Daily Draw- 7 Snake + 23 Mice + 35 Anchor Extra 31 Sun


‘7 Snake + 23 Mice + 35 Anchor Extra Card 31 Sun’

This is an unusual draw for me-

Snake- Tricky situation, need to be wary of individuals particularly those who appear to be ‘friends’, rivalry

Mice- Anxiety and unwanted tension eating away, slow grind

Anchor- Long term prospects,perseverance

Sun- stand my ground,  success and victory

Looking at combinations- snake+mice= major incident/ demise, Mice+anchor= challenging situation, Anchor+sun= fun lifestyle / ocean resort.

Yet again- I have been warned- thrice- not sure if I am missing something important. Someone dodgy is amidst- need to be careful and play safe. Or a challeging situation is threatening my stability therefore the need to exercise caution, persevere in order to come out on the other side victorious. Obviously not a period for me to be complacent.



One Response to “Daily Draw- 7 Snake + 23 Mice + 35 Anchor Extra 31 Sun”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    What came to me, was to read them separately, like a story.
    There’s a snake, I think it refers to a person, who is a trouble- maker….who causes you to stress/worry for some reason over
    either long term goals, or what is perceived as a stable situation. Someone upsets the apple-cart!

    But the Sun is saying that in the end, all will be ok, and you’ll be victorious over this situation….

    Thank goodness for the Sun! lol


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