Case Study- No layout + Multi-level reading with Lenormand Oracle Cards

Hmm, while investigating into the state of a relationship- I thought it would be a good opportunity to do the process step by step-

I refer also to the Aeclectic Tarot Forum study group lead By Sylvie Steinbach as she teaches the technique on how to approach complex questions-

My sitter (W) requested me to look into if the the man (M) she is thinking of will propose to her. Background- they met 6 months ago, are separated by Geography. W thinks the world of M and thinks M is the One!  

This is a good case and quite important- So I thought first thing is to look at what are his thoughts about her.

Q: What are M’s thoughts towards W? ( by this I mean how does he see her essentially). Keycards charged were 28 Man and 29 Woman


‘ 22 Crossroads + 16 Stars + 29 Woman + 25 Ring + 9 Bouquet’

So- this is looking at how a man views a woman. In order to do that- have to think like a man! 🙂

I kept this simple- central cards gives me an idea of what M thinks of W. He sees her as a dream come true (Star quality).Creative,imaginative and independent embody the Star. With the Ring on the right- suggest loyalty, long term commitment prospects.

to the Left – Crossroad+Stars- Here- thinking like a man now- M is not without choices when it comes to girlfriends or prospects- but out of them all he sees W as the one that stands out (Star). Crossroad+stars- Leader/commander– this is funny as I think this represents W as on top of the leader board as far women is concerned for M.

To the right- Ring+Bouquet- it is becoming obvious M is serious and thinking of comitting to W with a view of possible marriage, he wishes to make her his companion- with bouquet he sees her as an exotic looking woman with beautiful features (hair, face and teeth)-very attractive/a gift to him. I Think the Bouquet here serves as Yes card to confirm that this is indeed what he is thinking. Ring+Bouquet-pleasant transaction– yes- so there is possibly going to be a proposal which is going to be welcomed by W — 🙂

I wondered about timing– is he considering to propose in September (9 Bouquet)

Question 2: Is M going to propose to W and when is this likely to happen? For this- I charged keycards 28 Man, 29 Woman and 25 Ring.

This is supposed to be a multi-level spread-



The layout is supposed to be in levels- but the draw here, all the cards came in one sequence where the keycards are separated by 2/3 cards only 🙂 this was good as I flipped and looked at each card- a story was evolving..:)

‘8 Coffin+ 34 Fish + 28 Man + 31 Sun + 15 Bear + 29 Woman + 35 Anchor + 10 Scythe + 13 Child + 25 Ring + 24 Heart + 32 Moon’

I will break this down individually to see how this works out-

As all the cards came in a sequence- my Focus shifts to the Woman card-as it is she the central person the event is happening to–

In my My Mystical lenormand- the Significators are facing each other. In the modern day- this doesnt reflect much as designs of cards vary. What is important is to look at the cards between them.

In order for the proposal to take place ( or not)- certain events needs to happen- like in the real world. The cards in between tell us about this. So,

Man + Sun + Bear + Woman + Anchor + Scythe + Child

Now the focus is not only character but situational analysis.

Bear represents achievement-being top level management. So it indicates an expectation of being in a position of authority. Bear+Woman-powerful/caring. Anchor is sign of stability and longevity- it makes sense when you are settled in your work and established- you think of settling down/marriage- Woman+Anchor- stable/realiable.

This is interesting. In order for M to propose- he has to go through some changes (thinking/profession etc).

I think this is represented by the cards around him-

Coffin + Fish + Man + Sun + Bear

Fish- is independent lifestyle (personal and work). He obviously liked his  savvy independent lifestyle. Self made man (finds his own way in life-also a globe trotter)- probably works in Financial field. Sun is all about high achievement, ego-virility,protective. So we see M wanting to be a high achiever/succesful in what he does.

Coffin is difficult card- signifies endings/new beginnings/transformation- perhaps M has been through a difficult transition –thats caused his some pain. Since the coffin is before the Fish- I feel it is good- as he has improved for the better- losing something difficult to improve his prospects 🙂

In his future the Sun+bear-Financial success/venture capitalist -hmm– looks promising- it would appear he wishes to make himself a candidate worthy for W.

It is becoming obvious- aside from the fact he wants to become successful and be financially well off- he wishes to be a partner worthy of W’s status/ loyalty and commitment. As he doesnt see W as just any other woman (see question 1) he is making sure that all the practicalities are being addressed, I think . Hmm– ( all of this sounds like it is going to take ages) The male ego (Sun) is unique as he wishes to be seen as an equal to W [as well in order for the relationship to last and settle down (Anchor)]

I think I’ll study this relationship further- If I were to analyse the cards from W’s point of view- looking back in the direction to M- this where the past/presents comes into play- the cards in reverse- ‘Woman+bear +sun+Man’- she already sees him as being financially well off and successful –lol!!! This serves to prove how men and women think differently.

next step– I want to see how the commitment factor is looking like-

We have in a sequence continuos through the draw-

anchor+ scythe + child+ Ring + heart + moon

the ring is the keycard- what is the child doing there?

this is where I am going to do something bold- I am going to represent their relationship with the Child card- as it is a new relationship (note only 6 Months) it is plausible to represent it as something young/ fragile and growing-Because I asked will he propose and the ring is there- we are not losing the information and it is still in the future location.

So now read- Anchor+scythe + Child + ring + moon + heart

around The child- Scythe and ring-

Scythe represent decisions made without hesitation/cut and dry/irrevocable- Scythe+Child- mean miscarriage or abortion- what I feel  this is – decision made at a very critical stage! hmm- could it be critical event will take place and will make them see that whats matters is the fact they wish to be together? Child+ring-small contract 🙂 i suppose deciding to commit and getting engaged is a small contract 🙂

lets see as a whole- to the left of the child-

Anchor+scythe-sudden life changes-

scythe + child- critical event in their relationship- a make or break situation-

 To the right (future possiblity)

Child+ ring- small contract- ? is this the engagement-

Ring+heart-marriage/committed love/civil union

Heart +moon- happy romantic relationship with intimacy!!!!!!!!!

I was beginning to think M & W see each other as marraige potential for very practical reasons– but it appears all of this is going to change in the future when something threatens to destroy their relationship – it is then they see that love and passion is what is going to get them together– and yes of course– there is going to be a marriage made out of romance and passion– :)- I suspect this year- I shall watch this space too– I do hope I am at the wedding —



2 Responses to “Case Study- No layout + Multi-level reading with Lenormand Oracle Cards”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy

    Looks like you did a great job there breaking it down. Looks very promising for them.

    Just another thought, with the child+ring that it could be a small wedding. With the scythe I think sudden decision to get married quickly.

    It looks wonderful though with heart and moon ending it. I’m not sure of the child card though, since it wasn’t charged and children weren’t mentioned as a question I can’t see it as a key card. Otherwise it changes the whole tone of the reading. Unless it’s talking about her plans when to have children. So I’m more inclined to stick with the 3 key cards you charged.

    Just my 50c worth stormy. Hope you don’t mind, I enjoy reading the readings you’ve had with sitters, you’re alot braver than me, I haven’t done any face to face readings with anyone yet, that is a real barrier for me, always has been.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Phoenix, your comments are welcomed..

    Yes I did think about this- because there is no actual child involved- so the Child card is the odd one out- I shifted the focus because- – I know that the Ring was charged for ? marriage- when the child turned up- it made me think why?

    In my mind- I reasoned I could use it as focus to represent the relationship — now thinking about it– it should have prompted me to do another nolayout focusing on the child card and exploring that.

    The Scythe next to the child either way isnt that good- as it represents abruption- my concern is that — could a miscarriage also be the that event that could threaten the relationship– it is something to be aware about as if it is– extra care should be taken right?

    although– I do think– with the anchor+scythe– sudden life changing events which could be a pregnancy, or talks about pregnancy is possible–

    all of this point to me that I should have done a follow up layout to investigate the Child card while I was in the moment-

    I think Sylvie mentioned this in the forum– the draw prompted consecutive layouts for confirmation–


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