Daily Draw- 3 Ship + 13 Child + 1 Rider Extra 22 Crossroad

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‘ 3 Ship + 13 Child + 1 Ship extra card 22 Crossroads’

Hmm, I have to say I am at a loss here. Let me see if I broke it down it would make some sense. 

The ship represents travel abroad/ overseas. The child can mean an actual child/ someone really young or immature or something in early stages of development. The Rider ( hello old friend! ) is here again- could be denoting news coming towards either this young person or news about movement- moving things on from infancy.

The crossroad denotes choices or which direction to proceed in. I am still wondering what this is about. The choices or options will appear in a fast timescale.

 I can’t help but notice a story here. Travel plans(ship) still in its infancy/ not quite firm or concrete yet (child). News arriving shortly (rider), spurring things on  and will have to decide from the options that are presented by this news (crossroads) on which way to proceed..

Looking in to the book: Ship + child- conception during a trip/ vacation- Arghh!! scared now.. Child+Rider- Birth announcement/ pregnancy confirmation.. Rider+ Crossroads-new possibilities or multiples!!

Okay– hmm… as it is my daily guidance draw-

1. I will be happy if this is about travel plans and options.

2. If this about one of my friends giving me news about being pregnant and having possible twins/likely boys (as denoted by rider) — even better!!  

Over to you chaps, if you can add any insight to this draw- you are most welcome–



5 Responses to “Daily Draw- 3 Ship + 13 Child + 1 Rider Extra 22 Crossroad”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    Another idea that comes to mind is ‘news coming from a young person at a distance that opens up some options.’


  2. spiritsong Says:

    I’m behind, but trying to catch up 🙂

    I like how you first interpreted the child, “travel plans in it’s infancy”- I never would have thought of it that way, and I liked it! lol I stumble sometimes when I get the child card.
    Things in a beginning stage…
    Although the other ideas make sense too- if it’s news about prenancy or birth, I would think it would be from someone who lives quite a distance from you- not local!

    So, news about a pregnancy afar, or news about a young person from afar… funky… hope you’ll update on this one, if something clicks..:)


  3. spiritsong Says:

    Stormy, one last thought-

    ship/horseman…round trip, back and forth..somehow connected to a young person. Maybe there’s a younger person connected to you who has multiple choices as to where to go next, and is going back and forth, physically & mentally as what the next choice is?


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hi spiritsong, it does seem to be round-a-bout face isn’t it? the only young person I know that could be facing these choices is mon amie sister 🙂 she is in between choices at the moment- the child could be her although she is 25.. but really mature for her age–

    hmm.. a conundrum..


  5. phoenixoracle Says:

    You’ve all said what I could think of. child can be something small as well, so a small vehicle to be careful of at an intersection.


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