Dual Deck Study for Reflective Practise- Tarot and Lenormand

After a long hiatus, I thought it would be good to start back the reflective practise in tandem with the Lenormand study group. Combining the Tarot and Lenormand is not a novel practise. Esteemed tarot readers have been known to read the Tarot along with Oracle decks. The Lenormand is a perfect stand alone deck- combind with the Tarot, it becomes a powerful insight prompter and offers clarification to the fray areas the Tarot uncovers.

Below, is my reflective draw on the 21/4/2008- I thought to kickstart with 5 card draw for each deck, but the next time it will be minimised to 3 cards per deck, there is a lot of data to process and I want to keep it simple.

Usual no questions- just a draw for guidance- the cards have been given a task to keep it within a small time frame- 3-6 months ish- and what do i need to know..:) 

‘ 1 The Magician + 7 Swords + 6 Wands + 10 Pentacles + 3 The Empress’

Images are of the Tarot de Marseille by Fournier for appreciation purposes only

‘ 22 Crossroads + 31 Sun + 16 Stars + 18 Dog + 26 Book’

I do like this part- the analysis is kept simple by matching each Tarot to each Lenormand- that’s also how your mind is fixed when drawing the cards- each Lenormand card is drawn to clarify the corresponding Tarot.

1. 1 The Magician + 22 Crossroads- manifestation or construction power and the conscious effort of making choices or creating opportunities. Crossroad- implies the possibility of options/ get out clause and diplomacy.

2. 7 Swords + 31 Sun- sense of futility, why bother vacillating attitude. but the Sun there promises it isn’t all that bad- eventually the outcome will be a good one when a decision is made or the options become clearer.

3. 6 Wands + 16 Stars- Triumph after strife, love gained- the essence is knowing victory. Victory comes from or denotes new beginnings (stars) which is destined-

4. 10 Pentacles + 18 Dog- prosperity and riches- combined with the Dog- always indicating partnership or companionship- indicating  a partnership with someone which is prosperous likely on the material front.

5. 3 The Empress + 26 Book- The empress embraces the concepts of love, beauty, happiness, success etc- combined with the Book which is about education and higher learning/and secrets- promises that the pursuit of education will not be compromised rather be part of the all encompassing values the Empress is representative of.

Synthesis-  A man/ someone learned will present choices or opportunities .  should be careful as this person can be a trickster and be double talking. So need to exercise caution there. I see the that there will a point where there’ll be  questions and wondering about things being hopeless. Neverthelsess the Sun indicates that with drive and optimism-  should be able to see through the difficulties.

Triump over struggle- hmm- so yep- after feeling down throdden eventually a sense of achievemnet will ensue- the stars is a bit vague cos it is a new start- but new start where I wonder- this is a mystery to me-new job? new love? new house? can be new anything really-

Then comes the partnership- hmm- seems like a prosperous alliance- with a loyal friend- a partner-this is new!!  Finally the culmination is lovely- the empress being a woman who has everything she wants – and also the book indicating unexpected things to be revealed– more excitement!!

Okay- let me know what you think as always input welcomed on such complicated spreads…




7 Responses to “Dual Deck Study for Reflective Practise- Tarot and Lenormand”

  1. I think it sounds wonderful! I love the happy ending. It works out really well to combine the tarot and Lenormand. I was reading about this on the AT forums. It is good to see it put to use.

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Sammie, fascinating isnt it- the dimensions offered with the joing tarot-Lenormand analysis. It does encompass a lot of data and narrows the focus of each card within context..


  3. indianstorm Says:

    Hello 94stranger..

    I am very aware of your rainringcards system-and i do have it in my possession.. I havent’t gotten around testing it out yet-

    perhaps at some point I could introduce it here and see it in practise–your involvement will be much appreciated..


  4. Hi Stormy,

    I´m mesmerized by these challenges and I tried a shy first attempt on this reading too 😉

    Perhaps there is one thought of interest for you – if not, I will learn anyway!

    I Magician + 22 Crossroad:
    There seems to be a new start / idea offering some options. Maybe a person is trying to convince you to decide in a specific way? Or probably there could be two persons (as the 2 refers to the crossroad) exerting influence on you in different directions, trying to wheedle you?

    7 Swords + 31 Sun:
    Possibly a discussion that seems to lead nowhere because of multiple confusing arguments – but in the end light will be thrown upon the matter and the next couple of cards suggest that a decision will be made leading to success.
    Or you decide to do it your way – alone! (As the 7 Swords has the aspect of the lone-wolf and the Sun is the centre of our solar system representing the ego…). You seem to have the power / energy to do so.

    6 Wands + 16 Stars:
    This looks great! Victory and the bginning of something new, reaching for the stars – this combi seems to say: Yes, go for it! You are able to reach what you are looking for!

    10 Coins + 18 Dog:
    It looks as if you will be successful in a material way, could be a hint to business-life. Perhaps a friend or partner could give you a helping hand? If this refers to career the dog could represent a business-partner as well…

    III Empress + 26 Book:
    Again a card of fullness and success like the 10 coins before (giving the idea it might be in the time of october/november as the Empress is connected to Venus ruling Taurus and Libra sign…). The Empress is a „rich“ woman, refering to you I suppose, feeling healthy and physical attractive – the book could indicate that she doesn´t know how to field the fruits of her success or that she will keep it as a secret because it won´t be definite at that moment… (But this combi is quite difficult for me to understand.)

    If you will come to visit your friend it would be great to meet you!!!


  5. 94stranger Says:

    your wish is my command (well, somewhat!)

  6. indianstorm Says:

    hello Peter– thats sweets— lets see what i can put together to display the rainring in its dynamic psychotherapy potential–


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