Dual Deck Reading- Cartouche Cards and The Lenormand

Lately I have been spending some introspective time with some of the decks I have worked with. I am seeing how they interact and confound each other in my various readings and practice readings. Today- I felt like posting for The Lenormand and the Cartouche Cards.

Part of the routine daily draw – insight and advice- the cards get to say what they want to say 🙂

Cartouche Cards designed by Ostaris publication- images for appreciation only’

‘ 23 Mice + 27 Letters + 2 Clover ..extra 14 Fox’– The Lenormand

’22 Scarab + 2 Isis + 10 Set.. extra 3 Horus’– The Cartouche cards

1.Mice +scarab = unnecessary nervous tension, wittering of energy  and stuck in a rut feeling- the scarab describes a period of renewal after acceptance of a situation. Therefore, the advice is recognise the problem and change your approach in order for transformation to take place and to relieve the stagnation. How true!!

2. Letter + Isis- communication in the written form, news winging its way via post/internet/etc- with the Isis- a selfless woman, maternal, mother figure–hmm– I wonder if  this news is from my mother- she is very Isian — mothers are magickal beings 🙂

3. Clover + Set= an opportunity, twist of fate moment-. With The Set– indicates  setbacks or delays that comes from everyday life- has to come to pass– could be annoying things like bills or a broken heel-:) Nothing insurmountable- a little bit of clover optimism might create an opportunity in the face of adversity

4. Fox+ Horus- work situation or someone deceptively clever/cunning- with the Horus-a man gifted with personality,beauty and music- associated with the Fox- need to watch out for this guy– the sweetness and light is deceptive but he is gifted–I wonder if I  know this person as well– lol!!!

I can’t resist to do this–  reading across the Lenormand:

Mice + letters- nervouse energy and tension with barrages of emails/ written communications in between-

Letters+ clover- a message that is a twist of fate- a chance winning perhaps-

Clover + Fox- career progression/promo-or a foxy opportunity- need to watch for snags

hmm– not to bad from this angle-

Across the Cartouche-

Scarab + Isis- take the time to introspect where the energies are being wasted- stop, reassess, change the approach and transform- If done accordingly- the transformtion ensures the fruits of developing the Isian quality- the magickal nature of giving although selflessly but nevertheless appropriately–only those deservant get the Isian touch

Isis + Set- this spells a warning, a possible misevent or mishap- despite good naturedness, an unavoidable setback occurs but this is circumstantial — nobody is perfect and avoids the mundanities of delays, not even Isis- with perseverance– it is surmountable–

Set + Horus- Another word of warning- Although Hotrus defeated Set, it did take some time to happen- since Set is before Horus- so some problems before a charming man comes to the rescue and saves the day. Lol!! the clover optimism is infectious!!! Still need to exercise caution- not all charmers come with pure intentions..need to watch for the fox snag..

Any thoughts from you guys — welcome to add– the Cartouche is amazing oracle deck- had mine for a few years now— never fails– works a treat with the Lenormand as well–




2 Responses to “Dual Deck Reading- Cartouche Cards and The Lenormand”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    This is really a good idea to use two oracles together and see how they combine and interact.

    If I was just interpreting the Lenormand Row – it might mean that a letter will bring some happy, lucky news that eases some worry about a person that perhaps you had some suspicions about what they were up to.

    My Tarot d’Eltynne should be here any day! I’m glad I found out about it through your blog.

  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hello Sammie–

    you’ll love the tarot eltynne– it is lovely– a lot of my friends naturally gravitate to the deck when I get them to choose a deck to complement the Lenormand–

    let me know when you get it please– we can do a joint aeading for each other if ittakes your fancy–


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