Lenormand Multilevel Reading- Is it going to happen?

I have missed the Lenormand. Unlike any odd tool– its the operant who gets rusty not the tool if not used freqeuntly. I find that I get a sense of flow when I manipulate it often. I casually looked into the possibility of a dear friend of mine  getting married, or perhaps just proposed to would be nice. I think the feeling of restlessness is getting to her..

Q: Will ‘Girlfriend’ get married soon?

3 cards charged- 28 Man, 29 woman and 25 Ring..



‘…30 Lily + 28 Man + 36 Cross + 24 Heart + 29 Woman + 26 Book + 2 Clover..’


‘…35 Anchor + 22 Crossroad + 25 Ring + 20 Garden + 9 Bouquet..’

One thing I can safely say– the draw reflects the circumstance quite aptly. First line- I do see her current partner being content and quite relaxed with the way the relationship is at present (Lily). The Cross describes the future aggro and state of civil unrest (LOL!) and possible being miserable probably due to work requirements or more lIkely, my friend giving him grief (not entirely impossible). Despite all that– he still loves her, as she is the girl in his heart (heart + woman). What friend doesnt know– there are some unknown forces in action (book) a suprise turn of events  in the offing (book+Clover). She is an intelligent woman (Woman+Book)– perhaps it is an opportunity she will grab as soon as she sees it.  No- I dont think it is another man. I can look back on the draw- makes sense to- friend feeling heart ache at boy’s subjective state of contentment with the relationship status being the way it is..

next line- the ring line for marriage- a bit incongrous actually.

Crossroad +rIng- options for settling down or being comfortable with current lifelstyle of being free to go anywhere. Anchor- implies the situation at the moment of non comittal ie- just remaining BF-GF with nothing official like engagement is the current state (we know this). Anchor+crossroad- remaining in the current status for a while.

Whats the possible future-Ring + Garden + Bouquet-  large reunion and an event that is going to be bliss..Ooh– I hope I am not imagining this- but could it be- the possible suprise turn of events (Book+cLover) be about  a possible large reunion where she is going to get a very warm suprise- the granting of her wish?? A proposal before the end of the year?

So many cards pointing to possibility despite outward appearances of the boy.. patience is needed– 🙂 I’ll await this large reunion– which Is going to happen soon,.. then I’ll know– at least I have said it here.. proof of my vision–






8 Responses to “Lenormand Multilevel Reading- Is it going to happen?”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    You will have to post how things go with this romance! It looks like things should work out for them – I hope they do.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Sammie– what do u think the cards mean? do u agree with my interp- any extra gems that i have missed? I am beginning to see the cards as a whole set rather than piece meal fashion– as a whole– the trend is favourable–


  3. Hi Stormy,

    I’m always a bit hesitant to post my Lenormand Interpretations as they many times don’t agree with those who use Sylvie’s method.

    However……. Here is my take, I think the man has a very pure love of this woman – he really adores her and thinks she’s wonderful. I think the woman might have a few secrets in her past and not quite be as wonderful as the man thinks but she realizes how lucky she is. I think their love is destined to be.

    I think the second row of cards certainly indicates a wedding. The crossroads plus the anchor show the they will decide on stability and commitment. The garden and the bouquet seem to indicate a wedding taking place!

    How’s that?!?!

  4. Hi Again Stormy,

    I think a better way to express that their love is destined is that they are soul mates. The heart and the cross between them lead me to think this. I often times read the cross as something that is destined – or something that is perfect. So, the perfect, destined love = soulmate.


  5. I agree with Sammie – and I often read Ring + Garden as a wedding – a very happy one, maybe outdoors (Bouquet).

    Anchor + Paths + Ring – choosing for commitment. And with the Heart between, they definitely love each other, though I see the Cross representing some kind of problem to them getting together.

    Obviously not a permanent one, or the wedding wouldn’t be showing up!

  6. Hi Stormy, I see this post was done in 2008, have you heard about a wedding date so far?? I am very curious as I did a spread recently with:
    STARS + MAN (key card) + TREE + RING + GARDEN + RIDER
    So I thought of a wedding and karmic relationship as well coming up pretty soon… What do you think?? 😀

  7. indianstorm Says:

    hello lenormand 33

    Yes she did get engaged, some point last year!

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