Card Reading LF 7/2/08- Love

Now we come on to the second topic close to LF’s heart, love !! 🙂

Utilising Sylvie’s technique of the no layout spread, we asked this question- How will LF recognise the man who is going to offer her a longterm commitment with culminating to marriage?



I concentrated on the keycard 28-Man as we wish to find who and what he is.



This layout is information dense.

In his past- to the left of the keycard 28-Gentleman, this man has either extricated himself from his longterm commitement/relationship or has entered a new ones which is causing him pressure/stress/anxiety (ring+rider+mouse).

He may have separated himself from this and is now faced with new choices/directions in his life (stork +crossroad). He may have been indecisive as well (crossroad+man)- according to Sylvie Steinbach in her ‘Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle’, this may represent a man who was not satisfied with one person.

Now , in his future-

Man+ House- means homely, home/family orientated, stable- nice 🙂

His approach will be friendly or they would meet as friends. Funny side- he may have a dog?? House+dog- may mean- domestic partner- ? they might live together perhaps?

He maybe a protective friend (dog+sun) first before becoming her Lover (Lily) and giving her the fulfilment she wants.

From this layout- I felt that this man has issues he needs to work out himself. He may have just come out of a long relationship which took al ot out of him. Perhaps- he is having a rebound relationship which is not working for him as well. Not a good candidate yet for LF–right?? then in the future, he gets himself sorted, starts of with a good approach and acts in her best interest as well  (protective), and then he may become her partner/lover. Obviously, he will have to charm the pants of LF first, if he plays his cards right, he just may succeed 🙂

Tomorrow- I will post on Children.. tired now- it is midnight and I need sleep.

Feedback is welcome, LF will update us on this.. 🙂



4 Responses to “Card Reading LF 7/2/08- Love”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Indianstorm

    i think this is a great idea to post readings, it also gives us some more case studies to do as well. It’s great that the querent will be able to give feedback as well.

    Ok, since you asked the question how would she recognise him, I would also read the crossroad and house cards as descriptive cards. Crossroad being someone who may have reddish highlights or red colored hair with medium to fair skin. The house is light to medium brown hair, sometimes ash blonde, blue, green or hazel eyes, who may have facial hair. So it would be safe to say that this person has medium fair skin tone, and does not have dark hair or brown eyes.
    In the past I’d say that he was bit of a wanderer, and may have moved from home to home (crossroad+house) He may also have been someone who didn’t know what direction he was taking.
    As the past suggests, he may recently have separated from a new relationship, which bought on alot of stress, I think that either party was unable to make a commitment, so the best thing to do was move on.

    However from learning from that relationship, it shows in the near future that he will be ready to make a commitment and settle down, shows him being a protective, loyal and faithful partner, which will last indicated by lilly. This is definitely a partnership for marriage, because of the house+dog.
    After all the question was asking about how to recognise the man who will propose. Other things suggest that he may also have a couple of investment properties. I would say that he is also well established mature and comfortable financially.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Phoenix- I informed LF about his physical attributes/looks in our session- I forgot to post it here 🙂
    It is good you have added that– One thing I’d question is this-

    In you interpretation- you cross combine the cards- eg- ‘Crossroad+House’– the keycard man in the middle-
    I kept the cards separate- left is past- right is present- This was how i Focused the session- my parameters were set that way–

    what do you think?

  3. spiritsong Says:

    Your question was “how would she recognise him?”; so you would definitely need to include the combination of the 2 cards surrounding the gent,as he is the key card, & they are descriptive of him specifically.

    Another thing that hit me, still in that vein, is the House and Dog. He very well might be a friend of the family, or known to the family! and Sun + Lily could describe that he has something to do with Antiques or an art collector….

    The crossroads + house may say that he has multiple residences or real estate holdings.. as well

    just other signs to remember!!! LOL


  4. spiritsong Says:

    One last thought on this gentlemen:
    with the Sun and the Lily, you could also describe him as successful, charismatic/smiling, and older than the querant (lily)
    He’s well established, good reputation.

    ok- that’s it! lol


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