Lenormand 9 card layout- reflective review





As part of this learning curve exploring the Lenormand, I was thinking back on the 9 card spread done some time ago. To be honest, I tend not to repeat this layout often, often they occur in cycles of every 2-3 months. One reading stuck in memory which I will be going through here. This draw was done on my behalf by a close friend some 2-3 months ago. Her style is different and unique. She asked me to shuffle the cards (Titania Hardie Fortune Cards) while she engaged me in idle banter, talking about love, life and whatever was going on at that time. Then I cut the deck, reassembled it and gave it back to her. She dealt 9 cards from the top of the reassembled deck and it looked as above. Any prediction/projections made then technically should have come to pass by now.. ūüôā Lets see .

I remember what she said- nevertheless, armed with new knowledge of the Lenormand thanks to Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, I will analyse the spread as though it were done now ( I am avoiding retrospective analysis this way). Technically, any reading is a prospective analysis by default ūüôā

So, let me get my head in check for this.

 Dog +  Tree+ House+ Whip+ Man+ Cross+ Stork+ Bouquet + Sun

1. Dog + Tree + House- Dog+tree mean soulmates or deep friendship in my personal space(house). I do think house can refer to private/personal space.

2.Whip+Man+Cross- tongue lashing from a man which is going to cause sorrow?? joking–:) actually, whip+man mean physically sexy man who may be needy/stressed, why god, why??

3.stork+bouquet+sun- movement/return of someone-blossoming in the sun. this to me is good progress, enjoying gifts or affections and genuine celebrations-

4. Dog +whip+stork- friendship¬† progressing positively.. hmm… progressing to what I ask?

5.Tree+moon+bouquet- this is nice indeed-emotional and spiritual pleasure/- slow to grow as well by the way

6. House+cross+sun-   Spiritual/physical home undergo some karmic testing which will be good at the end

7. Dog+moon+Sun- romantic friendship with attraction and chemistry.. sweet!!

8. House+man+stork- Man is stable and progresses positively

9. Tree+whip+Cross+Bouquet- chronic illness/pains which will improve/relief- I should say- I was going through bad insomnia then..

10.Dog+House+man+Stork+sun- this is difficult- a live in companion and success as outcome..

Even if I can’t recall what we were talking about- the cards told on me!! 36 little snitches!!

So- Summary- 1st card dog-¬†I have a special affinity to this card as I am dog lover- anyshape and size (I don’t judge when it comes to dogs), central card- Man- typical- yes- and last card Sun- success,¬† how I want things- sunny, happy- even the weather sunny.

Looking at the theme- Its obviouse that my mind was preoccupied about how¬†I was feeling about a man. The cards confirms there is more to¬†this and it will evolve slowly- in the meantime¬†I should enjoy the little things in my¬†life, my friends and let nature nuture this relationship. There is a bond and it will be slow to progress but it will root and grow. In the meantime-¬†I will have to learn to be patient as there are karmic lessons that both of us need to learn and we will both be better for it. All good things come¬†to those who wait¬†were¬†my friends’ parting words to me and also she said- be nice!!! lol–¬†So timing wise- likely to be spring(bouquet)towards the sunnier¬†side of spring– (March/April/May)





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