Lenormand no layout spread

Once upon a time, not too long ago, on the 20/2/2008 to be precise, I asked a question to the cards, will my friend M, pass her exams? I asked the question on her behalf while she was on the telephone. This was an oppontune time to do the no layout spread utilising Sylvie’s method of mentally focussing on thekey card. I chose to focus on the  card no 29 to represent M. I drew the cards at random, and the layout is as below:


The cards here are from the Lenormand Astrologische deck. They look wonderful, impressive and ominous!

What I have here is ’14 Birds + 9 Bouquet + 7 Serpent + 29 Woman + 14 Fox + 31 Sun + 35 Anchor’

Focus is on the question- Will M pass her exams?

To her left- we have the bird + bouquet +serpent  combination representing the recent past. Birds +bouquet mean pleasant conversations, bouquet +snake- artifice or superficial. Ironic that 2 days before the exam, our conversations were kept at superficial level to relieve stress and anxiety. I didnt see the Serpent as negative person rather than just stating the circumstance surrounding the telephone conversation 🙂

To her right, representing the future events we have the fox+sun+anchor. At this point, I had a thought, even if I didnt focus on this fact- the card Fox can also represent employment which makes this reading even more relevant as the exam she is taking is directly linked with her work :), so Fox + Sun – professional ambition, and Sun + Anchor-long term success.

I conclude- that should M keep her wits about her (Fox) and focus on why she is taking the exam and – ie to boost her career, she will shine like the Sun which will confer long term success in her work (anchor).

Addendum- by the way, we are still waiting on the exam results- so watch this space..:) 

Update 28/3/08- M has passed her exams !!!!!!!! Woohoo, my best buddy is on her way up..


6 Responses to “Lenormand no layout spread”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    I wish your friend the best, and I agree that the cards do promise success and security!

    I also wanted comment on your Astrological deck. I’ve been shopping around for a new deck since the Mystical distracts me a little with its vivid imagery. I like the simplicity of the Astrological deck, and that it focuses on the Lenormand symbols only. It’s a definite contender. 🙂


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hello 🙂 look what you have done? I actually know for a fact- the Mystical and the |Astrologische are two of the same but different colours. The astrologische is earthy and woodsy- the images are downn to earth. I am actually quite precious with it alongside my Mystical Lenormand and my Sibilla Liberty Lenormand oracle. No one handles them apart from me..

    I am looking out for a rough and tough deck where I can use for client reads.. any suggestions..?


  3. spiritsong Says:

    Hi Stormy,
    The Astrologische deck is beautiful- I know I will get it sometime soon- but funny, I agree with Aristede on the Mystical; I find it distracting and remember reading on one of the threads on AE that a few people didn’t read well with it.
    It’s personal preference isn’t it?
    I like this one alot! lol
    I would definitely say that your friend will have done well, and it will help establish her in her field long-term. It will be interesting to hear the update-


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Welcome to my humble blog home 🙂
    I wonder what Sylvie will make of our Trinamic Trio of Lenormand- Trinity if you will..:)

    I do love the Mystical.. I think for a rough and tough deck- I will stick with the non distracting Titania Fortune Deck. Despite the acid colours, I do find it non distracting despite the vivid colours.


  5. Hello Stormy,

    The mystical Lenormand is a beautiful collector item but as I mentioned in my book one can be attracted to a specific deck but can’t ‘read’ with it. So if you wear the collector/art hat you may love a bunch of different Lenormand and indulge yourself in dozen of them BUT when it comes to psychic insights and reading clients you may find that you work well only with one -sometimes two only!!!

    It is perfectly normal and expected 🙂
    My other suggestion for your journey as a psychic -advice that would apply to any student- is to post readings you did onto others and restrict your temptation in wanting to do readings for yourself. The reason is that you will get a backlash on your accuracy as you may emotionally invest into the answers verses reading for strangers. When you use the deck for people you really do not know -or do not know well- you won’t know all the emotional stuff and therefore the messages you will get will be pure from expectations…

    As you get the feedback over time it will bring you confidence and will make you grow as a reader. While you will seize the difference in difficulty between doing reading for your own needs and reading for others.


    Sylvie Steinbach

  6. indianstorm Says:


    yes– I am compiling as I go along- – and out of affection I love Hardie’s for working with people– resonates more with me as there’s nothing distracting about it..

    In time I will post some of my work with people—
    All exciting at this time- and thank you for the encouragement..


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