! hmm- could it be critical event will take place and will make them see that whats matters is the fact they wish to be together? Child+ring-small contract :) i suppose deciding to commit and getting engaged is a small contract :)

lets see as a whole- to the left of the child-

Anchor+scythe-sudden life changes-

scythe + child- critical event in their relationship- a make or break situation-

 To the right (future possiblity)

Child+ ring- small contract- ? is this the engagement-

Ring+heart-marriage/committed love/civil union

Heart +moon- happy romantic relationship with intimacy!!!!!!!!!

I was beginning to think M & W see each other as marraige potential for very practical reasons– but it appears all of this is going to change in the future when something threatens to destroy their relationship – it is then they see that love and passion is what is going to get them together– and yes of course– there is going to be a marriage made out of romance and passion– :)- I suspect this year- I shall watch this space too– I do hope I am at the wedding —



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