Daily Draw- 29 Woman + 13 Child + 3 Ship Extra 10 Scythe

Back to my daily draws with The Lenormand- I just asked for something good- anything good the cards wish for me to know 🙂


’29 Woman + 13 Child + 3 Ship Extra 10 Scythe , Clarifier 9 Bouquet’

I drew a 5th card to clarify further the Scythe card.

So-29 woman- represents a woman. 13 Child- a young person, a child or defining the young nature of someone. 3 Ship is about movement, progression and travel- overseas. 13 Scythe- decisions, clean break or cut– and the lovely 9 Bouquet- beautiful gift/ warm loving thoughts-

Lets see– woman+child- gives the impression of either a woman with child or a childish woman, small woman- nothing wrong with being a little immature- quite endearing sometimes.

child+ship- a small journey, trip, maybe a new beginning–

ship+scythe- tricky– a travel decision- or break away- or as i see it- a break from routine- so a sudden trip/interrupted??

scythe+bouquet- hair dressers, cosmetic surgery/ beautician- (something aesthetic really)

maybe in a moment of childishness, i take a short trip to the the hairdressers or the beautician- get a haircut or a cosmetics/facial done– ?? lol!! quite possible- cheer me right up it will–

Peak into Sylvie’s bible– woman+child-immature, capricious,petite woman–

                                        child+ship-small trip

                                         ship+scythe-yikes- interrupted vacation/accident

                                        scythe+bouquet-positive outcome/smart decision

hmm– this has got me concerned– due to leave for a short holiday next week– the vacation getting interrupted is not ideal– but somehow it is meant to be a good thing–

Ahh well– extra precautions then–






5 Responses to “Daily Draw- 29 Woman + 13 Child + 3 Ship Extra 10 Scythe”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    Hi Stormy-
    that definitely looks like a young woman, or petite woman taking a short break, but something cuts it short…but all is good! hmm be sure to update on this one! can’t imagine why you’d cut it short!


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hey Lisa.. i know– it is just preholiday holiday– 5 days only – to Italy– we’ll know more in 2 weeks time– hopefully it’ll be just a storm in a tea cup– nothing big–

    you know what the cards are like—

    looks like all of us have been out of action here for a while- be grand to catch up–

    love stormy

  3. Hi Stormy,

    For quite a few years, I’ve been interpreting the Scythe as work – as well as the sudden cut type meaning. If you read the Scythe as work the cards could mean: A young woman will take a trip that will work out beautifully! Perhaps, the child next to the woman might mean a trip taken by a mother and daughter.

  4. 94stranger Says:

    Hi Storm
    I took one card to describe the inner situation here: turned out to be Resistance reversed; the umpire was autumn (using the hard copy cards, not the web version, obviously.)

    I leave you to chew on this one

  5. phoenix rising Says:

    Hi Stormy

    The question was to show you something good, so I wouldn’t read it in a negative sense. So a quick decision involving a younger or petite woman. You may do something spontaneous and as you drew the bouquet as a clarifier then you can guarantee that whatever it is will be pleasant.


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