No Layout-Timing

I bit the timing bullet !! After performing a general read for the year using the grand table.  Questions became obvious as something didnt add up. The general read encompassed the time span of 21st march 2008 to 21st March 2009. It appeared that my sitter was going to get married to someone/man entirely new and the wedding/plans for marriage is going to take place on or before 21st March 2008 ( this is because the Ring appeared in the last row 3rd from the right).  – So I had to know- how and why because 1 year is not that long and she actually meets him probably 2-3 months before that as well-

So to confirm matters- I asked when is my ‘sitter’ going to get married?


’23 Mice+ 1 Rider + 25 Ring + 32 Moon + 34 Fish’

I think it was just as well I checked- the mice is likely there to confirm nervous excitement with the rider indicating the gentleman moving fast for a commitment/marriage. The moon is lovely as it indicates the marriage/ commitment is born out of love/romance. The Fish is there — I feel it is to confirm the time frame. Therefore- based on this- I predicted that yes it is going to be a whirlwind romance and the man is going to propose commitment possibly marriage. I predicted that this is likely to take place between 21st feb-21st mar 2008.  Now, for me this is a big prediction. So no pressure..

I do believe in my findings as I checked and rechecked. The Grand table and no layout concur. As per usual – my parting words were – ‘Now that you know, forget about everything I said’.. which I was swiftly reminded by the sitters friend was what The Oracle said to Neo in the Matrix..



2 Responses to “No Layout-Timing”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy

    Since both moon and fish are within the pisces time frame I would say that between 21-feb-21 Mar. Both Moon and horseman are fast timing cards. But the mice+horseman is apprehension towards a new situation or anticipation, perhaps anticipating or assuming a quick engagement. I think that it will be a very pleasant courting relationship and pleasant exchanges, a need to get business sorted first.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Phoenix– my thoughts exactly– the mice could represent the flurry of activities and the rider indicating fast movement- the fish narrowed the moons possible time frame- which was what I intuited from the grand table–

    I really hope it comes true– 🙂 I’ll watch this space..


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