Tarot and Lenormand- Dual deck reading 23/5/2008

‘9 of Pentacles + 7 of Cups + Queen of Pentacles + 12 Hanged Man + 10 of Swords’

‘This deck was created by Leisa Refalo called Tarot of Color. Image of the cards are for appreciation and study purposes only’


’35 Anchor + 30 Lily + 34 Fish + 1 Rider + 18 Dog’

Merging the Tarot and Lenormand was introduced by Sylvie Steinbach in the ATF Secrets of The Lenormand study group. I do find it quite useful when trying to narrow down the remit of the Tarot. They seem to complement each other well. Lately, I have been working with the Tarot more and have gained some interesting perspectives in terms of understanding how I view the cards.

One point- I subconsciously have negated the fortune telling aspect over the last few months- and have actively started analysing state of play-ie understanding the current situation. This I find has more influence on shaping the future path rather than spotting future events. The Future is fluid and not fixed ! This means– when you are in the know- you can shape it by addressing the current action or inaction. Enough rambling- lets start analysing.

The breakdown will be Tarot : Lenormand..

1. 9 of Pentacles + 35 Anchor- some caution regarding finances is advised, being a little more careful with spending will aid long term financial security (Anchor). Also  the option of a long term investment plan which would yield longterm benefits is suggested. Suggest gain through careful investment to ensure longterm stability.

2. Seven of Cups + 30 Lily-  Beautiful illusion is just that an illusion- the victory is bittersweet as it has no permanence, possibly with regards  of a lovely gentleman as described by the Lily- grey hair – 30-40’s, settled in life and already content. the sexual attraction promised by the Lily and the reciprocation by the 7 of cups-there’s a choice to be made– to act or to not act?

3. Queen of Pentacles + 34 Fish- working hard, maybe working extra hours to improve financial outlook. Fish is about business in general- queen of pentacles has her priorities with money sorted out- so not so much emotional spending, i guess. Fish is independent work ( I am employed by the Goverment), ? a business opportunity on the horizon?

4. 12 Hanged Man + 1 Rider- Major Arcana here- interesting-a period of suspension– things generally having a sense of delayed gratification- possibly to do with some much awaited news that is perhaps making its way fast ( rider).

5. 10 Swords + 18 Dog- A warning? matters that don’t materialise or disappointments  in regards of a friend / friendship. this is a toughie– thic card advises do something otherwise a friendship or friend will be lost?  Ok– I think I may need help with this one– I am too close to be objective about this.

Synopsis– careful with finances, consider a longterm investment plan to be financially secure- a possible relationship but not quite ‘the’ relationship (or a illusionary relationship). possible movement after a period of hanging upside down– which needs some fast acting upon because a message or news is on its way– the 5th combo- I am not so sure off- but do something or lose someone is what I am feeling is the advice.

Not a very cheery read all in all–but it is the state of play–

Any input or different way of viewing this is most welcomed–



6 Responses to “Tarot and Lenormand- Dual deck reading 23/5/2008”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    What a neat reading – it turns out very well to use the Tarot and Lenormand together like this. I have never seen the Tarot of Color before – I went to the web site and looked at all the cards.

    You said this wasn’t a very cheery reading but I think it shows some very good financial potential! The Queen of Pentacles with the Fish seems very auspicious to me – kind of like you are going to be coming into some money. Also, the 9 of Pentacles with the Anchor seems to indicate a very stable, secure finacial situation. Money isn’t happiness but it is certainly helpful in life.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hi Sammie-

    The Tarot of Color is my not so recent indulgence- I find it helps to focus on the character aspects of cards- it has a lot of written information like elements, definition, character- just not the card interpretations 🙂 the colors help in understanding elemental dignities-

    when u do check Leisa’s website out– have a try of the online card draws- see how you read the cards without scenes–

    and thank you- I know- stability is good- thats good advice to see what is good about this spread..:) I sometimes can get consumed with the neg’s..


  3. You know, it’s odd, because I have almost no decks compared to most readers I know, but I do have both the Astrologisches Lenormand and the Tarot of Color.

    Now, I’ll make a disclaimer here – I don’t read esoteric tarot (Golden Dawn) the way a lot of folks do, so take anything that’s useful, and leave the rest.

    With Tarot of Color – look at the colours! It’s chock full of information, and heavy on the elemental – and in this read you’re all earth and water (passive) UNTIL you get to that 10 Swords. The Pents will certainly help manifestation along, but a good dose of air might be just what you need to make things happen faster – and more creatively. The Lord of the Way of Ruin (which is a sometimes-title for this card) is not always bad, at least if you can see it esoterically, and this deck is fairly esoteric.

    Everybody from dustmen to doctors, at least by choice, is a Lord of the Way of Ruin to some extent – 10 Swords people are the ones who fight entropy, who try to keep the world spinning. And that may be just what you need to bring the Earth/Water into manifestation. I don’t think things will get utterly turned upside down here, you have too much grounding you – and the Lenormand would seem to concur. A friend with a sharp mind may be of some help on this one if you look at 10 Swords + Dog.

    I know you’ve worked with the Waite – have you ever considered that the downside in the 7 Cups is being spoilt for choice, while the upside is taking a decision? Netzach of Briah is a powerful position – I think if you grab your cup, and stick with it, then the Lilies could bring some nice, and non-illusionary things into your life.

    Just some thoughts.

  4. indianstorm Says:

    You know Chanah– after writing the post- I had trouble sleeping wrestling on the 10 Swords + 18 Dog- I think it corresponds to the earlier 7 Cups + Lily-

    it is describing a very very awkward position I am in currently— the choice of 2- EQ vs IQ– I am going to be needing some solid counsel on this– the dog friend- turned up today and offered some really vital clues to how I am going to act with regards of this— I just need to make a decision– loathe being in limbo!!

    on a funny side– looks like we have similar choices of decks– i am not keen on quantity- just the quality what speaks to me– you are the same i suspect– 🙂

    ps- the dustmen to doctors comment– you have no idea how true that is- I am the lord of ruin —

  5. spiritsong Says:

    Hi Stormy-
    very interesting comments made on this one 🙂 I haven’t seen this deck before! Let me see if I can put a spin on this one…hehe

    9Pentacles + Anchor: Attainment is suggested with the 9P,financial gain, increase in security, self-reliance, stability; & with the Anchor, it suggests that both financially and possibly in the way you feel about yourself, that you’ve reached a more stable, secure period in your life.

    7cups + Lily: For me, the 7 of cups can represent confusion. The motivation and direction aren’t clear. Combined with the Lily, I would guess that either you aren’t sure about a gent who’s older than you, or he isn’t sure…

    Queen of Pentacles + Fish: The Queen of P is a practical woman, down to earth. This Queen values security and stability. Now the Fish is either describing a woman who is very business oriented, and self sufficient; or it’s describing a woman who prefers her independence and stability of her own making…

    Hanged Man + Rider: The Hanged Man can show sacrifice or a change in priorities. It can mean a difficult surrender or a painful giving up of something that one holds dear.. combined with the Rider card, I would say that this is either coming very shortly, or it is referring to giving up another man, one who’s younger…

    10 of Swords + Dog: this, following the last interpretation, makes me think that whatever or whomever you are giving up, ends up having someone you’ve been close to, feeling great sadness. The 10 can also refer to plans not working out with someone close…(dog)

    That’s my stab at it! lol I haven’t played alot with this method, just haven’t had alot of personal time lately, but it really is cool, isn’t it? Will have to play around with it some more:)


  6. indianstorm Says:

    hey spirit– nice to see you here–

    I do think that we are all in consensus that there is a dilemma of choice- someone has to go because there is an upset in the equilibrium.

    the strange thing is– i have stopped drawing up any further reads as I need to work this one draw out. this has given me plenty food for thought.

    you have a good knack of drawing out the salient out of this draw– it is as I thought what it could possibly mean– and in a way you have seconded my suspicions..


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