Daily 3 Card Draws-Lenormand

I will also present a log of daily draws ( I will try and keep this as regular as possible) to further enhance my logical intuition analytical skills. Today, I have drawn 3 cards + 1 card (as just in case).

8101.jpg8261.jpg8031.jpg                8311.jpg

‘ 10 Scythe + 26 Book + 3 Ship           Extra 31 Sun’

Hmm, I wonder what to make of this. First impressions- pending decisions about travel due to unknown factors. This is a rather simplistic summary of the first 3 cards.

I was recently thinking about going on a holiday, desperately in need of a break from work, studies and possibly going out of the country as well. It has been difficult to make concrete plans as so many things get in the way especially work commitments which are difficult to shift. Also, I am perhaps relying as well on people to let me know when I should be planning a getaway. This could be the information I am waiting upon that is yet to be revealed (26 Book).  The Ship indicates overseas travel, symbolising that I am indeed thinking of foreign travel or a change in scenery. Ship can also represent vehicle travel- like cars, since the Crossroad is not here- I will not use that possibility.

I am glad I drew an extra card which is quite nice- 31 Sun. Maybe, I will have to be patient as the opportune time will arrive at some point in Summer. This is likely as it would be when I would consider taking a longer break ie 2 weeks at some point in June.

I looked into Sylvie’s book for quick reference- Scythe + Book mean researcher/ analysis. 🙂 , Book+Ship mean study abroad or cultural trip- hmm– prefer the latter as it sounds more relaxing.. my piece de’ resistance Ship + Sun-tropical destination/ summer vacation- Bingo!!! Excellent-

ps: I recall my conversation yesterday to a couple of friends on how exhausted I was and much in need of a break. The timing was never right– I will have to be patient so I can plan the perfect holiday for me– hmm,..



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