Reading for LF 7/2/2008- Work

Ok, as part of my study process, I have started doing cold readings.

LF is a 36 year old female who sat down with me for a session with the cards. I acquired her permission to place the readings in my weblog and she will give her feedback as when things happen. We spent the first 10 minutes focusing our thoughts and formulating questions on the matters she wanted clarity on. We decided on work, love and then children. After each spread- I will enter feedback of what LF said to me.

Question 1: What  is going on in LF’s work situation?

Utilising the no layout spread, I focused on the keycard 14-Fox to represent 9-5 employment. Below are the cards:


7 Serpent+23 Mouse+36Cross+14Fox

There is deception and underhandedness happening at work which caused a lot of anxiety and unhappiness at work. Mice+Cross- also represents chronic lower back pain with central nervous system involvement.

LF confirms the above- there was a female colleague who was not particularly nice. LF also developed severe lower backpain with numbness in her leg. She is currently off work for the next 8 weeks.

So we decided to change tact, here, and we focused on this question:

Question: What is going to happen  after 8 weeks when LF goes back to work?

Utilising the no layout spread, the spread was as below-


It is interesting how this turned out- as now we are talking about the future- Fox was drawn first.


Technically I could have just stopped after 3 cards- but I wanted to see what are the sequence of events which will be directly relevant to the next question.

So LF will be working in a health institution (Tree+Tower) for financial reasons(Fish), and will also be surrounded by people (Fish). Likely to be a deskjob  and it will not be lonely. She is going to receive news soon, which is going to be important as it is something she is yet to know now-(Book+Rider) ? information for a different work? or maybe information regarding financial compensation will be given to her  (fish+book+rider).

LF confirms that she works in healthcare. Her previous job was lonely as she was a care assistant assisting the ill in their homes. She was informed by her colleagues that, due to her back, she will be working in a hospital  within an office enviroment, a desk job etc- and will be surrounded by other people as well.  Now, the news she will be receiving is interesting- so.. on to question 3.

LF is actually unhappy in her current line of work- she would like to know what work will make her happy- and she will like to stay in 9-5 employment still.

Q: What work will suit LF and make her happy?



It is becoming obvious at this point- work is going to be affected by something. The work issue is clouded by something bigger. LF is going to receive some difficult news regarding her back probably. She is also going to be involved in some groupwork/ rehab. But  all  may not be so bad- as in the future- although there is only card- It is the 16 Star. So she is going to make a fresh start after that- and she can focus on her self mentally and spiritually and work out which direction is best.

LF confirms that she is awaiting an MRI of her back in 2 weeks. She is also currently attending a Backsupport group– She is aware that if the MRI news is not good- it is likely she will not be able to work directly with ill people which may involve manual/physical intervention like lifting/hoisting etc.

In summary we have LF who is not well treated at her previous work- developed back pain needing to be formally investigated. She is off work because of this- when she does go back, the change in environment is better suited for her. She will receive some news which may be good or a promo. But at present- her back will need addressing properly as it will decide on which avenue of work is best for her.

next- post will be on LF’s love life..:)


Update- I have received an update on the MRI scan result today (4/4/08)- the scan confirms disc herniation therefore LF will not be able to provide healthcare assistance physically as she is not allowed to physically lift. She will be seeking advice from Occupational Health to identify a different job..


7 Responses to “Reading for LF 7/2/2008- Work”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy,

    this post I focused on the last question “What work will suit LF and make her happy?” Because the question is based on what work then I will try to interpret it to the question, so firstly Garden. Is one in which she has contact with alot of people, not a job that she works to independently, but a network, she will enjoy the social and people contact. Star is something that is uplifting and one that gives others a sense of hope and healing. Garden+star would be group support type work. Fox+star, could possibly be a job where she is in the upper management or life coaching.

    Letter+cross, is dealing with grievances. Cross+garden is group support organisations, like AA meetings and Religious support groups. Although I don’t think she is too keen on doing too much paperwork, but rather mixing it with others.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    yes- I see that too- she would do well in a group therapy/ talking therapy as a job. I would see that in garden+ fox, fox+stars.

    I am pleased with your response Phoenix, what did you think about the prior 2 questions–what advise would have given in light of those 2 readings?

  3. spiritsong Says:

    Hi Stormy,
    I would have probably gone a little differently with the spread “What is going to happen after 8 weeks and she returns to work?”..
    Fox + Tree + Tower + Fish + Book + Horseman
    It is either saying that she will work for a short time in a hospital, or healthcare clinic setting OR she will have to be dealing with them for her own personal health reasons for longer than she thinks..
    but the Fish promises something different on the horizon, workwise.
    The Fish is moving away from the typical 9-5 work environment, to being more of your own boss… a consultant, freelance… and the Book + Horseman promises new, unexpected situations. I think she’s going to be going in a different direction that she is thinking about now. It still could be related to the medical establishment, since that is prominently next to the Fish card, but maybe she’ll be offered a slot as a researcher or something!
    Something about her work is going to be more independent than it used to be–she will setting her own hours in the future 🙂
    (I know you look at the Fish card slightly differently than Sylvie- just thought I’d add that into the mix! lol) This looks like a mult-level reading….

  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hi spiritsong– LF and I discussed the option whether she would like to work independently.. at this point in time.. it is not what she is keen on. all of this might change 🙂 when she feels stronger perhaps.. it is good we are having these discussions– hope you both are well in you’re creative esoteric endeavours– 🙂

    hugs to you both–


  5. Dear Indianstorm,
    I hope you’ll see my reply here : I’m French and I’m fond of divination, and especially oracles. I did not kile LENORMAND ORACLE because I found it very odl-fashioned and did not like my cards (Carta Mundi one), very confusing.
    In France, books are very confusing and I did not find the right method until I found out Sylvie’s one!!!!
    So I’ve already read her book (She’s French that’s why I understood very much her book!).
    But something is not clear for me concerning the no lay out :
    after having charged the key card, I put it again in the cards, n I mix them all and after I choose cards until I find the key one : but waht if it comes at the end??? In all lay out I noticed 3 cards before and 3 cards after the key one, but it’s not what happens. You may have 10, 15 ou 25 cards before the key one?
    So I decided to keep only the 3 last cards before the key one : but am I right?
    I would be nice if you could help me on this point (and osrry for my english!)

    • the travelling psychiatrist Says:

      Hi Flo

      If you found the Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle helpful, then I recommend you joining this site: lenormandnz.ning
      It does happen, when the last card you flip is the keycard. if this happens, I would reshuffle and draw again.
      you can have as many cards before the KC, we select 2/3/4 cards that came before the keycard and similar for after.
      Try and stick to maximum of 2-3 cards on either side, if you are only beginning to avoid confusing.
      There is a structured way of reading the No Layout spread which is, and it is thought on the site.
      I moderate on this site, it has plenty of free and very useful information by Sylvie Steinbach herself to help mastering the basics for the no layout approach,

      Wish you all the best


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