Madame Endora’ Fortune Cards

 I discovered these cards- while browsing the myriad of posts on AT, this deck caught my attention. Sometimes, a novel idea is born out of creativity taking the complex out of complexity

Beautiful cards designed by Filipak and Vargo of Monolith Graphics. It is a fortune deck age nouveu. There is no history in this deck apart from its characters and symbolism. Whatever history it is going to make, it will be from the date of its conception – 2002/3 ish. I dont favour this over the Lenormand however, if there are moments I  only want answers, this is it.

 View the cards here on their website

Absolutely gorgeous and revealing.


4 Responses to “Madame Endora’ Fortune Cards”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    I have been so tempted by this deck. I’ve had it on my wishlist for a long time. I think I might have to break down and order it soon.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    I think thats what i had a breakdown. I am not a deck collector, but I know a gem when I find one. This is one of them Aristede. Have you noticed some decks have a one hit wonder feel, when u try them out first, gives the most resonant reading, and after- they kind of fizzle out-

    This deck has hit the spot time and time again often in tandem with the Lenormand-

    I’ll post more on this deck although I am not doing it any justice as the imagery is phenomenal.


  3. spiritsong Says:

    I’ve been interested in these too 🙂 but will wait, I have priorities at the moment! lol Sounds as though you’re going to be a bad influence on our spending habits! I’m trying to be disciplined and stick to what I have…but I’m sorely tempted.
    I have a few one-hit wonders, especially in my Tarot collection-decks that I thought the artwork was interesting, but just didn’t work for me when it came to reading. I’m very selective now.


  4. indianstorm Says:

    All love here Spiritsong.. choosy may you be.. it will bode well–lol!!!


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