Lenormand draw– Tell me 2 sides of a story and see if they meet.

Here I have with me  2 fascinating draws which tella story. The story in itself cannot be more accurately represented than how the cards were drawn. The draw by the way- was done by a fellow Lenormand enthusiast who thought it quite apt I post it here. Please bear in mind– 2 people can feel so differently in a relationship. As Sylvie would say– it is not what you think- it is what THEY (sitter) thinks/ feels!!!

OK- we have a lady– who is not so sure about her love life– . But- she wants to know–

1. Where is her love life at the moment- basically she wants to know whats going onbecause she doesnt know anymore ( sometimes, don’t we all?) herself, the English say- Am I coming or going?.

The draw is as follows- note- all cards should be read in a continuous line- only one card charged 29 Woman-

‘6 Clouds+18 Dog+ 29 Woman+8 Coffin+ 12 Birds + 28 Man + 4 House + 31 Sun + 13 Child’

I present to you the draw as  given to me. Personally- I would ignore the last 2 cards in the draw because it doesnt add any more info.

So what have we here- friendly woman with a friendship confusion ( clouds+dog)- since we asked about love life- Immediately we see a matter- there has been or there is someone 🙂 she is not sure where she’s at with this guy. Next – the coffin indicates some stagnation or a slow phase in the relationship or perhaps within the couple communicating– Summary– confusion within relationship, probably due to lack of communication. But what have we here- The man- heart + house- hmm- who is this guy- how does he tie in- is he the dog person?— because now we uncovered there is a known entity ( Dog) nothing seems to be happening with this person- another man is in the horizon- with his heart in hand- probably somewhere she lives (her home)- he is all about the masculine (warm and friendly to) and wants to start something with her (child). Aww!! Also- sneaky suspicion- all taking place in summer (July, august, Sept)

Now- Lady after hearing what was said– admits something– she isnt sure how someone feels about her- They are not quite at couple stage but are sort of (she wants him to say we are a couple now!!)- you either are or you are not right???  So she admits– yes there is someone back home she wants some clarity on- bingo!!! the dog and the man are 2 of the same person!!! the dog represents the nature of the relationship- not quite romantic (in Lady’s view)- but something more enduring– a partnership (this is my view)!!!

So- now we go to layer 2- whats happening with the man back at home? 28 man and 29 woman charged

’12 Birds + 9 Bouquet+ 28 Man + 6 Clouds + 26 Book + 10 Scythe 18 Dog + 19 Tower + 29 Woman’

What is this– bird + bouquet- happy relationship or blissfully happy couple- hmm– it does appear our boy is convinced he in a relationship- ( but our lady doesnt seem to know that for sure tho). But to his right- clouds + books+ scythe– yeuchh– stress/anxiety with studies — and him making a fateful decision (scythe+ key). Dog + tower + woman- i would ignore these cards- because they dont add any valuable info apart from saying– yes- they know each other, our lady is in her ivory tower and feeling lonely. I would have stopped at the Key- because thats the best card- 🙂

Why– despite the clouds casting a mist over the man, he seems to be focused (book) and surely knows what he wants and makes precise decisions ( scythe) which seems to be in favour of our lady (the key is positive- in fact so positive it is waaay positive- any doubts she has about the guy– she needs to cast aside- sometimes our own insecurities and need for constant reassurance will be the downfall)!!

But notice the overlap of cards– the key corresponds to the heart in the first draw- which is a nice coincidence- they will be starting something together despite the ambivalence. sometimes, a little mystery spices the life up,, no?

She wants to know are they an item or not- therefore transalates into the confusion within the friendship. He however- already sees it as tho he is in couply relationship with her- but why hasnt he said anything?? There is some stress around, maybe to do with some unexpected issues–but he makes a decision with regards of this relationship– perhaps actually making it more concrete and obvious for our lady. We all need /want some confirmation- is suspect- and she will get it.

I like readings like this- they seem like nice people who really like each other- just havent quite gotten their act togther yet- there is something innocent and enduring about this realtionship- i hope it works out well for them despite the ups and downs..


tell me your interps, any other missed info– add please–





5 Responses to “Lenormand draw– Tell me 2 sides of a story and see if they meet.”

  1. Hi Stormy,

    Here’s my interpretation of the first set:

    The woman has been confused about her friendhip, now her thoughts about this man are undergoing a change. She is beginning to realize she loves him and would like to make a home with him and perhaps at some point in a sunny, wonderful future – have some children.

    Will get back to you on the second set of cards!


  2. spiritsong Says:

    This is interesting… although I kind of see something different.
    [b]6 Clouds+18 Dog+ 29 Woman+8 Coffin+ 12 Birds + 28 Man[/b]
    around her love life: there has been someone around her who she’s trusted, but has not been trustworthy..clouds/dog, a deceptive friend, someone who’s been disloyal..
    in the near future, I think there’s an ending to this “friendship”
    (which she’ll be depressed about – coffin) because the man is already in another relationship! [sorry for a down-spin..]

    [b]12 Birds + 9 Bouquet+ 28 Man + 6 Clouds + 26 Book + 10 Scythe[/b]
    The woman really shouldn’t have been charged, Stormy, as the question was stated “what is going on around the man?”….I’d go only as far as the scythe in this case.
    In the past, around him, there has been a lovely relationship, with warm talks etc. The bouquet and clouds surrounding him says to me that he’s nice, and probably good looking, but mercurial..there’s something funny about him, not necessarily the dependable kind!
    The clouds+book says to me that there are secrets and indiscretions with this man..which are probably going to be discovered.. very quickly ending the “nice relationship” (Scythe)-

    Yikes! really hope I’m wrong with this one! please update…


  3. indianstorm Says:

    hey Sammie– bring on the second one as well– 🙂 — i look forward to having your 2 sides of the story–

    ps: read your blog after being away for a couple of days—glad you are here sweets– 🙂 Hugs and big big kiss-


  4. indianstorm Says:

    Hey spirity– not my draws– someone elses– so i posted them as was drawn by her and the some of the meanings of how she interpreted along with the feedback.

    sure– feedback will be provided as soon as I am told whats going on–


  5. indianstorm Says:

    Ooh– on the note of the scythe– i see scythe as decision making- not necessarily as cutting off persay– i still find it carte blanche when interpreting the scythe saying thats a cut end of– i see it as irrevocable decisions– can be good or bad!

    stormy– but yes we’ll post updates as and when we know

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