Daily Draw-08/04/2008

I was not thinking of anything particular. I asked for my attention to be drawn to anything I should be aware of atthe moment which would require prompt action on my part. The cards were shuffled and drawn at random. This is what I drew:


‘these images are from the ASS Lenormand available on the ‘public domain. These are here for appreciation only’

I drew the usual 3 cards and the 4th card to clarify the progression, and then I drew the 5th card as I noticed a story evolving-

’23 mice + 10 Scythe + 25 Ring + 22 Crossroad + 17 Storks’

I hesitated posting this reading as it is quite personal and revealing. However, in order to serve as a mental reminder as I requested advise which would require prompt action on my part to ensure the best possible outcome. Also to show how  the cards responded promptly.

As it turns out- this became a no layout draw with the keycard 25 Rings coming into focus-

The central cards- describe a sudden break/ cut off within an established relationship (scythe+ring) the perverbial divorce. Thus leading to a parting of ways- the get out card (ring-Crossroads).

The mice denotes the nature of the situation- difficult and being ill at ease which is causing slow drain of the spirit. The Scythe is about making a clear cut decision once and for all- no two ways about it. Together- the cards are describing a situation which is causing mental anguish/ a dis-ease which need prompt actions- ie to breakaway.

The crossroads informs of the new freedom when this is done- the opening of options, I am free to go where I choose upon making that clear break. The storks is about positive movement and expansion- the freedom to move and not be tied down.. So- the advise is recognising that a situation is causing more harm than good, not to leave it any longer than necessary- the sooner I breakaway the better as it will leave me with an open road and move in a more positive direction devoid of grief and anxiety..

Looking into the book to double check my interpretation:

mice+scythe = stressful decision

scythe+ring = separation/ breaking a commitment

ring+ crossroad = breaking up / separation

crossroad+storks = improvements/ progress

I am noticing more than ever that my relationship with the cards is getting closer and closer day by day. As I am becoming more focused in my thoughts, the cards are speaking with clarity-

Let me know what you make of it..



6 Responses to “Daily Draw-08/04/2008”

  1. Hi Stormy, your interpretation is how I would interpret these cards, too. I think the Stork at the end is very hopeful though – that after making this decision there will the birth of something new and better.

    It is really amazing how the cards can absorb your energy and be “in tune” with you.

    On my new post – I really wanted the cards to absorb my energy and reflect what I was thinking – they did.

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Sammie.. yes it does reflect hope at the end.. something I am looking forward to..


  3. Hi Stormy,

    I agree, these cards are very clear in their message. The Crossroads also shows the power free will, and your decision to move on to better things. I wish you much luck and happiness.


  4. spiritsong Says:

    I echo the already made statements, Stormy.
    I went through the same thing, 10 years ago, after being married for 20- it was very difficult, but knew it was the right thing. The crossroads opens up lots of new opportunities for you, and the storks definitely promises improvement in you personal life. The storks also hints at moving?

    The more we are working with these cards, you’re right, the more we are blending with them– they have become my best friend 🙂 I am so grateful to Sylvie, and our wonderful little group- we are learning so much from each other.
    Hang in there….you’ll get through it, and move on to a better place internally…I know you will.


  5. gigipetu Says:

    I am here with you all reading and learning. Hope everything goes well with you Stormy, whatever it is you are strong and everything looks better for the future.


  6. indianstorm Says:

    Thank you all for the support– it is much appreciated—

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