Madame Endora- The Seer’s Fan

This is the Madame Endora Fortune Cards spread using the Seer’s Fan. I will describe the position and assignation as I go along. The cards were shuffled with no particular questions-just the usual what can I expect/look out for etc- and pulled at random  to represent the assigned post.-

The Seers Fan is used to highlight/ forecast the future for 3 major areas- Love, Health and Money. It is read individually to give you an understanding of the specifics. Combinations don’t work too well here in my experience as it will be very confusing due to the specific positions each card occupy.

king.jpg Position 1: The King  – ‘Authority and diplomacy’Representing the present situation or to signify you. This card speaks about a dominant male figure who can assess and take charge of a situation. A powerful mediator who conducts affairs with authority and diplomacy. As I am woman- this could be either a dominant figure in my life or an aspect of my personality or a demand to be this way in the present situation.

sun.jpg Position 2: The Sun-‘Your perseverance is awarded’– Representing concerns of health and physical well being. The sun indicates that continuous efforts will yield benefits and rewards- Adopting the healthy diet, my continuous yoga practise has been very positive. Just one bad habit is hanging- need to work on that.. and much needed break in the Summer- have been patiently awaiting for this by the way

 seduction.jpg Position 3: Seduction- ‘Passion and romance await’Representing love and friendship in your life. Seduction is about heightened feelings of love, passion and sensuality. It also is an augury card indicating what is to come is about deep feelings that manifest through communication and gestures. It is a good card for as long as the circumstance is not detrimental or wrongful.

blackcat.jpg Position 4: The Black Cat-‘Your luck will soon change’– Representing the immediate concern which is also the strongest predictor of future events. The black cat is a difficult card- Enigma and aloof as it is temperamental. Like someone I know- me! This cards warns about unnecessary risks and luck will soon change for the better if one is cautious.

raven.jpg Position 5:  The Raven – ‘Darkness looms on the Horizon’Representing spiritual harmony. Raven is an ill portent therefore a warning. Spiritual dysharmony is looming- excess indulgences and carelessness of actions are root causes. If one was to exercise caution with words and actions- this might be lessened or all together prevented. Another meaning- another person’s harmful intentions I need to be on the lookout for-great- this is the sabotage the Bellini Oracle mentioned!

shield.jpg Position 6: The Shield – ‘You are safe from harm’ Representing wealth and material prosperity- The shield a cool card as it is the impenetrable armour. Exercise financial defense– and all will be well– Wise advise–:)

So- I can’t help but notice how the oracles have sung from the same hymn sheet. They seem to say the same things and warn about the same things, and predict similar outcomes. So far the Lenormand and Eltynne (AKA New Belline) now, Madame Endora..

Yes, before I forget- Madame Endora can be read in combinations if the layout is on the same theme to avoid confusion. In the Seer’s Fan- each positions has its own meaning. However- you can check out how each influences the other – for example how money affects health- or romance affecting spiritual health vice versa.

Let me know what you think- look forward to hearing your comments–



3 Responses to “Madame Endora- The Seer’s Fan”

  1. Stormy,

    It was great to read your Madame Endora Seer’s Fan spread! I really do like the Madame Endora deck a lot – it was one of my very first oracle decks and got me started on the whole thing! Your reading turned out really well. Now, I think I’m going to have to take my deck out and use it again – haven’t used it in ages.

    I think I’m going to order the Eltynne deck – it is so appealing.

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hello Sammie- good morning..
    Yes- go ahead and we can do our readings and interpretations together–

    be great to have another person to speak Belline with– I am hoping Aristede and Spiritsong will join in soon–


  3. hello ,
    sorry for my english , I ‘ve discovered this cards since 2 weeks and I ‘m very happy to learn from you ..thanks a lot
    ohh I’m agree with you’r interpretation..and I diden’t know what means the black cat it is , thank !!

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