Daily Draw- 34 Fish + 21 Mountain + 19 Tower Extra 12 Birds


’34 Fish + 21 Mountain + 19 Tower Extra Card 12 Birds’

A rather sombre dare I say dull daily draw- it is obvious that there is not much excitement to be had- perhaps this is a good thing.

34 Fish- money matters or entrepreneur

21 Mountain- delays/ obstacles- state of denial

19 Tower- official matters,

12 Birds- verbal communication, stress/ anxiety

So- Expect some delay in money matters, probably some official dealings/talks is to be had over the telephone- Looking at the combinations- Fish+Mountain=stagnant activities, Mountain+Tower= locked/ legal restrictions, Tower + Birds=senate/assembly.

Not sure how to transpose the last combination but perhaps this financial issue may not be in my control but perhaps something to do with the new govermental legislation. Will need to see how this pans out as this draw is not resonating with me today, but it might during the week..


Update 9/4/2008!!!!! : this is has definitely come as a pre warning to a financial setback- stung by a council tax bill ££££ — costing thousands– D*** – Fidddlesticks!!!!!!! have to pay regardless.. so there we go- the cards again have warned me and it is here in record!


2 Responses to “Daily Draw- 34 Fish + 21 Mountain + 19 Tower Extra 12 Birds”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    what jumped into my head was that there will be delays for a business, because of officialdom (Beauracracy)-
    extra card -birds- talks/meetings/negotiations?

    Can’t think of anything else-


  2. This really is kind of a confusing layout, Stormy. Has anything shown up yet to show what it was trying to say?

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