Daily Draw- 26 Book + 15 Bear + 8 Coffin Extra 35 Anchor

I drew the cards midnight last night and left them face down until now- 1630pm London time.

    8262.jpg    8152.jpg    808.jpg            8353.jpg

’26 Book + 15 Bear + 8 Coffin Extra card 35 Anchor’

Looking at this spread- 1 person card- 15 Bear is present. It is the first time I’ve drawn the coffin..so must pay particular attention.

Book- refers to studying process, meticulousness/analytical thinking and also secrets-

Bear- aside from being grizzly- as person- someone important in life (business partner maybe) or financial consultant- execs etc. Being next to coffin- I’d look at characteristics- over powering, jealous etc and also a health warning- diet/ nutrition etc

Coffin- ending leading to transformation, good or bad-

Anchor- I always think work here- but also matters of longevity- permanence- in areas of life that matters that are deemed important for stability-

Looking at them individually- in a story- A process involving deep thinking probably with information that is yet to come to light (book) perhaps linked with health/ finances (bear). This causes depression/ stagnation (coffin)  which has a potential of being prolonged (Anchor)

Looking into the book-

Book+Bear-Investment expert/accounting studies

Bear+Coffin-bankruptcy/ investment loss/ starvation

Coffin+Anchor- agony/ extended life/ longing

I analyse the card in linear fashion- I don’t cross read them- As it stands- this reading has nothing to do with me- But someone else– and it doesnt look good for them does it-



6 Responses to “Daily Draw- 26 Book + 15 Bear + 8 Coffin Extra 35 Anchor”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy

    Something still unknown to do with finances and or accounting will go through a bit of a major change. Although the anchor being a stable card can promise that financial goals will be more stable and long lasting. Perhaps someones financial budgeting needs to be looked at to make it work.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    hmm– financial affairs looking unhealthy- needs looking into for longevity-
    that does fit too–

    I think I might check mine also– lol!! if the fish was there– i would have thought that– maybe the bear has thrown me– perhaps- an accountant is needed to look into finacial matters as well–


  3. Hi Stormy,

    I’m used to reading the Bear as money flow, and your cards made me think of some unexpected expenses coming up that will be necessary to reach an important objective. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  4. phoenixoracle Says:

    I think because you used the bear to represent a person that is why it may have been confusing. Man, woman, dog, horseman I think are the only people cards. Bear is a concept or a quality, description of a person.


  5. spiritsong Says:

    Here’s another thought, Stormy;

    An unexpected/surprise financial windfall that brings major changes in one’s life…(coffin can also denote Summer time)-
    the Anchor card bringing stablility…security, building a legacy..

    this may be very very positive 🙂


  6. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Spiritsong.. It is a nice way of looking at it- 3 positive and 1 negative cards– it is prehaps like you said- fore planning of finances.. 🙂

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