Madame Endora- The Oracle of the World Layout

  ‘What do the positions mean: 

  1. The centre card represents you or your present situation
  2. North- The Oracle of the Spiritual Realm pertains to dreams and intangible ideals, representing that which you aspire to
  3. South- The Oracle of the Physical Realm pertains to earthly pursuits and material concern
  4. East- The Oracle of the Future Realm represents the rising sun or that which is yet to be. This oracle is helpful in preparing yourself for oncoming events which are sometimes avoidable, but more often inevitable.
  5. Northwest- Represents a Past Spiritual or Romantic Influence
  6. Northeast- Represents a Future Spiritual or Romantic Influence you will encounter
  7. Southwest- represents a Past Physical Influence in your life regarding matters of health and money
  8. Southeast- represents a Future Physical influence you will encounter regardings matters of health and money’

 Excerpt taken from the LWB provided in the Madame Endora’s deck. Thank you to the Monolith Graphics duo for this insightful layout.  So, where now- a reading of course-J Here’s one done when I took timeout from the Lenormand, a rare occurrence but it happened on the 3/2/2008. I will not post any pics as I am yet to receive permission to do so. 

          The Hourglass           The Knight The Wyvern
            The Sun          The Siren The Golem
             The Harlequinn             The Heart The Earth

Just looking at the layout is breathtaking.. 

The Siren in position 1 represents me. –‘temptation may lead you astray’- the siren sings beautiful songs luring men to their deaths. A bit dramatic.. but nevertheless, this could be how I view myself or how people view me. What this means to me, although sometimes an image is projected, the inner self can be the exact opposite. I may be/look/ or act like a Siren, but what I am on the inside is the opposite perhaps. What I should do- is examine my motivation when it comes to getting what I want.

 The Knight in position 2 represents my aspirations- ‘triumph over adversity’- the knight demonstrated valour and courage. Is this what I lack- or is this what I want in my companion-  knight in shining armour. 2 things comes to mind- one has to be brave to face adversity and courage in any endeavours whether in life or work- 

The Heart/ Love in position 3 represents my worldly pursuits- ‘True love and fidelity’- how lovely is this- my wordly desire is to have this. Enough said.  The Sun in position 4 represents what is behind me- ‘Your perseverance is rewarded’- great, all the hard work and efforts I have put in to my work and my career will reap its rewards. Patience is a virtue. 

The Golem in position 5 represents what is yet be- ‘A close friend acts on my behalf’- even better, someone somewhere has taken notice of my efforts and consistency- I may or may not know this person- but nevertheless he/she is in favour of me. There are other ways of interpreting this—however- I will keep it simple.

The Hourglass in position 6 represents Past Spiritual/Romantic Influence- ‘Time is of essence’- hmm.. obviously at some point I must have been complacent or maybe I have actually acted on time!! Even so,  any opportunities that arise now, I shouldn’t hesitate in snatching it up- great- bring on the opportunities! 

The Wyvern in position 7 represents Future Spiritual/Romantic Influence- ‘Your secrets are safe’— What ?? I think at this point- this oracle is getting very up close and personal- I’ll keep this to myself–;) all I wish to say is this, in the LWB- the Wyvern is the keeper of secrets and the granter of second chances-

 Tha Harlequinn in position 8 represents Past influence on money/health- ‘True Feelings are Masked’- this is actually an accurate representation of the work I do- professionalism dictates me to mask my true feelings/impressions/reactions to others—  

The Earth in position 9 represents the Future influence on money/health- ‘Utilize logic, reason and common sense’—well, yes- yes, yes—summons my work in 3 words- logic, reason and common sense-, and in health as well. 

I am really impressed what one can get when one allows the Oracle to speak freely within the parameters you set them- a lesson in exercising control- within limits  and focus- The Lenormand and the Madame Endora Deck can be guided when handled with respect and humility.


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