Daily Draw- 12 Bird + 34 Fish + 27 Letters, 31 Sun

I should have expected this.. I am considering to change the times when I am doing these draws. Either early in the morning or late evening might be the way forward. Considering that- as long as consistency is maintained, I should be able glean relevant information from the draws.

Perhaps, expecting profound information on a daily basis is too much to ask from  mon amie Lenormand. Mundane stuff is part of life too. As with anything, once a pattern emerges, I will be able to see the bigger picture.

Here’s what I drew today 12/3/2008 :

8121.jpg      834.jpg      8272.jpg               831.jpg

‘ 12 Birds + 34 Fish + 27 Letters….. Extra card 31 Sun’

The letters and sun card have come up a few times now for me. I wonder what this could be about.My draw today perhaps reflect the highlight of my day that took place not too long ago before the draw.

Birds represent communication and discussions between people. The Fish could be speaking of either matters concerning money or lots of people ( the old adage- plenty of fish in the sea lol!!). Letters represents written communication email, texts or letters if taken literally. Now the Sun– means its all good, sunny outcome- good decision or may represent a person as well–charismatic individuals with fire signs (Aries, Sagittarius,Leo).

Piecing it all together- as I was concentrating on a prospective level with this draw- I could intepret that communications regarding income takes place via in writing which will be good and beneficial. I speculate this could be me biting the bullet and accepting to cover for a colleague for work which results in extra cash. I hesitated a little about this- since extra cash would not hurt- I thought why not- All of this took place via email by the way. I am pleased that it turns out that not only I get paid more for doing this- I am also entitled to 2 extra days leave. Result!!!

I do have some nagging doubts about this though. Since I thought prospective, why are the cards talking about something that took place not so long ago?

If I were to consider the cards unveiling a future event- might this be speaking about a couple discussing a holiday(near water) via emails/text ,  it will be a good thing  and takes place in summer?? The Fish could represent a timeframe- 21st Feb – 21st Mar. So I could anticipate talks on or before Mar 21st which is in writing- no need to worry as its all good– 🙂

My instincts say that  the former interpretation is most accurate as I have something tangible to hang this on to. Had I drawn the same set first thing in the morning- I would consider both possibilities but place weight on the first explanation.

Quick look into the book- Birds + Fish- Shipping, boats, airline-

                                              Letter+Sun- enthusiastic letter

I look forward to this coming to pass-



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