No layout spread looking into state of mind and state of play

– there are times when I think– being a snoop is all about accepting the burden knowledge– and there are times with it is just being plain nosey-:)

I wanted to ease the mental dilemma a dear friend was going through– agonising over the rights and wrongs of meeting her very first boyfriend- who was her first love and incidentally the most fulfilling relationship she ever had. Now that the she is single- and he is somewhat available (he is technically what i could decsribe as in a rebound relationship)- i thought maybe if they did meet up– things might look different??

i couldn’t convince her– the sweet girl  feels giddy like a school girl at the thought of him!

I asked the cards- where is this man at, this moment? only 2 key cards charged- 28 Man and 29 Woman.

‘7 Snake + 4 House + 6 Clouds+ 28 Man + 33 Key + 31 Sun + 29 Woman

well–i didnt even need to contemplate more- clouds and key next to the man- it is obvious he is going through a state of mental unease. the ambivalence and confusion feels heady and sticky- but the key makes it obvious why- he has to go through this as it is destined. This is his lesson- and come out on the other side like a preordained spiritual warrior! nice–

where’s the drama- the past- difficult homelife by a possible female partner– snake + house

The future- hmm– the sun- bright futue, the return of the ego and masculine drive, the promise of being the man- next to the woman card- probably starts flexing his biceps 🙂 (chuckles) ready to have her back in his life- perhaps.. he sees her as his sun- the light he has been looking for!

Feedback- he was with a woman for a good few years- they have separated– according to friends of this guy- she was a very unpleasant woman- she did her damage while she was around-. at the moment- our gentleman- is seeing a new woman- who lives in a different city to him.

so, as per Syvie’s advice- I double checked- if what i am picking up is correct– is our lady in this man’s future..?

’10 Birds+ 15 Bear +28 man + 32 Moon + 27 letters + 29 woman + 35 Anchor’

I think i have resounding yes- that she is in his future and she is there to stay 🙂

I felt- the birds+ bear- this is like siblings and mother– hammering into him some advice and wisdom- the bear gives the homebody feel to him and I suspect he is a couple kind of man- not a solo artist-

in the future- the right side- we have moon- the romantic attraction and emotional aspect- being communicated via letter– perhaps an invitation for a date is to come through to her– when it happens- it will spark of what could only be the happy ever after that they are both looking for- it starts with them and many many years ago and maybe they could be together again in the future– anchor is all bout the long haul! (20 years or more chaps!)

feedback- it appears that his mum and sister have been gently nudging him to get in touch with my sitter- they feel that he would be so much happier and indeed he does still have soft spot for her- 🙂 (Cute!)

all in all– when the first reading confirms the second.. i am without doubt that i am predicting a reunion..just some kinks need to be ironed out– ad it appears he has to initiate it as well– 🙂

over to you guys- what your insights bring to this table- most welcomed


2 Responses to “No layout spread looking into state of mind and state of play”

  1. spiritsong Says:

    That’s really neat Stormy! one question, you said you charged the ‘woman’ in the first spread? was it for the female sitter? if I got that right, then yes! it certainly looks like they are destined to come back together!
    I like the interpretation of the birds and bear being siblings and mother nudging 🙂 the only other thing that came to mind, was that in the past he was in an overbearing relationship.
    It looks like to me that they have a karmic, destined role to play to each other…I hope he gets off his duff and writes her that letter! lol


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hey spiritsong-

    for the first round- i only charged him– then to clarify i charged both 🙂
    I had to check..:)

    so do i actually– hopefully a pssionate romantic one– I love happy endings with perfect realisation of emotional love…

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