Oracle de La Triade- 5 card reading

Since writing is one of my various pursuits, I thought I’d intoduce the philosophy of the Triade Oracle created by Dominike Duplaa via a card reading. It is a fascinating deck that embodies eastern and western philosophy packaged in 55 cards.

At the moment the scanner is down- so I will have to post using the pictorial keywords on each card.

Here’s an image of the cards taken from

The cards are keyworded in French, but the LWB comes in both French and English. Her book describing the cards indepth also is written in French. But a lovely transalation can be found on this website:

The site can be transalated by Google- it is not an exhaustive explanation but more than adequeate to relate the essence of the cards, the rest is up to you for intuitive analysis.

Here’s what I drew today as part my routine reflective study whenever I utilise the Oracle. This is a five card draw laid out in a cross catered specifically for question/situational analysis. I did not pose a specific question, rather I hoped the cards would draw the focus.

1. Favourable Influence: 16 Mutation

This depicts the present circumstance of unpredictability and unexpected change. An upset in the apple cart. However, the initial appears worse that it is-negative but the prospective outlook is good. Nevertheless- the progression is postive can indicate a move s well ( July)

2. Non- favourable influence- 32 Illusion

Quite apt, an element of wrong judgement has precipitated the current predicament (ie the mutation). Best course of action here is to discuss matters before it escalates- or rectify the mistake- do what can be done to lessen the impact- (May)

3. Dominating Factors (positive or negative)- 23 Peace

This is good- despite the calamity-there is a sense of detachment to the impact and a sense of acceptance. Being serene with what needs to be done and maintaing life in the balance- financial or emotional. (May)

4. Possible outcome- 35 Necessity

This implies an obligation-slowly impacting on life but will be handled with calm and serenity. A sense of acceptance that now that the present situation has come to be- it will be faced with measure and composure. (August)

5. Synthesis- 50 Papyrus

Negotiating with a positive outcome and postive improvement. This also implied clarity where there was confusion. Evolution for the better. (May)


This is how the Oracle de la Triade works- the depth of  the analysis not only comes from the cards, but also from you- what can be measured is the expected time frame to which each position the cards occupies.

In essence- 16 mutation indicates the circumstace i am in is in fact favourable for a reason- ie- it is prompting me to act faster and consider realising a better situation in July.

32 Illusion + 23 Peace + 5 Papyrus- indicate the chain of thoughts and actions all occuring in May- Despite the current predicament, it is to be dealt with calm and composure. It is by this way- positive progress can be obtained sooner (May) rather than later.

35 Necessity in possible outcome- recognising the impact on the long term- therefore taking appropriate measures will bode better – or patience until August.

Ps: there is a lot more depth to this- however this is the basic essence of distilling the meaning of the cards. I am not sad I couldn’t upload the pictures. It has been quite a therapeutic exercise writing this post as with all the posts  I have written thus far 🙂

Let me know what you think..




3 Responses to “Oracle de La Triade- 5 card reading”

  1. It was really nice to read all your information about the Oracle of the Triad. This reading seems to tie in with your Lenormand reading of April 8th.

  2. Yes, these cards do seem to highlight the situation that the Lenormand picked up on previously, but from a psychological perspective.

    I’ve found another great site (in French) that covers the meanings of the Triad Oracle cards:

    Foret de l’Arc en Ciel

    There’s also a section on Oracle Ge, Oracle Belline, and other oracles.


  3. indianstorm Says:

    Fantastic– thank you Aristede- the site is very detailed-


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