Heart broken..

I felt I should vent a little today since I am in no mood to draw the cards. The study group for the Lenormand taught by Sylvie Steinbach is drawing to an end. I felt a little disheartened and more to the point heart broken.

All good things do come to an end and perhaps the transformation from here on end is too distant to be seen. As a pioneer in a truly amazing revelatory method of using the cards, Sylvie has made it very clear that the cards are governed by us the readers. She has taught the techniques on how to manipulate the cards to reveal answers rather than just handing the reigns over to the oracle. As much as the oracle is a guide, it does need to be guided by the Reader in order to make sense out of the symbols and generalities.

What Sylvie has been succesful in doing is to introduce logic and structure to what previously was thought of as sheer randomness. She introduced the idea of questioning and requestioning to gain confirmation where previously was thought of as taboo. She explained that it is alright to repeat a spread if answers were not forth coming, not to change the answer to a more suitable one but to clarify the highlighted issues to gain clarity and insight.

As a teacher, she is formidable, strict and above all honest. She teaches with consciseness and rectification. I am one of those who has benefitted from this method in the past and to find her doing so in her time to strangers testifies her dedication to her Art. Yes, cartomancy is an Art form that takes years to master and identify its nuance and colour palletes. Sylvie is a master at making nuance credible by backing it with hard facts and solid trust in her knowledge and insight.

Her book, ‘Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle’ is a true treasure in the English speaking world where the Lenormand cards is relatively unknown. This is all likely to change with the advent of technology and credibility of the interpretation of the cards. Lenormand compared to its older sister the Tarot, is the Cinderella of all decks waiting to go to the ball. Sylvie, akin to the fairy Godmother has bestowed the deck its glass slippers to enable it come out play in the real world by writing her book.

This day and age- where modern science has taken over advancement- if it was not for esoteric studies- modern science would just be another supernatural coincidence. Forefathers who were deep into their mysticism and esoterics questioned the nature of the world. It was through this that Physics, Chemistry and Quantum studies came to light. Nevertheless, we are still looking for answers for the future that concerns our personal lives regardless of how technology has surpassed itself for convenience.

 Lenormand deck like the tarot, relies on the mystical aspect of intuition. A gentle hand of guidance and a dose of logical intuition as done by Sylvie has helped decloud the fogginess of the oracle and gave it a breath of fresh modern day air. She has made this oracle accesible, simple yet potent in its interpretation.

As a student, I am glad to have met her acquaintance and as a person, it has been an honour to speak with her, get to know her and her work. I know that I will continue to work with Sylvie’s system as I have been without doubt of its credibility since I started this journey with her, her book and her study group.

Sincerely written- Indianstorm

please visit www.sylviesteinbach.com to view her book and I cannot recommend enough how valuable it will be for anyone with an iota of interest or for those who are advanced who will find the book most resourceful in its content


3 Responses to “Heart broken..”

  1. phoenixoracle Says:

    Hi Stormy,

    I too am very heartbroken. I hope that our earlier posts wasn’t the nail in the coffin. Frankly I still don’t feel that I am ready to fly the coupe without the guiding and firm assurance of our teacher. There is still so much too learn.
    I am quite gutted about it actually. Our study group was the only thing that I looked forward to checking for fresh threads and of course Sylvies answers to the case studies.

    The only consolation is that she deserves time to persue her other important issues, her new book, her workshops, readings, never ending list.

    I guess the only way is to just keep reading the cards so that we can develop ourselves and see the way in which the cards speak to us. That is our only other great teacher.

    And of course we have each other.


  2. Beautifully written, Stormy, and I know that you express the sentiments of all of Sylvie’s online students who will sorely miss the ongoing case studies.

    My only consolation is in idea that Sylvie must deem us all ready now to continue our studies on our own. She has set a strong foundation, and now it’s up to us to build on what she’s given us.


  3. I wish you could attend our next workshops as I am gearing to create a certification program that will continue what I have started. The ‘no layout ‘ system is revolutionary by itself as it is the exercise that will connect your intuition to the deck in such an intimate way that psychic insights will come through to overide any definition or any combination. And it is what I want you to get to. That level where you are becoming one with the deck and you do not need a lay out or a book to know what the message is. I am an experimental intuitive and I believe that one must have strong foundation not only regarding theory (of an oracle or any predictive tool) but be able to feel and experience the other realities through the manipulations of 36 cards. Yes the Lenormand is the Cinderella of oracles and Tarots but we know how the story ends, do we?

    Thank you for the dedication. Very touching.
    Sylvie Steinbach

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