Daily Draw- Lenormand Oracle 7 cards

I thought a once weekly 7 card draw would be appropriate on a Sunday.


‘4 House+ 32 Moon + 35 Anchor + 33 Key + 11 Whip + 12 Birds + 30 Lily’

House represents domestic space, place that one grew up in or a real house. Coupled with the moon- implies the emotional ties/ feelings about home. I am missing my home- House+moon- honour in the house/ dream home- 

Moon represents emotions/ affectations also a love bond. Taken in context with anchor- suggests strength in the bond ie stability. Moon+ anchor- emotional stability/ long term romance.

Anchor represents matters of security- ie work/life/love and health. Combined with a strong card the Key- indicates one of these matters could be in focus. Any concerns needs to be addressed. Anchor+Key= karmic ties/ success at  work.

Key is the Lenormand exclamation mark, ‘look out for this!’- also a sure sign of things happening. With the whip card- a discussion will definitely take place! Key + whip= spiritual fighter/ conversations taking place for certain.

Whip is all about communication and also the clear out card. Means what will take place can be a cleansing process. In context as it appears before the birds- conversations within a couple/ between 2 people. May cause stress and anxiety. Whip+Birds= arguments/ passionate conversations.

Birds mean couples or two people. The nature of the talk was defined by the prior card-Whip. Birds+Lily- the conversation is also a serious one.

Lily often represents the lover or someone older and also speaks of physical intimacy. The Lily is often a known person (description: looks or acts older than age/ dark grey hair/ 30-40’s)

This draw infers a lot will be happening in the next 7 days, heated discussions of a personal nature, work is ok, and more thoughts about home…we shall see how this pans out..



7 Responses to “Daily Draw- Lenormand Oracle 7 cards”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi stormy

    Could this be a metaphysical shop that you have been attending for a while? You may have a difference of opinion or a passionate debate with an older gentleman, however I think at the end of it you will be satisfied.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Morning Phoenix- I would love a good debate- I haven’t been to any metaphysical shops in years.. come to think of it- I havent been to a workshop of that sort ever– maybe on my first visit to one- I end up having verbal fisty-cuffs with some unsuspecting older man lol!!!


  3. spiritsong Says:

    I’ve got to admit Stormy, that I looked at these cards and felt a bit lost–I’m used to having a key card in there somewhere to help focus it.
    Just thought I’d say hi anyway! lol
    Will look back to see what you discover about this draw in the days ahead 🙂


  4. indianstorm Says:

    hello spiritsong :)– I know what you mean.. I didnt feel like using a key card- it is ironic the Key turned up in the middle.. what do you make of it..?

  5. Hi Stormy,

    I’m not used to looking at a row of cards without a “key card” for focus either, but these cards do look like they deal with family issues. I think you have strong emotional and karmic bonds with family that may sometimes cause friction. 🙂


  6. indianstorm Says:

    lol!! friction in family- I hope not- i get the feeling it also could be my dad telling me off for being rubbish with the phone!! and I might not have a good enough excuse for it as well–

  7. Phoenix Rising Says:

    Yes, I agree with the other 2 not having a assigned key card can sort of throw things out a bit, but if you use the key as the “key” card, then it’s obviously will be a significant week, with some major plans. Or else you could read each card for every day of the week. Thursday obviously being a significant day with Key for Thursday.

    Could reincarnation be a topic of discussion?(key+whip+


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