No Layout spread for B on love

I felt I should post this layout as it has technically come to pass 🙂 I am awaiting the feedback details on this reading done for LF’s brother BF on 6/3/08. B wanted to know who is the next woman that is going to come into his life who will offer the kind of relationship that he wants ( this is a long list btw- in short someone who can be a friend and a lover was the gist I got).

Question 1

How will B recognise the woman who is going to offer what he needs in a relationship?


’36 Cross + 16 Stars + 12 Birds + 29 Woman + 35 Anchor + 24 Heart + 29 Letters’

In my reading for B, I explained that this lady, in the past or not so long ago- may have suffered some sorrow and went through a low period- may have affected her mentally and physically (Cross). But she recovers from it and starts looking forward to life-new things and new people (Stars). She is also quite imaginative and open (stars+bird) 🙂 which is a good thing. The Birds speaks of being talkative/communicative – and also can represent companion (bird+woman)  which makes her ideal for B. He likes chatty birds 🙂 ( In england, birds mean girls lol!!). She might also be working in the communication media.

In the future- She will be stable, reliable and quite settled (anchor). Also looking to settle down and thinks long haul in relationship and romance (woman+anchor). To describe her- she may have dark features possibly eyes/hair. The romantic possibility (heart) is there as she desires love and affection, possibly when she meets B. They perhaps will exchange numbers and communicate via email/texts (letter) . I also intuited that there is a possibility she maybe in his workplace (Anchor) .  I don’t get the feeling that he may know her ( ie- if he has met her before).

So I checked 🙂

Question 2: Where will she be when B meets her?


‘ 24 Heart + 5 Tree + 29 Woman + 16 Stars + 12 Birds’

So, it is nice to see the return of the cards to confirm we are barking up the right tree so to speak. So, in the past Heart+ Tree confirms a soulmate connection or a karmic romance. This could be either a past life thing or that he has met her before( also I get the feeling he fancied her back the as well)- the situation was not ideal to consolidate any relationship ( as the previous layout mentioned the Cross- so sorrow/ sadness). Nevertheless, it is a promising start as there is a karmic link- and the Tree suggests working in health field. I should mention B is a paramedic so- this is quite a strong possibility.

The Stars+Birds combination comes up again- so she makes a fresh start in a new job/promotion (stars)? working in the communication sector where she has to be  a spokesperson of some sort. I think it is likely it is within the health sector still.

So that was me and what I said on the 6th.

Feedback: I will be seeing B tomorrow for the full story. He has given me a hint that the woman I predicted is working in the Hospital Ambulance service 🙂 and he has met her before and thought she was hot 🙂 . She had a partner then which she has broken up with- caused a lot of stress and was low  for a while. She has now taken up a new post in the communications office within the ambulance service. I will post other relevant details asap – 🙂

I wonder if I could have predicted a time factor although I didnt ask for one in the layouts?

Any other hints welcome–


Update 23/3/08- I have confirmation that this lady is working in ambulant dispatch communication service- she will start retraining in this. B did meet her 2 years ago in the paramedic training college where it was located in a foresty woodsy place. Not so long ago she suffered a back injury while working which caused her to go off sick and she also separated from her partner. Very chatty and funny- has dark hair/eyes but pale skin. They have exchanged numbers when they re-met.


4 Responses to “No Layout spread for B on love”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy

    The important thing to remember is that we must stick to the question. So for the first spread, how would B recognise the woman. The cards closest to the key card gives hints at the description. But since there are no physical description for any of the cards it would be attributes. So she would appear to be a chatty woman with good communication, she is settled and established, and is looking at settling down.

    The past indicates that she may have gone through or seen alot of grief and suffering, but with the stars she always had faith and hope that things were going to get better, she held a positive outlook and persisted with her goals. The communication following it, says that it was through the spoken word, that the healing may have been given, so she has alot of faith. She was the hope through communication. So re-reading your update, communications in an ambulance field fit this profile pretty well.

    Anchor+heart+letter. Shows this woman is faithful and loyal, and a steady partner. So she would be one that he would interract with through email, txt or letter alot.

    The second question: Where will she be when B meets her. This is where we must stick to the question “where” Tree can indicate, forest, wood and shady areas. It could be “health field” as well. Stars, I would say “night” time.
    heart+tree…still staying with the “where” although the combination talks of a karmic relationship, I would disregard because of the question. (Where will she be) So it could be a “heart related health event” star+birds this could be where someone is giving a speech..a spokesperson. So put all that together…At night time where there is a health talk that could relate to the “heart” or emotiions.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Phoenix..:)

    it is interesting that although I asked where- In my mind I was also asking has he potentially met her before? in some regard- although the question is where- I did wonder if he did or didnt? which incidentally the heart and tree came up- I did wonder about the stars and the night- we explored that a bit and it is ironic that you mentioned that.. B prefers working night shifts- and the possibility of her coordinating the communication then perhaps.. I will find out more tomorrow night..

    I have to admit- exploring all the possibilities is rather dreary to me as the amount of variables that came up.. One of the drawbacks of this spread. Which was why I did a grand tableu after the no layout which confirmed other matters like is she a known entity- and it turned out she was 🙂

    I have to admit- the no layout is pretty goof proof provided the focus is there- in this case there was I am happy to admit..


  3. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy,

    That is one thing that Sylvie always stresses, we must stay focused on the question..when there are 2 questions going on in our head at the time the cards can become muddled and not give clear answers.
    It is interesting that he does night shift and she is the communications officer..he may hear her voice when going out on a job, where someone has had a heart attack.

    The no layout was a little difficult at first, but when you keep using it, you will start to see how it works, that’s why I’m going to stick with it until I’ve mastered it, and when I’ve mastered it, I’ll probably stay with it…lol no then I will try another. The 2 cards surrounding the key card give the theme of the whole layout.


  4. spiritsong Says:

    Hi Stormy 🙂
    That was great! I think you and also Phoenix sussed that one out.
    I can kind of remember my husband (who’s English) and few other male brits tell me that they wouldn’t call me a “bird” because I was a “Lady”!! They seemed to intimate that “birds” from an English man’s point of view was a different kettle of fish! so to speak! lol so hopefully she’s a “Lady” and not a “Bird”-

    coudn’t resist- sorry!

    you know, Tree+Stars combination means medical treatments-
    add that to the heart…maybe she happens to be in the ER at the time when they he’s bringing someone in with a heart ailment and she happens to be in the ER?


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