General 9 card spread-Lenormand




Phew!!! Honestly, there must me a better way to get the cards in this order than jiggling it around like a puzzle!!

Okay, now that the drama is over, and i will have to buy how to blog for dummies or maybe how to get images to the order that you want for dummies.. I can get my Lenormand hat on and write my first blog.

The above cards are in 9 card layout as per discussion with the lovely Aristede and Spiritsong. I did the above spread today earlier today, nothing particular in mind, so I set the cards a task, I’d like a snapshot for the here and now please, anything goes-work,love,life..etc- and true to form the trusty cards gave me this. By the way- i chose the cards in random fashion and drew 9 cards: the order in which they came out- 26 Book+ 27 Letter+ 32 Moon+ 2 Clover + 12 Birds + 10 Scythe + 31 Sun + 33 Key+ 35 Anchor.

As it is 9 card spread, any time frame is within 3 months really.

My analysis

1. Book + letter +Moon= unexpected communication (in written form) with an emotional/love component-:) okay, this could potentially be a certain someone 😉 emailing me which has  sentimental values to this communication– and it did happen early this morning.

2. Clover+Birds+Scythe- hmm, happy/fortunate discussion getting interrupted- well- email/s overseas /time difference has been a pain- so yes- i guess the flow of communication is interrupted by that- 😦

3. Sun+key+anchor- success for certain at work- this to me- is actually scary, i started a new reasearch project which involves me having to learn a lot of technical stuff, which I started today -after 1 hour I thought- I really hope I am up to this!!

4. Book+Clover+Sun- Breakthrough and overnight success-;) hahahaa– you know– this is me overcoming the obstacle of blog phobia and actually typing this- around midnight by the way– hahaha– overnight success indeed!!

5. Letter+Birds +Key- active penpals/bloggers exchanging opinions– Aristede and Spiritsong- are you reading this..?

6. Moon+scythe+anchor- this is odd- on one hand i think fluctuating mood- the other hand i think separation- which is irreversible-

7.Book+Birds+ Anchor- a suprise/unforeseen event leading to longterm relationship/partner- ok- here’s where the timing thing comes in- if anything is going to happen- it will be in the next 3 months–

8. moon+birds+sun- romantic dates with a bright and sunny outcome– this could also be  romantic phonecall with a good outcome

9. Letter+clover+scythe+key- Communication which brings a fortunate/significant decision- Fated(key)

10. Book+Moon+Birds+Sun+Anchor- i see this 2 ways- 1. psychology/spiritual studies with fruitful conversations leading to long term success, or 2. unforeseen event, where lovers meet and the outcome is long term success- or in my opinion long term relationship (LTR) 🙂

Just in case, i’m just adding how the combinations are in a 9 card spread were derived:

1. all the horizontal combinations: 1+2+3, 4+5+6, 7+8+9

2. all the vertical combinations: 1+4+7, 2+5+8, 3+6+9

3. all the diagonal combinations- 1+5+9, 3+5+7

4. Central theme- matters at the core- 2+4+6+8

5. Corner card combinations-synopsis if u will- 1+3+5+7+9

the central card is no 5- core of the matter

cards 1 and 9 significance is that- when read individually- it gives an idea of where is the querant at (1) and where he /she wants to be (9)

in this reading- I infer, at the core the birds signify communication between two people and the stress that comes with it. i am also at a stage of indepth studies(book) and where i want to be is to have stability in all aspects of my life (anchor). yes its true i have an over night success at blogging and thats thanks to the web bloggers aristede and spiritsong(my 2 birds) giving me the boost. My romantic life had a look in as well since i am uncertain where i am at with it being a little complicated- nevertheless it can go both ways but the positives in this layout seems to be reinforced so i have to optimistic (clover) and enjoy the Moon+Sun 🙂 I will be ok at work and my technical knowledge will be improved in time to tackle the tasks ahead.

What do you think?



8 Responses to “General 9 card spread-Lenormand”

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the world of blog. I too was a dummy at blogging, but it certainly gets easier.
    Congrats also on your first public spread with the 9 card spread. I will definitely give it a try.


  2. Hi Stormy,

    Great reading! Thank you for breaking it down so that I can easily follow the flow of your interpretations. It really helped me to see an actual 9-Card reading to understand how the cards all influence each other. I’m going to study your reading, and I’ll let you know if I have any questions.

    Yep, I would say that the cards are definitely right—you are an overnight success in the blogging world!


  3. spiritsong Says:

    Way to go Stormy!! I’m late to welcome you; been gone all day-
    You’ve made a wonderful Blog, and I’ll definitely put you up on my links 🙂
    now I really enjoyed seeing the 9 card spread in action also.
    I’ve taken some notes, and like Aristede, I think I will study your reading and come back with any other thoughts I come up with. I really like this addition, and can see how fantastic it would be in combination with the no layout spread of Sylvie’s.
    I’m going to definitely want to get this one down 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
    Boy are we going to have fun with our Blogs LOL!!!! what a great learning experience it is too!
    I’ll be back after I study this a bit 🙂
    Congratulations again, and welcome to our club!


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Phoenix– based on your lovely comment- actually public debut was represented in one of the card combinations– quit freaking me out you guys!!!

    welcome all…


  5. spiritsong Says:

    Wow Stormy- that has ALOT in it. I went line by line through it, with you, looked and read, and then tried to see if there was anything else. I got a bit uncertain, because a few looks like it’s talking about the research project, and other are definitely love! lol
    1) book/letter/moon could also pertain to written studies that will possibly give you some recognition, or trigger an emotional response with you….
    2)clover/birds/scythe could also be saying positive talk, discussions that lead to a sudden decision…
    3)sun/key/anchor read to me as incredible luck, unepected success that will be long term and set you apart!

    Those first three horizontals, could be about this new techinical research project?

    4)book/clover/sun.. breakthrough, surprising discovery! success!
    5)letter/birds/key could be written public announcement
    6)moon/scythe/anchor: now this is where it turned to me;
    this looked likea break-up of a long standing situation. I don’t
    know if that’s a relationship or something else.

    7)book/birds/anchor: totally unexpected surprise 🙂 a life
    partner comes in! lol
    8) moon/birds/sun: Lovers..very happy, overcoming obstacles,
    successful relationship!

    9)letter/clover/scythe/key: this one’s weird though, I remember Sylvie once saying that letter/clover could be like winning the lottery or sweepstakes! lol maybe that’s literal, or maybe it means that you win the lottery in Love! haha OR this goes back to the research work, where written docs have a lucky vibration that brings opportunities….with Sun, fortunate decisions and it all seems fated. NOT BAD! lol

    10) book/moon/birds/sun/anchor: I really liked this one;
    unexpected lovers(love relationship) that bring happiness
    and success,long term 🙂

    I’m not totally sure how I put all of that info together, but it looks like work, even though you got a little emotional and wondered why you made a quick decision to get into it, is going to work out really well for you— on the love front, it almost felt like to me, that there is a sudden decision to break away from something or someone who has been around for some time, but this works out well for you, as there is someone much more a vibrational match for you around the bend.

    Does any of that make any sense to you Stormy??? LOL

    Oh well, it’s my first try!

    ps- got your link up on my Blog 🙂

  6. indianstorm Says:


    I can’t add anymore to that indepth analysis 🙂 I’d be happy if i was your client you gave me that reading. To put it all together is easy- you did the hard work by getting all the information, the common theme in my card spread without me realising was work and love!!! 🙂

    work- nail on the head- the project was me seeking out the opportunity and having to start learning from scratch complec computational work- bit daunting but is not impossible, and within 3 months- i might be on to a winner 🙂 triple yey!!

    love- well– between you and me and now the rest of the world which is a public announcement!!! lol!! you’ve said it– i know someone i have to let go which i have been thinking for a while- its a complicated one- this is to allow the new one to come in without being tainted — if u see what i mean.

    Ironically– the Madame endora reading i did the day before chimed the same words- go read the spread- i thought it was only fair to the cards to show you guys how it guides alongside the Lenormand


  7. spiritsong Says:

    Wow Stormy,
    That is really amazing. The 9card layout is powerful. I am getting chills as I think about it!
    I did a spread last night, but haven’t had a chance to really go over it yet, when I post it later, I hope you will give me your insights too 🙂

    I see you’re in London England, I lived for 10 years in Harrogate, North Yorkshire– and married a charming Brit 🙂
    Now I’m in Canada- but get all excited to return to where I always felt was home.

    Will check out the Madame Endora reading too!


  8. Dear Indianstorm,
    I have been using the Lenormand for sometime now and wish to share a spread with you hoping for some help. It is a 12 card spread but gets me a bit confused.
    General reading no question asked.
    Cards fell as follows :

    Even I wasn’t asking a question I am a bit preoccupied with the thought of a man that I had a relationship with long time ago.

    For me this spread says that there is a good possibility that we end up together again but what confuses me is the Snake and the Storks cards. He lives with another woman at the moment ( that fits the description of the Stork) and I wonder if that commitment (Ring) is with me or foretells that they will end up married.

    Thank you so much in advance.

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