update on the 30/4/2008 post

 Well.. it turns out that the cards had a very specific message in mind- my trip for a mini holiday. On the day of travel- the airport that we were going to land in went on strike so the flight was cancelled. despite that- since we were so determined that we are going to get there- we flew an alternative route.. and travelled on land to get to our destination. It was very planes, trains and automobiles..

The minor hiccough made us more resourceful and we arrived at our hotel 1 hour before midnight on the same day. The place we stayed was beautiful and the roads were jasmine scented all the way- a very wonderful pleasant suprise. We woke up in the morning to the most gorgeous sea and yachts view from the balcony.

all in all– the abrupt change in plan made us appreciate the getaway holiday and we have very fond memories of jasmine scented roads, streets and turqoise blue sea as our view every morning of our stay..





2 Responses to “update on the 30/4/2008 post”

  1. Wow, Stormy – your cards were so accurate! The scythe and then the bouquet! Your holiday sounds totally lovely. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time.

  2. spiritsong Says:

    It does sound lovely! I wish I was there! lol
    glad it wasn’t cancelled, but just deviations-


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