Case study- Multilevel reading 3/4/2008

I thought it would be of interest posting this investigative process- I charged the man, woman and ring card to look into state of a relationship between these two individuals-

Female querant age 29 wants to see if her relationship has a future. They have been seeing each other for 18 months–cards charge 28 Man, 29 Woman and 25 Ring: As luck would have it – the first card I drew was the 28 Man card–


  …. 8322.jpg8341.jpg825.jpg811.jpg835.jpg…..


Interesting draw- since the Man turned up first-I flashed on the 24 Heart because I wanted to check on the nature of the relationship as something wasn’t just quite right with the Ring cards ..

28 Man + 27 Letter + 31 Sun + 15 Bear + 29 Woman  + 29 Bouquet..’

‘..32 Moon + 34 Fish + 25 Ring + 11 Whip + 35 Anchor..’

‘..22 Crossroad + 8 Coffin + 24 Heart + 20 Garden + 17 Storks..’

The Man himself is quite communicative, he writes a lot possibly emails her (letters).. He is also virile, ego driven- macho breed (Sun)- combined with the bear- also a very masculine card- the two together speaks of a dominating personality- over protective and maybe the jealous type as well– Our female querant has also a strong character (independent and powerful- Bear) we can see why he  wants to keep a hold on her- she is very alluring and exotic looking- Beautiful face- hair- fertile (Flowers).

The ring spread- Fish- gives like a contract feel- an understanding between them- that their independence is important. The whip makes this relationship dominated with sexual passion and erotic. Moon confirms the romantic attraction between them- and also the romance has an erotic quality to it. Anchor means long term/ or as I  intuit- the nature of the commitment is sexual and has been so for a while-and it is bankable in its consistency— 

There is a reason I flashed on the heart card- because it seems to me that something is not quite right- I wanted to look at the nature of their relationship-

Coffin next to the heart is never good- a very static romance- almost doomed at the outset. I think the Garden explains it- because there is no actual commitment as either partner has not actually committed (an open relationship).  Crossroads imply double- so either one of them is seeing other people- this relationship is not mutually exclusive- with the garden+stork on the other side- it is possible our Querant is going to be meeting a lot of other potentials, she is not the settling type (Storks).

My Synopsis– The querant is likely not in a relationship persay- rather she is having an affair with this man- there is no commitment on either part- yes they are romantic and sexual but that does not a commitment make- Something is up with this guy– too..the relationship was doomed at the start why? Yes, I did do a follow up spread to confirm my hunch-:) I wont tell you now-

I’ll let you guys have a look through and give your comments before I feedback some important information the client gave me after I explained what the cards revealed..


Extra Info- Thank you for the encouragement, it was a tricky reading. Our sitter confirmed that the relationship is indeed an affair. The man she is seeing has a partner. She is very independent and has her own mind- also very attractive and exotic. The relationship started of as a very strong kismet like attraction (almost fated quality)  and they are bonding physically and mentally. Nevertheless- she is wanting to see other people as she feels this love affair has no potential of developing as depicted by the heart draw.


3 Responses to “Case study- Multilevel reading 3/4/2008”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    Nice job on this reading! A couple of additional ideas occurred to me when I looked at your cards. The moon + fish + ring suggests emotional independence in the relationship which you confirmed in your interpretation of the cards surrounding the heart.

    Crossroads + coffin makes me think there was a prior indescretion that ended (perhaps the man cheated on the client), and the garden + storks makes me think it could happen again.

    I’m curious to hear what else you picked up, and what the client told you.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    I had another thought about the heart layout- that yes there was a double life -Crossroad -element which ended -Coffin– and now the relationship has taken on a more open (garden)and less secretive feel to it– coming out into the open and expanding -storks- I exlored this with the sitter as well– 🙂

    Lets wait for others– then- I’ll add in some more


    ps: thank you Aristede- this layout is a toughie– notice a lot of positive cards but the message isnt exactly so sweet– Love the Lenormand !!!

  3. spiritsong Says:

    Wow Stormy!
    Wonderful reading – I think you pegged it, and Aristede additions were spot on; the only question I have left, was the Garden+Storks combo next to the heart– it can mean growth, expansion..I hope that this multiple partners/very social way of being, doesn’t end up in a pregnancy… hopefully it just means what you mentioned!
    Can’t really add anything more-


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