Daily draw 15/5/08


It is good to start posting daily reflective readings again. I drew the cards today with no specifics in mind. I charged the woman card for myself in case it turned up in this reading. The draw today is interestin.

‘4 House + 5 Tree + 8 Coffin,, Extra 7 Snake, Clarifier 22 Crossroad’

 House- personal home, private space. Also encompasses the ideal home or the my childhood home.

Tree- the spiritual and health card. Whenever the tree shows up- I always think about the idea of bein grounded or rooting down. It represents to me the idea of keeping feet firmly on the ground while one continues to grow.

Coffin- in this context, i look upon the idea of transformation. In fact it could mean the state of feeling 6 feet under, buried and the need to resurface and feel light. state of depression perhaps.. is this for me- although i do not feel depressed per se, but the ambivalent feeling of there must be someting more or non movement/ stagnation can transalate to a state of dissatisfaction which can in turn cause mild depression.

snake- tricky- difficulties or complications. In a way- i look at the snake as advice- it acknowldeges the present state of tricky stagnation, which is not easy to move out of. But the snake is a creature of resource, it tries to wind up  or down or around to get over barriers. Also- it is a creature of patience, biding its time until the irght opportunity turns up and then pounce!! 🙂 so- a creature of wisdom that knows patience and despite the bad press- can also symbolise the need of striking the opportunity presents itself.

crossroad- this where the opportunity lies, a presentation of choice, which occurs when the tie is right- the get out clause or multiple opportunities. the choice itself maybe a difficult one to make- it is not without its sacrifices, but in order to gain- perhaps a loss is necessary. I suspect this is about making a choice and decidin what is improtant and what isnt. but the choice is mine-

Looking in to Sylvie’s book for combinations:

House + Tree: family or house expansion, spiritual home, tree + coffin: clinical depression,weak life force, coffin + snake: major hardships, snake + crossroads: escape, avoidance

I learnt a new trick to doing a reading- it is called completing the circle- can be done with any linear draws with any number of the cards.  it is easy- it is just about combining the last card with the first card- to complete the circle. it gives an idea of how the begining connects with the end and end connects with the beginning.

the final combination is crossroad+house- multiple residences. ( i had to laugh at this)

the reading is a health warning. It is true, i am currently living at 2 residences, my work city and my home city. I drive back every weekend and the come back to work. it is taking its toll on my health, as i feel unsettled and a drain on finances as well. I consider my personal home my spiritual place. my work city, i am finding it difficult to settle in. I need to make a decision soon about permanetly moving in order to improve my health, mental energy and in fact have a healthier bank balance. i think of my personal home as a getaway to get out of work mode. it is i realise a short term fix. I have been doing this for 8 months close and it is getting weary.

I hope this reading has shown a new way of connecting  cause and effect in a reading.. It is fascinating to see how the cards give an accurate description of events and cause and highlighting what is important at this point in time. Try this out and see how you connect the dots..





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