Card reading LF 7/2/08- Fertility

As promised, the trilogy of the card session was on LF having children.  So we asked 2 separate questions. I refer also to the current topic being discussed in the ‘Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle’ study group where we are  analysing a spread on fertility. Check  out the link below:

Question 1: Will LF have children in the future?



14 Birds + 20 Garden + 22 Mountain + 5 Tree + 22 Crossroads + 34 Fish + 24 Heart

As fertility is a health issue- utilising the no layout technique, the keycard 5 Tree was charged.

To the left- we see Birds + Garden + Mountain combination. I felt this represented the couple. Good start as I see this as her having a partner 🙂

Garden+Mountain is not so good as it could represent immunity issues causing delays with regards of having children. It is a well known fact that incompatible immune systems can cause fertility issues.  I stipulated- the couple will be having fertility issues due to their immune system which causes them some delays. Mountain+Tree represents blockages/stagnation in health-

If the Moon card was present- I could infer that there could be female reproductive organs issues such as blocked Fallopion tubes etc. As it isn’t here- I will not speculate-

To the right- Crossroad+Fish+Heart

this is interesting- Crossroads representing choices/solutions and/or the no 2. According to Sylvie’s book- represents veins and arteries- Fish represents kidney/bladder and the heart – Heart. This seems a little difficult as I explained to LF, possibility of improving cardiovascular health may be the solution ie- losing weight/ exercise/diet etc helps as provides optimum health status for conception. Perhaps this was what the initial immunity problems meant, poor health, poor immune system means delays in conceiving.

LF’s feedback- She has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome- which can affect the kidney/bladder with cysts, predispose her to diabetes which is a risk factor for heart problems and itself a cause for infertility.

Update: No LF is not pregnant 🙂 just a thought, one of the benefits of Sylvie’s study group, ideas crop up which is a possibilty. As LF drew the 34 Fish- I was considering the idea of sperm donors as possibility which could represent as one of the choice (22 Crossroad). This makes sense if incompatible immunity between partners is a factor.

So we asked question 2, will LF conceive the natural way?



35 Anchor+29 Woman+9 Bouquet+5 tree+ 10 Scythe +20 Garden+31Sun

It is interesting to see- the first spread gave me the reasons why there will be delays and the issues around it. Taking into account of the first layout- if all issues were addressed- the 2nd layout gives a response.

to the left of the key card- Anchor+woman+bouquet+Tree

I felt this means- all things being well and addressed- Anchor to me represents stable matters (in all areas of life- in this spread ie health)- our lady LF will have blossoming health and be fertile (bouquet+tree).

to the right- tree+scythe+garden+sun-

she might have to undergo a surgical procedure, I feel this maybe a c-section(scythe). this is not entirely a bad thing as garden+sun promises a succesful and celebratory outcome 🙂

Addendum- if I took into account the possibility of sperm donors, then the Scythe could mean IVF as well. Either way- both outcomes are promising..

So — she will have to address particular health issues and when this is done- she will be in good health and shape to conceive naturally. A surgical intervention may be needed at the end but this promises a good celebratory outcome nevertheless.

I include two articles in this post for the group to read regarding infertility. It is interesting to have some background knowledge to address concerns appropriately and responsibly. and for females-



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