Multilevel reading- analysis of feelings and intent with the Lenormand

Following a telephone call, I was cajoled into looking into how someone feels about a certain friend. They have decided to see each other as friends only. She would like to know how does he really feel about her. So I decided to do a multi level reading with her keycard charged-29 woman and his keycard- 28 man. The draw is as follows:

‘ 3 Ship + 26 Book + 2 Clover + 28 Man + 27 Letter + 4 House + 17 Storks..

1Rider + 6 Clouds + 35 Anchor + 29 Woman + 24 Heart + 20 Garden + 10 Scythe..’

I wanted to see what is going on around him and what are his thoughts about her.

So in the first layer- the man card surrounded by clover and letter. This describes him as a lucky, optimistic and perhaps an opportunist. With the letters, describes someone communicative and published individual- an individual whose qualifications are well publicised.  To the left (past ), he has ship- giving an exotic, well travelled feel to him, and also someone well educated (book). Ship+book- travels related to his area of interest, book+clover imply a lucky find/ suprising discovery. To the right (future possibilities) he has the house indicating domestic enviromment, with the storks suggests change/movement. So, letter+ house- some real estate or property contract, with the house+storks-indicating change of residence or house expansion. Hmm, whenever the storks come up- i always think baby possibility as well.

Nevertheless- so this guy- is quite wordly, is attractive in an exotic, educated and talented way- also has some domestic things going on- in the future.

Coming to how he feels about her- anchor+woman +  heart- so he sees her a reliable, stable, loyal person- commitment material with the heart suggest he sees her as his lover/ romantic partner. Looking to the left- Rider indicates he sees her as a youthful, physically fit and sexy individual, but next to the clouds highlights some confusion/ambivalence. Frustration involved by how he feels/ sees her. Rider+clouds- confusing news/mixed messages, clouds+anchor-imply settling down/clarity. I feel this points to their recent decision at an attempt to see each other just as friends (the clarity amidst the ambiguity of their relationship). He is however, not so sure about it himself.

to the right (future possibility), the garden implies open meetings in public places , the scythe after is the decision making card- perhaps suggesting that when they next meet in apublic place- a sort of decision will be made. Heart+garden imply outgoing relationship and garden+scythe- imply a joint decision.

Fascinating- on the one hand- there is something poetic about this realtionship- they both seem to want to be with each other, but some how it appears that they cannot for the moment. They are attempting to have an out in the open relationship/ friendship- but it may be that it might not work as implied by the scythe. It appears to be that in order for the relationship to work- something needs to be cut off.

I think at this point i should add that- after the scythe- the dog card came up – we all know how comlicated that dog can be- since we are looking at how he feels about her- the dog showing up indicates to me- this man has someone who he is alreday in a relationship with (dog). With the Scythe next to the dog- it doesnt bode well for this person. I feel sad that he truly wants to be with my friend as it appears- but this cannot be for as long he is with the other person-this man needs to make a decision.

Hmm, I wonder if I have missed anything.. as it is a multilevel- it takes the complication of the readings to dizzying heights- so any additions of information that I may have missed- do add..:)



6 Responses to “Multilevel reading- analysis of feelings and intent with the Lenormand”

  1. Hi Stormy

    I quite new to Lenormand. My view of this reading in summary is that in the past it has been their good fortune to come together in the unknown arrangment who both of them may live apart in different country or region or town. The man may have existed domestic relathionship with someone. Therefore the bridging relationship between the man and your lady friend will have difficulties. And the future of true gathering will end in failure.
    Sorry to be direct and I may be wrong.
    I am earger to know about the outcome too.

  2. spiritsong Says:

    That’s a really interesting one, Stormie.
    The Horseman/Clouds/Anchor says to me that he has conflictions around settling down. He sees her as lover/wife material, with the anchor and the heart around her, but it looks like to me, that he prefers having the option with the Heart/Garden, to be free and see whomever. I thought the Dog was an important addition this time, as the Scythe/Dog combination means letting go of someone. I hate to say it, but it seems that he is going to lean towards freedom and cut whatever ties he has with her. He doesn’t want to be tied to anyone!

    That’s my take on the second bit……the reason I think the dog pertains to her,as well, is that the question was what were his feelings around her? I may be wrong…it would be a good example for Sylvie to comment on….:) wish she would!


  3. indianstorm Says:

    Yes – when i se the dog card- it always makes me think who else is in it?

    i see why you would consider that view point- ie the dog is her– but you know- since the female card has been charged.. leaves the dog to represent someone else– or symbolise a friendship-

    something is going to be decided upon — with the scythe – its a clear decision really- to make it work or not– since they decided to try as being friends only— my friend is free to see whomever (hearts+garden) now– i think the guy might have issues about that–he might decide to severe the friendship altogether–

    i’ll see how this pans out– i’ll update when i know something–

    the funny thing is- after the dog- bear+snake came up — there’s another woman– that is involved- which is what i am thinking of– i wanted to keep it simple and not get bogged down with too much– I guess Sylvie would say- double check- redo the spread and confirm your suspicions 🙂

    i’ll ask Sylvie to swing by and get her to clarify matters–

  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hello Eric– nice to meet you and have you here– thats a good take- really– what the cards give are possibilities- not everything is set in stone– which is why I said what I said- if present trends continues — there is every likelihood that their attempt at bridging the relationship with a friendship is doomed with failure… I would like to know why really– i guess that must the million dollar question to be honest– if they can;t be lovers and why can’t they be friends–???

    I ‘ll ask the Lenormand again to clarify the spread I think– it is puzzling me as to why this relationship is such!!!!

    Eric– where are you based? nice to have someone new to the mix– Hope you have enjoyed reading the posts so far–


  5. Hello again, Stormy 🙂

    I will take a look too 😉 – still waiting for the book…
    So I might mix up the meenings – but hope it will fit anyway 😉 .

    Here are the results from Germany 😀 :

    Looking at the 28 Man:
    03 Ship + 26 Book + 02 Clover -> I got the impression that this man is kind of swaying (ship), not really knowing what to do or talking about his plans (book), just living from day to day, taking chances and opportunities (clover).
    And this may go on in the future – 27 Letter + 04 House + 17 Stork -> His basis (house) seems to be airy (letter) and will lead him to another change (stork)…

    If I got it right, the Woman-card is to read as his feeling towards her.
    The 35 Anchor gives the idea of clinging, someone who can´t let go. With 24 Heart he thinks she´s a warmhearted person, looking for her true love she will stick on.
    01 Horseman + 06 Clouds + 35 Anchor -> In the past he might be unsure (clouds) about her activities (horseman) and her goals she tries to achieve (anchor).
    24 Heart + 20 Garden + 10 Scythe -> In the future an official romance – if he would take a stand to his loving feelings for her – (heart+garden) would lead him to a serious decision he would have to make.

    All in all I think he feels diffident because of his personal lifestyle and what he expects from her. The decision to meet as friends gives him the freedom he needs…

    I saw this reading posted on ATF – and will read it along 😉 .

    These were my 0.02$ – have a nice day!

    Phine (from Hamburg)

  6. indianstorm Says:

    I have a close friend of mine who lives in Hamburg..I think i’ll have to fly to Germany at some point — and catch up with her–

    you have remarkably hit the point on the head– he is torn– there is more to this.. it will come up in the AT forum- so watch that space– it has tweaked Sylvie’s interest– thats why I posted it on the Forum..


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