Tarot d’Eltynne- 6 card draw- Advice asked and received..

It has been a while since I last consulted the Tarot d’Eltynne ( new Oracle Belline). Whenever I have a pressing matter in mind- this is my go to deck. Helps uncover the mysteries in a way.

I had a specific question-‘How do I handle the situation with this particular man?’

I felt this question is broad enough to cover the aspects of this relationship- mainly I wanted to know how do I go about managing this relationship (if it is a relationship which is another question mark)- as it is quite confusing at the best of times- what with distance and communication gaps- I wondered what would the cards pick up. Being completely out of the dating game for a while now- i was beginning to doubt my feelings and impressions of this man– even though he has given me no just cause to think so.

I drew this set of cards for answer:

’31 Passions + 29 Love + 22 Enterprise, Projects + 25 Pleasures + 39 Support + 45 Happiness’

I drew 6 cards as it is the number for venus and it symbolises love in all shapes and forms.

I decided to read the cards individually and in tandem.

1. The nature of the relationship- 31 Passion + 29 Amour

Since I wanted the nature of the relationship clarified- I must have been concentrating well- as I drew 2 cards from the Venus series.  Passion symbolised by the Phoenix- recognition of strong feelings in any shape of form. Next to Love- symbolises the mutual recognition of love. Phoenix can also mean all consuming- when it peaks it turns to ashes only to rise again. I love this interpretation- the resurrection of love over and over again- to keep it going and mutual effort. Sometimes- it can also mean excess of feeling and obsessions- but this should be in context if other negative cards are present.

2. Present state of play- 22 Enterprise + 25 Pleasures

I have drawn Enterprise ( Mercury series) and 25 Pleasures ( Venues series)

Mercury is about the interaction between subconcsious and conscious mind. Basically- verbal and non verba communication if you will- said vs unsaid. Also the problem solver. Enterprise is about the beginning of a project or the readiness to embark on venture. Next to Pleasures (Venus)- makes this about emotions and relationships (venus). Pleasures is the readiness to embark on all the pleasures life can bring, physical, emotional, sentiments.  I feel the cards are speaking of being in a state of readiness and accepting that love is not all about difficulties and strife, it is about pleasure and celebrations. I suppose the problem is in all my mind really- creating issues thaT are not there when in fact I am ready to be happy.

I must admit- I don’t think I am unique when i say that I am actually fearful of happiness. Because – i fear that when it is experienced- it can get taken away so quickly- and end up feeling hurt. The rug beneath feet being pulled analogy.

3. Culmination- ( I usually am reluctant any point to draw cards here- but since I wanted to know whether this realtionship is meant to be, I did). 39 Support + 45 Happiness

Both cards from the Jupiter series- representing support and protection from higher up, the symbol of progress. I seem to draw the Support card frequently whenever i touch this deck- seems to be saying put all worries aside- it is all in hand. 🙂

Nice to know that justice and order (represented by Jupiter) is in motion. It has been a long time coming since I felt this way ( a strange feeling when you meet someone unexpectedly and wonder if it is possible, that love at first sight can happen?) then the thinking mind creeps in and ruins the novelty with practicalities. Once in a while- it is good to hand over the reigns to higher up and be ready for come what may. In this circumstance- it promises Happiness- prosperous period, good fortunes, happy event coming about. It also mentions results of past actions bringing strong personal harmony.

Looks like I should learn to chill on this guy, let things happen as they seem to be already in motion. Be ready for good things to flow and not second guess gifts of magic. As a science person- a difficult concept to cope with- but I am doing my utmost to not analyse everything and upset the true feelings that are felt- hopefully it will be said… 🙂

Any other insight most welcomed as it is lovely cards, and Medlindaf is such an artist–



10 Responses to “Tarot d’Eltynne- 6 card draw- Advice asked and received..”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    These cards look very, very positive to me. It looks like this could be a very successful relationship! All the right stuff is represented in the cards and it is so cool that they start with love and end with happiness.

    I love my new Tarot d’Eltynne. So glad I saw it on your blog and ordered it from Medlindaf.


  2. Medlindaf Says:

    Hello Stormy,

    Thanks for your compliment, I had just taken a look to your cards and interpretation, and I had nothing more to say. Your feeling with your card is excellent. I think your relation with this person has good bases and you must keep going and build it step by step (Project card) to pass thought your problems. Maybe use the help or advice (Support card) from other persons like friend, family, specialist… and everything go well.

    I also want to thank you, because you push me to make the English version of my web site. Since, I did it, a lot of people from 20 different country came to discover the Tarot d’Eltynne.

  3. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Medlindaf..

    I am so pleased you are getting the coverage, it is truly well deserved. What little i could do to help– it is certainly a pleasure.

    your deck is very much close to my heart and handbag– goes with me everywhere– like the oracle bellini and madame lenormand deck. As an oracle deck lover, it issurely an honor to have you drop in on my site and pass on some wisdom..


  4. That is a NICE reading. Et les cartes sont si jolies!

    I saw them first on your site, and am so glad you provided a link – I ordered a set last night, and can’t wait to work with them myself.

  5. indianstorm Says:

    Hello Chanah– lovely name- where are you from?

    Thank you for for that– yes– it does seem promising– this we will have to wait and see ..:)

    I am glad you ordered a deck– it is much nicer to have in your hands- they feel like parchment-and delicate yet robust–not to forget — power pack info– really like a tarot.. do let me know how you get on with them– and also– Welcome to my site..:)


  6. Thank you, Stormy. And I do so hope your reading comes real (not in one of those funky ‘prophesy is tricky’ ways, either! ) Nobody deserves to be lonely.

    I live at the bog down the road…no, that’s not right… I’m half Spanish, half Jewish, mostly grew up in Ireland, and now reside on the Pacific Northwest coast of Canada.

  7. indianstorm Says:

    Chanah– so far-the prophecies have all been how they turned up in the cards– i can’t forget how the order is maintained as well–

    but this is more when i have the Lenormand– so- this is kind of an acid test for the Tarot d’Eltynne– since Medlindaf was also supporting the interpretation– I can only hope that it is as it says– 🙂


  8. Skydancer Says:

    Thanks for posting this blog, for I see above that it helped push Medlindaf to translate her site into English, and thereby got a LOT of us onboard the Train d’Eltynne!! My deck arrived over the weekend!! 🙂

  9. Hi!

    Nice Blog! Happy to keep following this!


  10. Read Greyer Says:

    I have my deck, too, and am considering using it more. By the way, how did this turn out for you?

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