Daily Draw- 22 Crossroads + 27 Letter+ 8 Coffin Extra 29 Woman

This is a return to the daily 4 card draw- no questions or cards charged.


’22 Crossroad + 27 Letter + 8 Coffin Extra card 29 Woman’

The crossroads is a strange card- on its own it speaks of choices or options, the changes in a travelled path – free to go anywhere and the choice is yours. The letter is about written communication or paperwork- emails, letters, official documentation. The coffin- ending, death of a situation, transformation, also can be grieving/ sadness. the woman card indicates a female player and the layout is for this female-

looking at the combination meanings- crossroads + letters- multiple mailings or emails, letter + coffin- condolences, coffin + woman- mentally down female/ negative thinking phase.

I welcome layouts like this- only through an ending a new situation can begin. So, from this- the get out clause will present itself through written messages. This brings about the ending of a situation- will cause some sadness but nevertheless, every ending means a new beginning. Timing wise- appears not long of a wait- I would say- 2 or 3 days max 7 days.. in my experience..



3 Responses to “Daily Draw- 22 Crossroads + 27 Letter+ 8 Coffin Extra 29 Woman”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    This is really a nice group of cards. To me, it says – that some form of communication will lead you to make a decision that will make a transformation in your life. For me, the coffin is always kind of a good card – the end of some painful part of your life and the start of something new.

  2. Hi Stormy

    If I taken the 29 to represent you or other person closes to you. I would said you (or other person) are experiencing the regression thought over the past action to where you choose to turn down an offer of some sort.

    Eric (From Singapore)

  3. indianstorm Says:

    hello chaps–

    valid points– rumination of past decisions- is a very apt description-
    sammie– the coffin– such a godsend– means a change is afoot– i am glad for that–


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