Tarot d’ Eltynne- A message from the Creator Himself

 Dear All, I would like to introduce to you to the creator of Tarot d’Eltynne- Medlindaf. He is a very quiet individual who almost chose to make only 2 decks- one for his close friend and another for keeps.

So far- the decks he has made have all been personal and truly a collectors item- and thus will be the case. Please read the exerpt below as he has permitted me to publish this message so you may get an idea of the history and heritage of his lovely deck.

A Message from Medlindaf:

‘It’s very kind of you to propose me to introduce myself on your site, but has you may have realised when you have read the presentation on my web site, I’m not ease to speak about me. I didn’t make this deck to become famous. That the reason why there are few informations about me on the official web site.

To be honest the Tarot d’Eltynne wasn’t originally made to be printed and sell. From my first contact with the “Oracle Belline” I have in mind to redesign it. I know obviousness that I will do it one day, but I never found the courage to start this project until 2000.

At this time, I was living in Paris and because I wanted to make a special present for a very good friend, I finally find a reason to start this project. This friend used like me Oracle Belline. Unfortunately her Oracle Belline was 25 years old and was very damaged, and making a new personal one looked like a good idea…
But it only looks like a good idea, because it take me 5 years to find the time and energy to finish it. During this 5 years, I study the original game, read books about it, improved my methods, and discuss about my pictures with other Oracle Belline’s user to correct them.
But this persons and my family wanted me to sell it, they couldn’t imagine that I want to print only two specimens (one for my friend and one for me).

I finish this game in 2005 in Switzerland and offered it to my friend. But it took me one year to decided to try printing and selling it. The first one was sold in January 2007. I have hesitated because I taught that I wouldn’t able to sell it without editor. I finally let myself convince by other users who wanted to have one. I still think that this Tarot will cost me more money and time than I can earn with selling it. But when I made presentation and demonstrations in shops (in France, in Germany, in Switzerland) and when I read forums about it, it makes me feel happy and sometime proud.

That all I can say about me and Tarot d’Eltynne.’

Sweet and humble for such monumental efforts put in to revisit an Ancient Oracle- I do hope he sees the response we are giving to continue in his endeavour.


ps: I have not editted the message- this is as how Medlindaf intended the message to be in his own words- clear and conscise.



7 Responses to “Tarot d’ Eltynne- A message from the Creator Himself”

  1. Wow, Stormy! Very cool! I’m happy that Medlindaf decided to have his deck published because I think it has the potential to become very popular–and perhaps create a resurgence of interest in this oracle.

    It would have been tragic if only two copies of his gorgeous deck were created. I’m glad he’s aware of the appreciation for his work.

    Thank you for inviting him to introduce himself on your site!


  2. What a sweet message! I’m going to order the deck today. I think the artwork is wonderful.

  3. spiritsong Says:

    Thank you so much for having Medlindaf share his story-
    I think these cards are really beautiful…
    and as I’m a potential deck creator–I’m very inspired!!
    Will have to order these soon– definitely at the top of my list now!

    Thanks Stormy!


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Guys..

    I appreciate the responses– Yes it was a find– glad you guys think the same too.


  5. ninamagic Says:

    I’ve just been introduced to this deck and ordered it at once. It looks extrememly stunning. I must admit that I don’t yet know about reading anything but tarots and Lenormands, but I can’t wait to explore this little beauty.


  6. Thank you Medlindaf!
    For your wonderful deck of cards and for your sweet and inspiring story.
    Love, Elisa

  7. indianstorm Says:

    Ciao Nina– welcome– I dont quite check the old posts but its noce to see some new faces– enjoy the deck– you will love it–


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