Lenormand Oracle dual deck reading

I was thinking about this not so long ago. Has anyone come across readers utilising 2 petit lenormand decks at a time for a reading. Apart from displaying my pretty little cards ( Oraculo Modernista and Mystical Lenormand) in all their splendour, there might be some advantages and disadvantages to this.

I considered the possibility of using the double deck method for astrological/ timing & events spread. For example- utilising the Lenormand as a monthly calendar for 1 year, drawing 12 cards for each month first. This will give me the highlights for each month.

Then, I’d draw, 12 cards from the second deck to place one each under each highlight of the month card to identify the event/ action or influences for that card. This is interesting as I sometimes do wonder what if there are not enough cards in 1 deck to show up something important. But I suppose one could use the card and do a no layout spread using it as key.


1. It is beautiful and impressive to look at. As a Libran- it is all about aesthetics for me ūüôā

2. Dual deck readings can be very informative and accurate.

3. Double confirmation of matters that are of importance. eg If we did yield House-House combination-so issues of the house/property will be focused upon heavily.

4. Easy access to information in shorter space of time as the combinations gives us an idea of what is going on.


1. 2 decks!!! cards getting mixed/lost/messy etc

2. house-house combo may mean something, may mean nothing or all is status quo at home for exampleРnot a good disadvantage really.

3. lack of experience utilising this technique

4. introducing laziness to readings perhaps. This is a maybe not disadvantage,  if something important turns up- I would investigate further with a more focused spread.

I do know that when I do dual deck readings- for example I have combined the Lenormand (always first  line deck) with The Psycards (for action) or the Madame Endora (love this deck for actually giving straight up answers) with accurate reflection.

As an example- I did a 1 year Calendar with the Lenormand last year. For January I drew card 5 Tree. I wanted to know what is it about- as it can be many things. One of the drawback of the calendar draw, it is a pain as one symbol answer makes you none the wiser as it is a broad heading. So, for action I consulted the Psycard deck and drew The Body card.  So, The Tree and The Body to me means focus is on health and actual physical/body health. Typical around January really lol!! New years resolution and keeping physically fit and healthy.

To view the Sibilla Liberty-Art Nouveau Oracle Deck ( my personal fave for a petit Lenormand) click here http://www.alidastore.com/indexen.html

To view the Psycards and learn a little more about the deck click here: http://learntarot.com/psdesc.htm

To view the Madame Endora deck and study the reviews for this deck, click here: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/madame-endora/

I have a few staple decks – that I have worked with quite closely- and I will always pay respect to my old friend the Mythic Tarot Deck. I am yet to stray to other tarot decks as the Mythic has served me well. The Mythic only comes out of hibernation in times of stoic reflection.

Any ideas on this, perhaps a test drive of the theory may be in order?

Addendum: I should add using the Tarot to complement the Lenormand cards is probably a very functional yet very decriptive way of promoting insight and intuition.  Consider doing  Lenormand card draws to clarify the tarot cards in tandem-



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