Tarot Discovery- Tarot Wayang an Indonesian Jewel

Where do I begin with this- I have actually stumbled upon a set of Tarot deck which is close to my heart, culture and also the imagery is resonating through and through. It is called Tarot Wayang. This deck was created by an Indonesian Tarot Grandmaster, Ani Sekarningsih. She has also written a companion book for the Indonesians titled Bunga Rampai Wacana Tarot (transalated as Frangrant Language of Tarot).

The images are taken from the various characters of a traditional puppet play called Wayang Kulit ,I am all familiar with when I was growing up in Malaysia. Wayang means show and kulit means leather. The puppets are designed on leather and it is a shadow puppet play. The characters are taken from the great Hindu Epics of Ramayana and Mahabaratha.

Indonesia is a Muslim country which is vast and beautiful. Back in the olden days hundreds of years ago- trading was rife as it is part of the silk and spice route. Different Indonesian Islands carry with it its heritage of the influences of its Imperialists and Merchants. Bali is well known for its HIndu and Buddhist influence. Not to forget the Arabs, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish influences scattered through out the islands.

The images are one distinct and the keywords are written in Bahasa Indonesia and English. The meanings are kept true to the Order of the Golden Dawn meanings of the card consistent with the Raider-Waite and Book of Thoth.

Nevertheless, I am so glad I found this deck as its meanings  comes easy to me despite the keywords as I am fluent with the culture and my understanding of Hindu Mythology. For those who are not- this is a great deck to have to improve ones understanding of the eastern culture and to embrace the widepread nature of the Tarot- Just fantastic.

I am waiting for my copy hopefully winging its way in the post all the way from Indonesia..

Please read the various reviews below:






Here are some of the images taken from a public domain for appreciation purpose only:


The Tarot Garden currently has this item in back order. The original website by the grand master is currently under reconstructions. I have purchased this deck directly from this website which delivers internationally for a very reasonable price. The deck is priced equivalently to any European decks. They do not have images of this deck- but they do sell it- see here:


Ordering is quite straight forward but it is in Indonesian. Notice- it is the one and only Tarot Deck available on this site. Tarot is still considered taboo in certain parts of the world..

I hope you find it an exhilirating of a find as I do… I cannot wait to use it as part of my dual deck reading combining the Lenormand and the Tarot- incidentally the deck creator herself reads the Lenormand Cards alongside her Tarot Wayang.. 🙂






3 Responses to “Tarot Discovery- Tarot Wayang an Indonesian Jewel”

  1. This is an interesting deck – it really reminds me of another deck I’ve seen but I can’t think of which one.

    It is always special to find a deck you can identify with.

  2. Fachri B Arief Says:

    Hi, Where did you buy it?
    I wanna have it.



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