Tarot de Marseille- Daily spread with 5 cards

Daily spread has 5 cards drawn from the tarot to represent each topic. I use this when I just can’t seem to work out what question do I want an answer to. More often than not, there are just too many questions in a day one person can handle. So this spread, does the work for you– all you need- some energy to shuffle, bit more to cut the deck, draw 5 cards. When it is Tarot- I just choose 5 fromm the top– it knows what to say, as it did today:

1. Work/s- XIII Death (Water)

2. Home – 3 of Cups (Water)

3. Unexpected – 8 of Cups (Water)

4. Your role – XV11 The Star (Air)

5 Outcome – IV The Emperor (Fire)




I hope this should suffice to show how the spread should look like. I do think thispread does its job.

To start of- I like to get an idea what kind of day it is. Excess of water shows an emotional day, with some/ introspection ( air) and some spurring on activity (fire). So far, quite reflective. 3 Majors turning up– thinking some big teaching points on the offing.

1.Works- 13 Death. Well,, I do think my current job is not as mentally stimulating or exciting. Anyway, it is part of my training so, I have to go through it. It has thought me alot, but it is time for a change- I will soon find out what and where my next training post is- Death promises a transformation- shedding what has served its purpose- it is time to move on- How apt! But this has to wait as I dont change over until August. Perhaps I’ll undergo a realisation of some sort, shed the old skin and put a new one at my work place??? ( I add this because– i received a comment today at work that I may perhaps be a little exuberant for my rather sedate work enviroment– so I was thinking of adopting a rather cut off-less vibrant style of dealing with colleagues-)

2. Home- 3 of cups- celebrations, get together, weddings??? I wonder if this is referring to me informing my family my impending holiday, going back home for a couple of weeks- or rather- a possible significant someone is rejoicing  at the idea of me coming back for a short stint– I dont know what this is–it looks good 🙂

3. Unexpected- 8 of Cups- Abandonement. Thats me leaving something which has not served me any good or purpose at all. This me actively walking away from a situation and remaining resolute to my decision. This is actually- true for today– I stuck to my decision– and not looking back–

4. My role- The Star– whenever the star shows up- I think starting over again. Tzaddi symbolises hope after desctruction (note the Tower before). In a way– when all things look bleak- hope creates life again. Well– today looked bleak or rather just blearghh- nevertheless- a promise- leave the past behind- expect a brighter future- The star has a special meaning for me– so aim high and not less–:)

5. Outcome- The emperor- I see the emperor representing the Masculine quality that I admire. Deal with matters rationally and not emotionally-and things should be just fine. I guess did take that comment to heart, made me feel all uncomfortable. If a guy received any negative comments- he just rationalises it- shrugs it of and moves on. Thats what i should do- rationalise- think of a solution- then shrug it of as something of remote interest- 

For a daily simple spread- the breakdown can be quite in depth- I love how the tarot just summised the day and also offered advice all in one sitting 🙂

Ps: 3 of cups- I flashed on this – there are 3 parties involved who would be pleased with my holiday back home– a good thing to look forward to after working hard and studying for the exams (which I should make some start at revising ). The day is not over yet..

So, let me know what you guys think- a little diversion from the oracle cards- but change is good ..no?




4 Responses to “Tarot de Marseille- Daily spread with 5 cards”

  1. That looks like a Marseille deck to me, and abandonment is more of a Golden Dawn interp for the 8 Cups.

    We all read Marseille differently, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents – the 8s are usually about equilibrium to me, maintaining a sense of balance. If it’s cups, then that could be maintaining an even keel with your emotions, family, or growth in other areas. Which is not always a bad thing 🙂

  2. indianstorm Says:

    yes it is a marseille-fournier deck– a gift from a lovely friend–

    I learnt through the golden dawn meanings, I seem to remember that clearly regardless of the deck– especially better with non scenic pips like TdM. I do like imagery- like the Gilded- and my new discovery- Tarot Of Color-

    8 O Cups– lord of walking away with head held high 🙂


  3. Hi Stormy,

    I really like how you’ve interpreted this spread, especially the Emperor at the end. I’ve never used a Marseille Tarot deck – or a Thoth.


  4. indianstorm Says:

    sammie– how are you my cormomorant 🙂

    thank you for that– sometimes dealing with things like how guy does has its benefits–

    ooh– try a thoth deck– I love my book of thoth–currently I am quite into the Tarot of Color, alongside the Tarot wayang. I think- my working deck is the Gilded, seems to be behaving like the Lenormand– 🙂


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