Daily Draw- 18 Dog + 3 Ship + 32 Moon Extra 21 Mountain

8182.jpg       8031.jpg       8321.jpg                   8211.jpg

‘ 18 Dog + 3 Ship + 32 Moon  extra card 21 Mountain’

I made a conscious effort to allow the cards to give what it felt I should know about.  The dog appears here perhaps representing  someone I know  who is either overseas or in the process of travelling (ship). I always take the ship to represent big journeys, crossing  continents . The moon relates to emotions and feelings, could also represent acknowledgement of mutual affection. The mountain appearing as an extra could mean long delays or represent characteristics of the person or a place.

I wonder if there is an element of timing in this spread- with the Moon card- lunar cycle- 4 weeks perhaps.

Dog card can also mean a soulmate. Sweet card indeed as it speaks of reliability, trustworthiness and honesty. It is nice and reassuring to know that this person who is making this journey is just that, the ideal companion. Dog +ship- represent foreign friendships in combination.

The Ship speaks of international travel and makes the dog card Masculine. Also has an added function of timing representing the month March or 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. Ship + Moon combined mean romantic getaway/ honeymoon.

The Moon is all things emotion, romance and affection. When speaking of a person- describes feminine traits- charm, seductive and alluring. In timing- it is fast- piscean, or cancerian timing ( June 21st – July 21st). In my previous draws- the timing I predicted was communication to be had about travel on or before the 21st of March. This layout is obviously about the meeting/holiday itself which I intuited to be in Summer which is still a long way away.  Moon+Mountain speaks of longing or feeling isolated.

I do feel the mountain will add  delay (3 weeks- 2/3 months) to all this taking place, I suspect. It just makes me think patience and do not rush. I have a postive feeling that the wait is worth it.

Any other insight is welcome-



2 Responses to “Daily Draw- 18 Dog + 3 Ship + 32 Moon Extra 21 Mountain”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    My first impression of these cards was that a friend at a distance–maybe someone you are separated from– is feeling lonely. I try to get a quick impression of the cards before I read your interpretations just to see what I get. It doesn’t mean I’m right. 🙂

    I really like the way you break down the cards, and your attention to timing. That is something I need to pay more attention to in my own readings.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Aristede, How are you?
    I am glad you mentioned the ‘friend is feeling lonely’. I thought that too 😦 the timing thing– it seems to fall in line with the nature of the cards. What with the mountain all– I feel it means to take the longest time frame involved. What do you think?

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