Tarot d’ Eltynne 4 card draw

This oracle deck was conceived by Medlindaf to update the original Oracle Bellini. I still favour the original design as I find it rustic and resonant. However- Medlindaf, I am happy to say has not compromised the essence of the deck, rather improvised on the design to make it accesible to a non French speaking public.

carte_29_amour.jpg     carte_22_entreprise.jpg     carte_39_appuis.jpg            carte_35_ennemis.jpg

‘ 29 Amor + 22 Enterprises + 39 Appui Extra card 35 Ennemis’

self explanatory I hear you say- 🙂 it is actually–this is my daily draw for guidance-

29-Amor- Venus series- about love in all forms- 2 hearts reciprocating love and affection

22-Enterprises- Mercury series- projects and planning- in preparatory stages

39-Appui- Jupiter series-support from someone higher up/ authority in the matter

35-Ennemis- Mars series- enemy or rival

I am not overtly concerned about the planetary associations- it is the Belline style to define the general essence of the cards-

Having said that- since there is one of each of all planets- it augurs a balanced state of play really- no extremes.

Synthesis- Amor is love of any kind- whats nice about it is that what you love -loves you back- so it means continue-with the Enterprise card- makes this card something more project/ plan related. Romantic or work project–since the first card sets the tone- so  future romantic plans is in the pipeline- 

Next comes the Appui / eagle -protection from higher authorities and guidance. Nice to know even if I feel clueless in how to proceed- there is always someone to refer to- Reassurance. Next as with anything- there existence of rivals-35 Enemies- at work or love-not very nice- a rival with similar goals to me- who wants the same thing as I do- – Like the 7 Snake in Lenormand- it meant be watchful of possible sabotage! I think I will now..

This should prompt me to draw a 5th card as per Belline’s advice to get an idea of how the balance is tipped- in my favor or to someone else..

Let me know what you think–I’ll try and get better images- in the mean time–check the website to see the deck in its age nouveau glory:


I still love the old version of the Oracle Belline..


ps: Belline lived not too far away from Mme Lenormand in rue de Fontaine- the influences are very apparent- so I am happy to say that this deck is contiguous to the Lenormand for me


9 Responses to “Tarot d’ Eltynne 4 card draw”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    I went to the website to see the bigger pictures– these are really nice cards! too many oracles that I like lately-
    would only ask, that maybe you could post them bigger next time so that you can see the artwork better??


  2. This really is a lovely deck, Stormy! I have the Horoscope Belline and the Oracle Belline as well. I clipped all the corners on my oracle Beline as I don’t like shuffling with square corners. I’d love to order Tarot d’Eltynne – did you order the site or from somewhere else.

  3. indianstorm Says:

    Sammie– from Medlindaf– very quick to deliver..as well– the website is easy to order 🙂

    send him an email– say you were referred by me..


  4. Hi Stormy,

    Oracle Belline is at the very top of my wishlist, but now that I’ve seen Tarot d’ Eltynne I’ve fallen hopelessly in love. I think this deck has done for the Belline Oracle what the Mystical Lenormand has done for the Lenormand deck. This will be my next purchase for sure. Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Aristede- it was quite a find actually- Apparently I was the first person to get the deck in the UK- He sent me a lovely email to announce the English version of the website 🙂

    I feel quitely pleased with this– yes the deck is lovely and very French and still very Belline-

    I do recommend you going directly to Medlindaf and purchasing it from there.. the service is impeccable and it is always an honour to speak with the deck creator himself–


  6. indianstorm Says:

    I’ve asked for permission to do so- to post a better size for viewing- the smaller version doesnt compromise copyright laws–

    I’ll try and get it sorted as I quite like the addition of this gorgeous oracle to my Journal..


  7. spiritsong Says:

    I went back and really looked over the website in English-
    boy, they’re really great…They’re right up at the top of my wishlist…time to get some money in!! I’ve got cards to buy!! lol


  8. indianstorm Says:

    Hello Spiritsong– I think you’re reaction is exactly what I felt when I accidentally stumbled on to it too– 🙂

    Let Medlindaf know how you feel– I think it would be really cool–


  9. Bernice Says:

    I’ve just ordered this deck from the website – £20.39 inc. P+P.
    I’m getting them because they’re quite similar to the Lenormand. Thanks for doing a card draw with them Stormy, there’s not a lot about them over here (UK).


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