Psycards Reading- The Vital Seven on 11/3/2008

Psychological analysis can form vital clues to our being. I am keen on utilising the cards to create a mirror reflection for the inner psyche. Intuition and the power of knowledge acquired through  practice with the Lenormand cards thought me a valuable lesson ie handle the power of information with humility and respect. My approach to using the oracle decks have decreased in frequency and so are the repeat second guessing of the answers. I view this as part of the maturing process in handling the oracles.

In this layout- I have concentrated on 1 question, ‘What factors are currently influencing my thought processes and my being/actions?’

                                     23_jpg.jpg     27_jpg.jpg

                    12_jpg.jpg            1_jpg.jpg           17_jpg.jpg

                                     13_jpg.jpg            6_jpg.jpg   

The card images are from the original Psycards Deck created by Nick Hobson who also wrote the guide book to the deck ‘A Journey into the Psyche’. The deck can also be viewed at

The card positions in the vital seven layout are as follows:

Centre card- The Significator which is always card No 1 in position 1

Top 2 cards – position 2 and 3- represents goals and aspirations

To the left of Significator- position 4 represents past influenced.

To the right of Significator- position 5 represents outcome in the future

Bottom 2 cards- position 6 and 7- represent underlying and unconscious forces.

This layout is taken directly from the guidebook that accompanies the deck.


My goals and aspirations are represented by the combination of 23 Tree + 27 Beauty. This is fascinating as the two cards are opposites of each other. The tree like the Lenormand 5 Tree represents spiritual growth, grounding, rooting and going into depth of matters rather than skimming on the superficial side of things. The Tree speaks of pruning matters that no longer serve my purpose that I have been actively doing and learning to accept support from those that are around me to learn, grow, improve and become stronger.  27 Beauty speaks of the outer psyche, ie the image that is projected to the outer world. The idea of the perfect externa. This card also represents the coming of love. In the image- the lady is looking at her own reflection- the question here is – am I satisfied with what I see, or when will I be satisfied with what I see in the mirror? Because it appears in  goals and aspiration, it appears that I am striving for perfection in my endevaours- in work, life and love-. This is something I am aware that can cause restlessness and dissatisfaction in the long run. I am pleased that the Tree reassures me that I will be grounded as it balances out the extremes of the Beauty.

Position 4- 12 Fortune occupies the past influence. Hmm, in simple form this represent Luck- like the tarot’s Wheel of fortune. This in the past position means acknowledgement that some events in my life has had a stroke of luck associated with. That little bit extra when I have done all that I can do. I must remember to be thankful and remember the good things that has happened which has brought me to the present and the even better things to come. That which I cannot see, does not mean it doesnt exist, growth and development is part of the process of acquiring  fortunes.

Position 5 is the future outcome occupied by 17 Libido– the image is that of a peacock proudly displaying its tail feathers. Libido is the internal driving force that is Id in origin. Raw and unprocessed energy needs channelling into proper outlets!! 🙂 Joy, pleasure, heightened energy, arousal to name a few- harnessed properly it means joyous unions culmination to marriage or great working partnership. I know what this is about- I’ll keep it simple- ‘use this wisely  and channel this  effectively’– 🙂 ( Big Grin actually–lol!)

Cards 6 & 7 are 13 Father and 6 Body respectively representing subconscious forces. Ok this has me a little over the barrel. I look at this 2 ways. As this occupying the subconscious section- Father and Body representation does reflect my father. Wise nurturing man who gave me everything that I ever wanted or needed. I  followed in his footsteps too. I am also aware that the body speaks of physical health and how  deep down inside I fear inheriting  familial illness. This is also to the point of where I am consious of diet/exercise etc. I respect and love my father and he is always at the back and front of my mind 🙂 It is good to see the cards mirroring the step up in life he has given me 12 Fortune and the spiritual grounding that I learnt from this in the 23 Tree.

The Body+ Libido +Beauty flows well that a healthy body with energy channelled cautiously and creatively  🙂  will enable me to appreciate The Person as I truly am ie what I see in the mirror!! The inner and outer balance is what people see..

I hope this is a good introduction to the Psycards.. It is a useful tool to have.- It may not be an oracle but the deck does give good insight on how to go about creating the future that you want- ergo ‘self directed fulfilment of prophecies’— 



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