Vanessa Tarot … WoW Wow!!! A reading Miss..?

Can you tell by the title I am feeling giddy like a school girl. I blame Sammie for exposing this deck to my ever so girlie black eyes.. this  deck is just plain adorable!! Whats better .. she speaks-!! I love it!! I have been a fan of heavy duty decks, only because I study intricacies and pattern recognition in symbolism. But this deck– Ahh!! I just plain love it– it is as heavy duty as you want it– not just for girls, but for very brave boys too!! IF I could hug Lynyrd,, I would– really big squeeze– and Vanessa is a lucky girl to have a mate like him!!

What do I want a tarot to do- Answer my questions without so much a cough or a sneeze- be able to make me visualise the solution by showing me the problem. A bonus- make me laugh-!! Bit like what a man should do — LOL!!– I can take this deck in my Prada happily, along with my Lenormand Mystical, and of course my Tarot Wayang (resident tarot in briefcase at the mo) easily- no fuss.

A simple question, a straight in the eye answer. I won’t tell you the question– but I bet you would be able to guess what the question was based on the cards drawn.. 🙂

Spread- Lynyrd’s simple 3 card draw:


‘Images are for study and appreciation purposes only’

I do use reverse options- since none turned up, tis a sweet message..another hint.. this is a view point..

I’ll leave the interpretations to you– I would love to read what you guys come up with..also– tell me what the question was as well.. have fun!!!

ps: I’ll let you guys know my take and question after a few comments have been thrown into the mix.. x



Here’s the exerpt  from Lynyrd’s LWB, of course we all have our meanings for pages and aces– but this is just too good to pass by– you’ll see why:

Page of Cups: being dreamy and wistful, finding delights in ones reveries, one who oftentimes found happily day dreaming ( this is 75% true when I am not in the middle of a hefty task)

Ace of Coins: a pursuit of meaningful life, rich but not worldly, contentment (if this is what he thinks– he has got me sussed!!- like money but contentness is primo dictum)

Ace of Cups : Love, start of an emotionally fulfilling relationship, joy, happiness





8 Responses to “Vanessa Tarot … WoW Wow!!! A reading Miss..?”

  1. Yes. And as an extra hint, the smell of grapefruit makes women look six years younger, and vanilla and pumpkin are both aphrodisiacs.

    So do make sure to have them nearby for a sumptuous….bath oil 🙂

    Sammie’s evil that way, isn’t she? Always dangling shiny objects in front of us – she got me, too, with the Eltynne – and now I want this one!

  2. Well, Stormy, the cards seem to be pointing at a love affair with a younger man – perhaps even an affair that would be satisfying in other ways than emotional?

    So, I’m wondering if I’m really off the mark here if I take a guess if the question had to do with your attitude towards a relationship with someone younger?

    You guys! The whole deck aquistion thing is very cyclical – I found out about the Eltynne from Stormy in the first place!

  3. indianstorm Says:

    Chanah Love– you mistress you—
    the grapefruit thing is a touch of genius– i have to say the man in question is just 1 year older to me, but you know men– shave 10 years of real age — you get their mental age. So me 28- he 29 going 19 lol!!!

    but actually the sweet dear is a touch serious about life- doesnt say much but when he does say something– catches me for six!!

    Sammie,, getting warm there– might be change the view point cos the page of cups depicts a girl..:)

    I had to resort to the cards because I was curious..


  4. Hey, I even blogged about it – have a look-see at the link:

    Karen is working on some fragrances now with a grapefruit oil base – it takes a while because they do need to cure but hopefully we will have something soon.

    It’s quirky, and I say folk magic, but it does appear to have at least some research backing it up – the study wasn’t huge, but well-designed.

    I hope you have a great time 🙂

  5. Hi Stormy,

    Well, I did notice that the Page was a girl and when I first typed my comment I started out with a different guess at the question but thought that might be too controversial to actually say. At first, I wondered if you might have changed you attitude towards homosexuality….. One is always wary of saying anything that might be controversial though!



  6. indianstorm Says:

    Hey Sammie– still batting for the boys team–:)

    The question was– I wonder what does the boy think of me ? it is such a childish question– but i thought it a very innocent one. What made me smile was the Page of Cups– dressed in nautical gear in a bath tub with a fish—- it is funny– because — we first met on the beach- and i was nicknamed beach girl– and he found out about my long shower habit– really long cos i do my most intensive thinking while showering– and was non plussed about it 🙂 nothing seems to faze this guy– a plus point!

    I still think the Vanessa tarot is unisex– can be both men and women—- I love the deck!!! so much–


  7. Hi Stormy,

    I’m really glad you like the Vanessa – I do, too! I hope things work out with your new love. He sounds nice. I think it’s funny how men seem so much younger than their age. My husband is 54 going on 13 – I can’t believe it sometimes how silly he can be.

    For a deck that looks so “cute” and girly the Vanessa can really hit the nail on the head. I like that it is in the Tin as well – so easy to throw it in your purse (or beachbag!!) and carry it with you.


  8. indianstorm Says:

    I hope so too– the stakes are even— the cards describe it well– 🙂 it is as how i see it– no unrealsitic expectations– which is a departure from the norm for me..
    the tin thing– i wish all tarots decks come packaged this way– especially a really nifty marseille in a tin–

    The Noblet Marseille can come in a leather pouch if i think about it–


    ps Sammie– I think you have a knack for the Marseille– might I be able to persuade you to get one– maybe a Noblet/ or Heron– Camoin Jodorowsky if you like intense colours– 😉

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