Daily Draw- 33 Key + 22 Crossroad + 20 Garden Extra 18 Dog

My daily draw for today, nothing particular in mind- just advice or the heads up kind of thinking..

8333.jpg     8222.jpg     8202.jpg          8182.jpg

‘ 33 Key + 22 Crossroads + 20 Garden extra card 18 Dog’

The key makes this a heads up reading- hmm, with the crossroads- choices and making decisions, alternative options perhaps. The Garden- meetings in public place, get togethers or parties. With the 18 Dog- I wonder if this about attending a party with a friend/companion. Whats so special about attending a party with a mate? unless- I will make a choice to attend a gathering and there will be a fated reunion with this ‘friend’.

The Key suggests importance/weight to the decision making process-

 In the book-

 Key+Crossroad-free will/karmic journey

Crossroad+Garden-excursion/multiple public events

Garden+Dog- celebration/reunion

I am still wondering– will have to wait and see on this one–



One Response to “Daily Draw- 33 Key + 22 Crossroad + 20 Garden Extra 18 Dog”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    If crossroads was thought of as the key… then if you combine key+garden, you’d get spiritual/metaphysical workshops..some kind of group meeting? like Spiritual church? or the College for Psychic Studies in London? something like that…
    maybe you will go to some kind of gathering like that with a friend, that opens up all sorts of new directions for you! 🙂
    You’re in London! there is soooo much there! go explore!


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