Daily Draw-25 Ring + 17 Stork + 31 Sun Extra 29 Woman

I was feeling a little blue and kind of an impasse- I almost wanted to take a long break from the cards. I have to admit- I am feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Seeking solace- the cards came up with this as part of my draw. I usually mentally associate the female card with me in case it turns up in a random draw- For the first time today it did.

825.jpg     8172.jpg     8312.jpg           8292.jpg

’25 Ring + 17 Stork + 31 Sun Extra 29 Woman’

It is 2330 London time- and I have this draw. I’d like to think this is some kind of a cheer up reading-

Ring- relationship/commitment- contracts. Next to the Stork- which represent movement, change or /someone returning/someone leaving . The Sun appears to promise blessings and beneficance- auguring something good-

The Sun has appeared consistently in most of my daily draws- feels like it is saying summer time– things will be good–Ring +Stork- raise/promo or expansion- any of those is nice. Stork+Sun-Achievements/success/victory- also very nice.

Now for the Woman card- Sun+woman-vibrant/charismatic/leader-

Two timing cards- ring 21st Apr-may21st- storks is spring time- With the sun- the sunnier part of spring- So whatever this is- maybe late spring is a time when it’s manifesting itself- Yup I do look forward to being my old vibrant and charismatic self- Right now– not so bril, my mojo is a little off..( have not said Mojo since I last watched Austin Powers II)


Guys- if you see a flipside —  chime in..

Addendun 26/3/08)- I realised what this is- introspectively– full circle/continuous cycle (Ring)-time for a change(stork)- leave for a bit and return at a later date– with the sun-it is a good decision– this is sensible advice the cards are giving–


5 Responses to “Daily Draw-25 Ring + 17 Stork + 31 Sun Extra 29 Woman”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy

    I know that we all have those days of feeling impasse. Looking at the reading perhaps you are wanting some agreement or contract to improve to make you feel better. Self-happiness can only be found in yourself and not another.
    Maybe this means that you want recognition or acceptance? Someone to say “hey, you are absolutely wonderful” although you are regardless of what someone else thinks, what happens if that never happens?

    Just enjoy being you and see your own brilliance.


  2. Hi Stormy,

    What a cheerful reading this is! I’d interpret it as the start of a wonderful, bright, happy new relationship with yourself!

  3. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Phoenix

    I would expect to intepret the cards that way if I used the Tarots instead–may be so– I have the recognition and acceptance already in what I do– with this Draw- whats obvious to me– my relationship with the cards is what this is talking about– the nature of it is changing–

    I like most people with a science background– find esoterics grey- this is my obstacle– I look to the cards not trying to decipher parallel dimensions or the Psyfactor or waiting for divine knowledge to come popping in– If anybody said that to me– I’d look at them with a raised eyebrow– Maybe I am feeling despondent because I lack that ‘psychic intuition’– I see that as ‘common sense’– but I am sure the ‘elitists’of the metaphysical world would have something else to say-

    Sorry Phoenix- I digress- yes with the cards– change in relationship status for all the better- I drew the 4th card to see for who- and it turns out to be for me!


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Welcome Sammie– nice to meet you– I’ve seen your blog- like the deck selection particularly the Horoscope Belline– I have the companion deck Oracle Belline and new version- Tarot d’Eltynne- you might be interested in looking it up-

    I still favour the Lenormand- how are you faring with your new deck?
    it looks quite kitsch–


  5. Hi Stormy,

    I don’t really have anything different to add. I just wanted to offer some friendly support, and to say I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂


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