No layout spread- Person Description

I was requested by sitter to see who would come into her life as her next boyfriend/partner? I charged her card and the man card in my mind thinking how would she recognise him. I felt I  should proceed with the reading as it seems ironic that it should happen-


’28 Man + 29 Woman + 20 Garden + 16 Stars + 9 Bouquet + 33 Key’

Where do I begin? This happened before where there are no past cards to the man- if the woman card didnt appear immediately after the man card- I would have repeated the draw. I felt because it did– therefore this draw was more portent.

My instincts turned to the woman card- I felt that there is no need for a description as this man is already known to her as he is in her past ( recent past) since he appears immediately to her left. They are already in relationship of some sort- so I am a little perplexed. Why is she asking who is going to be her next partner if she is already seeing someone-

The answer was simple– She already has someone in her mind who she likes- she would like something more serious from this person, but the communication between them has slowed so she is wanting to know if there is someone else perhaps in the horizon for her— so the plot thickens– hence why no description–Good little Lenormand darlings!!

Now I understand what the cards were trying to say–

So Man+Woman- connection/meeting, but my creative mind exploited the possibility of a Man with a strong feminine side to him- ? Metrosexual– I like this- but nevertheless it could be he is known to her and he is a bit Metro–

Woman+garden- popular girl/socialite– My sitter is definitely that-

Garden+stars- workshops/group support–

Stars+bouquet-healthy ambitions/famous?

Bouquet+key-very attractive/succesful-

The above were the combinatory meanings in the book by Sylvie Steinbach- My question was specific- and therefore my answer was that it is very likely the Man is known to her- and it possible he is going to make a comeback into her life- probably rejoin her social network (Garden) and start a fresh again with her (Stars). The Key is the sign that makes the difference- As the bouquet can signify the return of someone from the past into her life- ergo this guy- who would also be emotionally available for her- I also kept thinking with the bouquet- the relationship blossoming into something more as well for sure-

What does the group think about the spread-



6 Responses to “No layout spread- Person Description”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy

    Since you charged her as the woman card. Another thought is perhaps he is within her circle of friends(garden) And that it could be at a inspirational type workshop. The key next to bouquet would be significant, therefore I would say that the gathering could be based around a health and beauty presentation.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Phoenix- I wondered about the combinations– but it is interesting isnt it- she asked for someone new- but it is actually a known person thats presented himself- I wish I repeated the layout to actually nail his description.


  3. spiritsong Says:

    Just to be a pain 🙂 here are some other funny thoughts on this.

    He might not be someone known to her, as the dog isn’t present; but is around her..either in her network of people OR:

    Garden+ Stars+ Bouquet + Key could describe someone who is well-known to the Public at large, handsome, and very successful! he could literally be a celebrity of some sort! lol Wouldn’t that be something!? and although that may sound strange, there’s a karmic connection/soul recognition-
    for example: Johnny Depp was sitting in a club in Paris and heard this female was love at first sight, and they’ve been together ever since! Wild things happen!
    I just get the feeling that the man isn’t necessarily privately someone she knows, but may be known in a public way…

    How’s that for a twist? lol


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Spiritsong… lol!!!
    thank you soooooooooooo much- I have had an epiphany!!! The guy who she has in her mind– apparently according to her is a spitting image of a very famous actor… as far descriptions goes– the cards have perhaps done it in a round about way–lol!!!

    biggest kiss and hugs–

  5. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Spiritsong,

    Yes I like that idea. He certainly is one that stands out. Cards are saying he looks like a famous person…oh learn something everyday.

  6. spiritsong Says:

    well that’s pretty cool! lol


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