Doldrums, doubts and dichotomies..

I have been thinking lately to the purpose of all these posts. It has been almost 6 months since I have taken up cartomancy seriously. Previously, I have fleetingly dibbled dabbled on the cards. Due to the various mixed messages I got, I stopped dibble dabbling.

I wondered if my belief structure has changed or not. Lets face it, if there is no belief, then what is the point to all of this. So, I decided to give it a fair trial run on the sites. Recording my initial personal readings mixed with other people’s readings. Thats for variety as it gets kind of samey after a while.

I noticed a shift in the direction I am taking with the cards. At first it started of with the lenormand, interest, fascination and possible addiction. Somewhere along the lines, I discovered I cannot for the life of me, read for me. This is the lack of objectiveness coming to the fore.

Then it became about discovering various different oracle cards and the fascination took a different turn. I have obviously discovered some gems, the Tarot D’Eltynne being one and meeting the lovely Medlindaf. What a treat..

I have turned my sights back to the Tarot, particularly the Marseille. Not sure how that came about, but the grip is seizing me. Yet, I still have not found a purpose for it. Being goal oriented doesn’t suit the cartomantic world  in my view since this is a slow evolution. 

I noticed sometimes that I do not see the cards as anything particular view. I love the decks as it offers a visual comfort. I like holding a deck in my hands and shuffling it at random with no particular queries in mind. The act in itself is soothing enough.

Where am I going with this- I have found that the tarot or the oracle are just as notorious as humans for speculations. The speculations are further fuelled by an unsettle mind. I do not believe in fortune telling, but I believe in situational analysis. Is the Tarot or the Lenormand, or any oracle decks tools to microscope a  situation one is in? Is it better to consult the cards with no questions because of this?

So many conflicting messages. I never blame the tools, so I question the user really. I do think one should be in a state of readiness to handle such tools. Lets face it- a magician tools is of no use if the magician himself is of questionable value. At this point, I am questioning the Mage in me, as I am truthful that I have difficulty in swallowing some of the posts I have written. I reserve a little doubt to most predictions no matter how nice or how bad it was. This be the cynic in me.

I bring forward  questions for those who read the blogs to sincerely answer:

1. What do you use the cards for?

2. Do you believe in what it tells you?

3. if you dont, why do you persist?

4. If you do, what are your goals?

5. Is divining for strangers a better use of the tool to prove its efficacy?

6. Is being able to divine for yourself the ultimate desire? Do you believe this is possible?

I will be thinking my answers to these questions.. when you get a chance to stop and think- do let me know what are your thoughts, it will be most appreciated to have an open discussion on this..





3 Responses to “Doldrums, doubts and dichotomies..”

  1. I think it’s catching, Stormy. I was writing about something similar today.

    I read, I think, because I never know where it will take me – except that the cards will tell a story; many stories, perhaps infinite stories.

    There’s a Jewish proverb that God’s favourite thing is stories.

    It seems to be one of humanity’s favourite things, too, or at least one of mine.


  2. indianstorm Says:

    Hey Chanah- it is an epidemic??

    I wondered if I do need an occasional crisis of faith to get my act in order– lately- i have been a little off centre with the cards. I do have a lot of other stuff on that needs my 100% attention- so I can’t give my full attention to the cards or the site. I still do try though because it is relaxing at times.
    I am casting so much doubt on the cards drawn which is what prompted me to write the post– I see a bad reading– I am like now what>? I see a good reading I think- yeah whatever!! see what i mean..

    thats the dichotomy and doubt–

    when I am not handling the cards– it is doldrums and unexciting–


  3. Hi Stormy,

    It seems like a lot of us have gotten into this self-doubt mode. I wonder if it is a natural progression of some sort – when you first start blogging it is fun and different and then you begin to doubt yourself and if card reading is really that important, or what.

    For me, my episode of self-doubt made me realize that for me, the cards are a way of getting in touch with myself. They help me clarify what I’m thinking and be in touch with some higher knowledge than my own. I guess in a way, it would be the same sort of comfort that a traditionally religious person would get from praying and feeling in touch with a higher power than themselves.

    I’ve also come to see that the whole blogging thing is a wonderful way of being a part of the card reading community – to feel a part of things. For me, that is important because I can’t share my card reading with friends and family.


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