Creating opportunities with the Lenormand Oracle Cards

I drew this proposal up while taking a break from work- below is a power point presentation of my creative endeavour.

Lenorman Card Reading Proposal

As part of the studying process with Sylvie,  I am going to offer readings to the public. I am inclined to think whenever I read for my nearest and dearest, my readings are somewhat emotional and biased.  In order to rectify this- I have drawn up a power point presentation which I will be submitting to places where I can read for the interested mass ten times removed for me.

It is a step in the right direction. Although, card reading is a hobby for me- it is a dedicated hobby which I want to get really good at. My logical intuition application needs practice, practice,practice.

I will hope to post some of the readings I will be doing should I be succesful in this endeavour with client confidentiality preserved of course. As always- feedback is priority.

Wish me luck–

ps: I think- it will be mostly on weekends for 2-3 hours -I can only spare this amout of time at the most. It is a good thing I love soya milk latte and books..:)



4 Responses to “Creating opportunities with the Lenormand Oracle Cards”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    I agree that reading for oneself and family and friends can be very biased with too much of an attachment to the final outcome. With people we know, there is always the tendency to read into the cards what we hope or expect to see.

    I think you are taking the right step, and I only wish I was as brave! Your PowerPoint presentation is very informative, and I’m sure it will bring you much success.

    You’ll have to keep us posted here on your experiences with reading for complete strangers. So far the closest I’ve come to that was reading for a friend of a friend. One day I hope I have the confidence to follow your lead!

    Best wishes for much success!

  2. spiritsong Says:

    Hi Stormy,
    That’s wonderful! your Powerpoint presentation was great.
    I don’t feel confident enough for that step, at the moment, but I know that very soon, my dear talented friend who reads the tea leaves and playing cards for a living, will foist me on her clients for practice! She’s done it to me for Tarot and the playing cards, and I was amazed how after I got over the initial shock, I got in the zone.
    I hope it will be the same with the Lenormand! (just a little more practice for me first though! lol)-
    Keep us up on your experiences- I know we’ll all learn from them.
    Best wishes,

  3. phoenix rising Says:

    Great step. Sylvie did say that the only way is to read for other people.
    Good on you for giving it a go…I too wish I was brave enough, for me I know I got alot to learn, and I don’t want to jump in to soon. But we know that you’re ready for it.

    Best of luck

  4. Hi! Are you still offering practice readings? I would love a reading if you are. If not, perhaps we can trade? I am studying the Lenormand as well. Please email me. =)

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