Daily Draw- 1 Rider + 17 Bear + 2 Clover Extra 31 Sun

The process of drawing the cards today has been interesting. Firstly, I am using a different deck- The Mystical Lenormand ( just plain gorgeous). Secondly, as I was shuffling, 1st card that popped out was the Scythe and the second one, the Clover. Thirdly, after fanning the deck out, I said a prayer that I have forgotten for a long time. It is an old mantra that I created many years ago for concentration. Then I proceeded with the draw.

8011.jpg      8151.jpg      8022.jpg             8312.jpg

‘ 1 Rider + 15 Bear + 2 Clover extra card 31 Sun ‘

It is interesting the clover turned up in this draw- having popped out during the shuffle. I always take note of cards that do that- since the scythe also came up but it is not in the layout- I’ll keep this in mind.

So the rider, young looking man, physically fit is on his way bringing news. The news also arrives in swift fashion, no hesitation/delays. Timing with this is 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. Rider + Bear combination is news about finance/ cashflow- likely a good thing.

Bear speaks of all things business- describes people who work in the financial world /top executive level in management. Hmm- news from a man in the finance world– not keen on the possibility of him being hairy lol!! Timing  wise- 21st April- May 21sy-(Taurean timeframe). Bear + Clover combination is obvious- financial gain- looking good so far.

Clover- twist of luck, optimism, expecting the unexpected. Nice card to pop out and appear again. Take a chance it says– I just may have– so lets see– timing- 2d/2w/2m. With the clover+sun combination- outstanding accomplishment/overnight success.

Since I drew the Sun as an extra- and has appeared consecutively- I am being constantly reassured to have faith/trust in my hopes and aspirations. All is well and right in the world.

Synopsis, news arriving in swift fashion/ or a pretty dapper man who works in the business/corporate world is going to get in touch suprisingly soonish and it is all good. It may be about money or  I maybe pleasantly suprised with what it is actually about- something completely unexpected (clover).



4 Responses to “Daily Draw- 1 Rider + 17 Bear + 2 Clover Extra 31 Sun”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Wow this looks like a lucky stroke of luck, news coming soon. Either for a young person or it’s coming towards you. Look forward to hearing about this one.


  2. Yeah, I agree…a lucky financial break is coming quickly that will lead to much success and happiness. Very soon, too!


  3. spiritsong Says:

    Hooray! I love it when they’re sooo positive! lol
    nothing to add- just wanted to say hi!


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Spiritsong– look what I drew for today.. an absolute corker of a draw..

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